“There are so many longing and melancholy in the voice, but at the same time a certain share of romance and love is felt. The melody / loci pop is very smoothly presented to the whole depth of its atmosphere, and the vocal is like a brush of an invisible artist made final strokes for this lyrical canvas.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В голосе так много тоски и меланхолии, но при этом чувствуется некая доля романтики и любви. Мелодия / Lo-fi Pop очень плавно преподносит всю глубину своей атмосферы, а вокал словно кисточка невидимого художника делает финальные штрихи для этого лирического полотна.”


This song is about a lost connection in an era where we could be so connected with the power technology gives us. It reminds us that while things are advancing they also have errors that remind us human relationships tend to get lost amidst the never ending technological developments.