Polymancer x Ronojit Bhuyan – ​formless, ​bundles (​live in a ​hotel ​room) (Spotify)

“Quite artistic Dream Pop approach with piano melodies and a main singing part. The artist focuses on feelings of sadness and dissapointment which usually occur after a break up. Whether this finds you in a similar phase or not, it really worths a listen.”



formless, bundles talks about heartbreak and a feeling of helplessness one can feel as they watch a relationship fade away into nothingness, as painless as you may try for it to be, still somehow pricking ever so slightly into your heart. A collection of different recordings, this release comes out as a live piano version of the song, featuring the acclaimed Mumbai-based pianist Ronojit Bhuyan on the keys.


An acoustic version of the grand five variant release, the piano version captures raw emotion as the listener goes through the many phases of acceptance where they find themselves drowning in Poly’s deep vocals, swimming ashore every now and then when the piano hits a breather post hook. Ronojit’s smooth keys guide the listener into auditory extravagance as he glides across the blacks and the whites of the piano, much as life does through its many different phases, some filled with bright light and other darker.

This release is the first of five versions to be launched, and is accompanied first by a psychedelic audio visualiser on release day, and then by a music video the day after the major release on YouTube, iTunes Video, Tidal, and Deezer stores. With BBC Introducing showing support, Polymancer aims to break into the global Dream-Pop scene with a bang, spreading his releases across the next few months until the major sophomore EP hits.


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 10, 2021