Rosehip – Roses (Spotify)

“Roses for everything, Roses fix your mood. Roses are red and full of funkiness. Roseship knows that in first hand and through its sensual guitar performance and lush grooves, provide us a beautiful chill atmosphere.”

Roses is a classic Chill-hop track with catchy riffs and an infectious groove. Take a journey into sunshine, blossoms and summer love with the sound of sweet guitars, chill beats and a funky af bassline...

Sunflower dew drops dripping off woodland dreams like baubles, caressed by summer, punctuated by dandelion puffballs. Wrens capsize magenta petalled rose buds into the wild meadowy chasm of ivy kingdoms - 'Nectar' by Kali Derra (featured on artwork)

Pushing Chillhop into new soundscapes, Rosehip embodies chill beats, deep basslines and vibrant synths.

Featured on playlists such as 'Lo-Fi Beats' by Spotify, Rosehip takes inspiration from the laidback grooves of Pandrezz and Glimlip, whilst aspiring to the electronic sound design of quickly, quickly and Flume. His music continuously grows into it's meditative and psychedelic sound.

A bass player from London with a background in classical and jazz, he can often be found composing, arranging and bringing together musical ideas and people. He has really found his groove in front of a laptop producing electronic music.

With an Autumn of releases ahead, it's never been a better time to sit back, relax and zone out to Rosehip’s chilled wavy sounds.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 21, 2020