The Paper Sea – The Eyelid Cinema (Spotify)

“An amazing and wonderful combination of ambient music elements and the most delicate piano melody. -The Eyelid Cinema- is easy to compare with the cooling ball of the sun leaving at night. A veil of fog descends on the ground, the sky is covered with feathers from clouds and a dream begins ...”

“Удивительное и прекрасное сочетание элементов ambient музыки и нежнейшей мелодии пиано. -The Eyelid Cinema- легко сравнить с уходящим в ночь остывающим шаром солнца. На землю опускается пелена тумана, небо застилают перья из облаков и начинается сон...”

Calming piano melodies on a bed of synth pad and organ

THE PAPER SEA is the solo project of Jared Matt Greenberg, cornet player and keyboardist for the post-rock quintet Whale Fall. Greenberg was a founding member of 1990s San Francisco shoegaze band The Rosemarys and teamed with Charles Wyatt to form Charles Atlas in the early 2000s, as well as playing with John Vanderslice, Dart, Sutro, An American Starlet, Carta, and others. After experiences touring the world and placing music in film and television, Greenberg comes home with THE PAPER SEA: intimate instrumental music recorded in Los Angeles, grounded in piano, laced with synths and organs, strings, and horns, and resonant with childhood memories, wistful moments, and lasting love.

Reviewed by Nagamag on June 24, 2021