Tree Thomas – YUCALLME (Video)

“Starting mesmerizing with heartwarming vocals, -TREE THOMAS- new song -YUCALLME- erupts to a memorable soulful song. Will not hide we have repeat the listen several times here, as the sweetness spread-ed around from the vocals, especially on start is highly addictive! ”

Following on from the release of his highly-praised EP ‘B4ULUVME’ earlier this year, as well as his hit Kevin Gates collaborations ‘BURNXONE’ and ‘4T$’, emerging Bay Area rapper Tree Thomas delivers his warm and heartfelt new single ‘YUCALLME’.

Produced by STARIMUSIC, ‘YUCALLME’ sees the artist embark on a more smooth and RnB-inspired direction. Working with all live instrumentation, this sweet and captivating new cut showcases him in a whole new and tender light, adding yet another layer to his bold and enticing persona.

Speaking about his new release, he said, “YUCALLME is probably the realest song I’ve ever made. It came from a real moment and real emotion I had, and luckily I was in the studio when it happened. I got an unexpected phone call and it immediately brought back unneeded and wanted memories, especially since at the time I was mentally in a different space and starting a new relationship. STARI had just emailed me some beats the night before and I just so happened to be listening to them in the studio when the call happened. It was like the words and melody came to me instantly and all I had to do was walk into the booth afterwards.”

Tree Thomas is a memorable and interesting recording artist with dynamic R&B inspired melodies and dope lyrics. He constantly promotes a positive outlook on life and taking risks. When Tree is not making music we love, you can find him amongst the TREEs in nature or getting his hands dirty on a farm with Chef. “2020 has been a crazy year, and being able to get away from it and tap back in with nature is a blessing and helps silence a lot of unneeded noise. I feel like I’m in heaven when I’m surrounded by trees”. Tree is no stranger to stardom with his professional basketball success and eye opening Kevin Gates singles so far on his way to becoming one of the biggest artists in the game, LITERALLY. With his Godly physique, standing 6’8, he’s set on staying hungry, focused, and determined to set the precedent for artists making the transition from sports to music.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 3, 2020