Wonderful music videos (and not only), that Nagamag have discovered for you across youtube, as sometimes motion engages louder the music feelings.

KAY JAM feat. NALU | Hollow (Video)

“KAY JAM with NALU in their new song Hollow, invite us into an emotional diving, deep and entrancing harmonic journey through a fathomless choreography visual. ”


« Un morceau qui parle du vide ressenti lorsque la distance s’immisce entre deux personnes. Un lien invisible difficile à délaisser ».

(Kay Jam)

En collaborant sur ce titre composé quelques mois plus tôt, Kay Jam (Julien Cambarau) mêle son univers habituellement plus rock à la sensibilité et à la voix réconfortante de Nalu (Noa Zalts). Cette rencontre artistique donne naissance à une ballade folk touchante, remplie de douceur et d’une tension habilement distillée. Le duo nous emmène délicatement et nous raconte une histoire. Celle d’une rupture entre deux individus qui tentent de suivre leur propre chemin en l’absence de l’autre.


« A song about the emptiness felt when two people are apart. An invisible connection remains and it makes it hard for them to move on ».

(Kay Jam)

By composing this track, Kay Jam (Julien Cambarau) melts his usually more rock universe with the sensitivity and the comforting voice of Nalu (Noa Zalts). This artistic collaboration gives birth to a touching folk ballad, full of softness and skilfully distilled tension. The duo delicately takes us along to tell us a story about a separation between two people who are trying to follow their own path, while missing each other.

Ziearre – Cherry on Top (Video)

“We will not lie to you, the playful vocal intro of Ziearre was the one which stick us here initially, then the song moved into solid mixed beats and driving upbeat vocals, everything under a pleasant visualy videoclip. A soulful heartwarming track which tickles ears and eyes. Exactly like a cherry on top.”

“Cherry on Top” is a creative unique hip hop tune. Ziearre is a Brooklyn born rapper who makes music to express a message to the world. The sounds are engaging, featuring an exciting mix of beat boxing, vocal samples, percussives, and synths. The melody is creative mix of contemporary rap, conscious rap, with some 90’s vibes coming through in the pre-chorus.

A New York boy, who grew up in Brooklyn was destine to become the young warrior of words and inspiration to youth. Ziearre expressed a love for music at the early age of 3. This sparked the beginning of Ziearre’s journey. As he matured and his gifts were revealed, he proved that he was not your typical entertainer, but a creator and a messenger. He explains, “I started to hear melodies and music in my head, and began to write songs. The musical ideas just came to me, and I couldn’t turn it off.”

City Lights (Video)

“City Lights from Drist are the kind of tracks which quickly boil your blood in veins from the first seconds with their groove and harmonies, stepping into wonderful vocals and erupting to an amazing perfectly mixed groove to dance of. New single by United Music Hits, enjoy!”

Polish dance sensation Drist is back with a brand-new single called ‘City Lights’. Setting the tone with uplifting synths that ignite a 90s nostalgia, Drist introduces an addictive vocal that tells an emotional story whilst remaining a key feature throughout. A rising energy slowly develops in the background before quickly dropping out to a short yet catchy violin-like melody to launch the drop into its full force.

‘City Lights’ is intricately detailed in its production with many layers presenting themselves with each listen. It’s also bursting with rhythm and all-round good vibes. Piano stabs make an appearance during the second verse adding yet another dimension to the release, shining a bright light on Drist’s signature style of blending progressive sounds with classical instruments. ‘City Lights’ has an unbeatable drive that keeps its fresh and interesting and having already generated thousands of streams already, this is set to be Drist’s biggest hit yet.

Drist has taken the scene by storm this year with releases such as ‘Not Enough’, ‘Go With Me’ and now ‘City Lights’. Having achieved top 100 Beatport positions and renowned Spotify playlisting on R3HAB’s ‘Night Playlist’. Drist has been catapulted into the spotlight for his unique productions that satisfy the ears and soul. You can expect to hear many more feel-good tracks like ‘City Lights’ from Drist as he looks to be one of the most promising talents to come out of Poland at the moment.

Drist has taken the scene by storm this year with releases such as ‘Not Enough’, ‘Go With Me’ and now ‘City Lights’. Having achieved top 100 Beatport positions and renowned Spotify playlisting on R3HAB’s ‘Night Playlist’. Drist has been catapulted into the spotlight for his unique productions that satisfy the ears and soul. You can expect to hear many more feel-good tracks like ‘City Lights’ from Drist as he looks to be one of the most promising talents to come out of Poland at the moment.

Impulse Response (Video)

“Harmonic arp layering carefully selected with the right notes and soft sound set of groove, a bass line which daftpunks to get into the main story of sweet piano melody. Bit creates a wonderful chill atmosphere to laid back and dream the stars!”

Kowan – Best Of The Worst (Video)

“Kowan with -Best Of Worst- takes the right groove and melodic elements of trending styles of instrumental hip hop and lofi chill hop and vocals above with the the good old school style, which warms up our heart instantly, at least us which we have been in these days of music history. Yet with contemplative lyrics invite us to get the best of the worst, a valued message for these weird days. ”

Kasablanca: Human Learning (Extended Mix) (Video)

“-Kasablanca- with their latest ep release – Human Learning- in -Armada Electronic Elements- , and the track title we blog here, invite us in their lush world of melodic harmonies, heartwarming vocals and daydreaming atmospheres. All blended together brilliant under a care mix with clarity which let you feel the groove and softness of sounds.”

After a year of stellar releases, and their anthem collab, “run” with Lane 8, Kasablanca, delivers their debut EP “human learning” with an incredible visual teaser.


Blurring the line between progressive and melodic techno with their debut 2020 release, “Hold Me Close” Kasablanca taps into 80’s analog synth nostalgia with the first song off their debut upcoming EP, “Human Learning”.

Launching on Armada’s Electronic Elements sublabel, not much is known about Kasablanca. Self described as an “Audio visual experience”, Kasablanca’s musical identity comes from their use of melodic retro textures combined with the rhythmic fundamentals of house & techno. Blending genres and influences like Rufus De Soul and ARTBAT with the attitude of acts like Justice and Kavinsky, their debut EP, Human Learning is already garnering the support of underground and main stage DJ’s alike. The identity of Kasblanca may be hidden, but you can expect their sounds to be at every corner of this realm.

Daniel Rosenholm – November (Video)

“This kind of music is as a medicine against the fast forward way of life and information we live nowadays. Instantly it invites you to stop now, not waste your time only in your out-self experiences, devote bit of time for your inner self. Think, listen, feel. Daniel Rosenholm with November , soundtracks that with his gently performance full of emotive harmonies. ”

Macrowave – Reborn (Video)

“Reborn, this is something that sometimes we need to do. Stop, stand, stay. Rethink the situation. Arrange everything in its place. And to break into a new life with renewed vigor! Macrowave with their beautiful cinematic sound story mesmerizing tell us that.”

“Это то, что иногда нам нужно сделать. Остановиться. Переосмыслить происходящее. Расставить все по своим местам. И ворваться в новую жизнь с новыми силами!”

Elskavon & John Hayes – “Refrost” (Video)

“The morning sun just waking up the world, the mist on the grass scatters dew. Peacefully the forest dwellers starts to wake up. Harmony envelops the whole world and hear that music. Refrost from Elskavon & John Hayes is that soundtrack experience. ”

“Когда утреннее солнце только просыпается, туман по траве раскидывает росу. И безмятежно просыпается лес. И просыпаются лесные жители. И гармония окутывает весь мир. Так мы слышим эту музыку.”

“The pair’s intent was to frame the sonic strata of their home state of Minnesota’s overlong winter months. They’ve succeeded.” – Aquarium Drunkard

Elskavon aka Chris Bartels and pianist John Hayes found their way to one another through a common interest in ambient-classical composition, and paying tribute to their mutually beloved home state Minnesota, particularly as it is during its overlong winter months.

Using cassette tape, and both in and out-of-the-box effects processing, to wring every last drop of sincerity out of a small array of acoustic timbres, Hayes and Bartels manage to lure electronic composition away from its oft-accused sterility into a deeply human, empathic realm. Their debut collaborative album Du Nord is out next Friday November 20th via Western Vinyl.

“Refrost” encapsulates the entire project with a wide-framing ambient opening, leading to clicking percussion and complimentary rhythms the rest of the way.

Few words about Elskavon & John Hayes

Elskavon aka Chris Bartels and pianist John Hayes found their way to one another through a common interest in ambient-classical composition, and shared influences spanning Chopin to Eno, both in genre and chronology. On their debut collaborative LP Du Nord,the pair work in a modern framework draped in classical textures, adding up to a moving and tranquil outcome that sonically describes their mutually beloved home state Minnesota, particularly as it is during its overlong winter months. The album is set for release November 20th via Western Vinyl and can be pre-ordered here.

Du Nord makes a gregarious introduction with “Vermilion” wherein a deep four-on-the-floor kick drum anchors a plucked violin leading to one of the album’s most extroverted and percussive cuts that gets into head-spaces occupied by both Four Tet and Balmorhea. The track is streaming via YouTube and all digital services.

Using cassette tape, and both in and out-of-the-box effects processing, to wring every last drop of sincerity out of a small array of acoustic timbres, Hayes and Bartels manage to lure electronic composition away from its oft-accused sterility into a deeply human, empathic realm.

Following “Vermilion”, the heavy percussion recedes into the blizzard, and the focus shifts to subtler, more microscopic emotional detail. On album centerpiece “Closer,” like so much of Du Nord, closeup pianos carry the whispers of their felt and wood viscera, while reverberant strings and synths echo from the pews in solidarity. Echoing the state’s distinctive seasonal changes, title track “Du Nord” is a brisk, gale-force drone that contrasts the relative gentleness of its aforementioned companion piece. The epilogue “Lobby” spotlights a lonely, cornered piano, captured from across the room on a cassette tape that reveals its age in hisses, warps, and flutters. It’s the product of two minds working with such synergy that their sonic thumbprints blend together entirely, becoming one.

John Hayes & Elskavon prove that even though “magic” may be an overused descriptor, there is a healthy amount of it to be found in the distinctive seasons of the Midwest, particularly its winters. In the colder months there, Earth pretends to be a different planet: Woods become more walkable, their underbrush suppressed by snowfall; days get shorter as once-busy locales dress themselves in motionless sheets of ice; a sun that shone gold in the spring and summer now beams a faint purple light from behind cloud cover that only shows mercy at dawn and dusk. Yet, winter has a counterintuitive consequence.

Though the season is bereft of warmth, the absence of heat compels us to seek it out, and makes us hyper-conscious of its necessity and sensation. It spurs a deeper appreciation of spring and summer, the other side where the grass is literally greener. It is in this way that Hayes and Elskavon are able to divine such deep affect and intimacy from the starker phases of their environment. While the Great Indoors is something we’ve all come to know regardless of our respective climes, these Minnesotans have always been in touch with the lonesomeness of such disconnection; theirs brought on by lingering, secluding winters.

The pair met out of the unique brand of kismet that can only be found in local music scenes, and their shared geography is integral to the aim of Du Nord, both practically and thematically. The two lifelong residents of the Twin Cities were introduced through a mutual friend in their city’s burgeoning ambient scene, and the exchange of ideas developed naturally from there. In Bartels’ own words “We first got together to write a song at John’s former apartment, in around the fall of 2018, something like that. Pursuit of a collaborative single turned into a 4-song EP, which eventually turned into this full-length. We’ve just let things naturally develop. For some songs, John improvised on the piano, sent them to me, and I did some chopping and processing, and added some of the more textural layers. But the majority of the album was written together, in the same room at the same time… these were the most creatively exciting times for us.”



Weland – Killed by My Love (Video)

“Take your polished 1969 Dodge for a ride out on the night, throw this in, and drive through the city lights. The synth pop vibes here will make you breath for life, while you enjoy the nowadays life, never forget the retro life of the good things, where people knew how to spent valuable their time out of screens. ”

The song is about a guy who is loosing the love he though he had.

It was written, recorded, and mixed by me in my basement home studio using real hardware vintage synths like Roland Juno 106 and Yamaha DX7. I use a few VST instrument for stuff like drums and bass and additional keyboard roles.

The lead vocal is sung by Chris Cron who lives in Nashville. We never actually met in person, but worked together via the internet. I sent him a demo with me singing poorly, and he then did it brilliantly in return.

Few words about Weland

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Synthpop songwriter and producer Weland started releasing music in 2019 after trying to write a catchy pop song for 30 years.

“Every time I tried to write or sing something, my critical inner panel of judges rolled their eyes and shook their heads in despair. I always loved pop music, but the inner judges had agreed that I should know better. They had also emphasized that as an adult student at the Music Conservatory, I should focus on far more challenging music genres and skills.

I believed that my attraction to pop would pass and one day I would ‘grow up’ musically. But it just never happened – I still like a good pop song.

Over the years, I have spent thousands of hours recording, mixing, and fine-tuning completely finalized pop productions, except without any melody or lyrics. Those elements were a mystery to me, like a special superpower that only a few people had, and I was not one of them.

But then one day something changed. Maybe it was the realization that we don’t live forever, and if you, like me, are struggling with inner judges, that stops you from doing things you really want, you need to tell them to put a sock in it and ignore it.”

Weland was originally a rock drummer playing professionally in bands signed on EMI and Sony Music, but has always been fascinated by synthesizers and studio equipment.

“The whole process of making it sound like a record was magical for me. I wanted to crawl into that stereo universe of a well-produced pop song and stay there for much longer than the three minutes it lasted. I could listen to the same song again and again and again…

I was a teenager in the 80s and I guess the soundtrack of my life originates from that era, so I keep drawing inspiration from that period. Luckily the 80s vibe is kind of in fashion right now, so I’m just enjoying the ride. In a few years it will be over, and nobody will want to hear a synth or reverb on anything again.”

Stella Soul – Part of You (Video)

“-Stella Soul- with -Part Of You- deliver us her funk neo-soul jazzy grooves to bright your night, make your favorite corner more comfort and cozy and let you enjoy your favorite cocktail in a total positive mood. Upbeat music, music which invites you to step into your favorite bar. ”

This song is a pop/soul with dance vibes. It is about having something that was so good, but they are no longer there and you want them back and you want to be with them, and be part of them because that is what you need.

Camille Murray “Amnesia Love” (Video)

“Camille Murray with his new song -Amnesia Love- push us through a deep forest, out of the usual one ;) where the dub vibes and smooth grooves and electronica influences are lush yet the vocals drive gently, giving a blend of hypnotizing mood. Music to laid back and…”

Camille Murray is Bost’s new project, that explores a mix of dub & electro music. Bost is a well-known reggae producer, Grammy winner for Morgan Heritage’s « Strictly Roots » in 2016 and also producer of Chronixx’s « Skankin Sweet ». His new track is called « Amnesia Love », and for the first the time, you can hear him sing through a vocoder, bringing a french touch at this kind of electro-rocksteady never heard before, with a lot of synthetizers, a kete drum and a moog solo !

Imani Wj Wright – So I Thought (Video)

“From the soulful tracks you want to hear with your love, both together staring the winter view out of window, warmed up with a soft blanket, a warm cup of coffee. Imani Wj Wright with his new track So I Thought sings sensual and profoundly impactful through a reflective, soft, sweet harmonic groove. ”

Imani deals with his relationship slowly drifting away on “So I Thought”

Natalie D-Napoleon – Thunder Rumor [Official Music Video] (Video)

“Yes, we know, some of you will say one more song with vocals and a guitar among an ocean around, but what makes the difference in music with minimal assets are the hookiest qualities in chorus, harmonies and melodic turns, the message it delivers through lyrics. Everyone can bake a cake with minimal ingredients, few can erupt the taste of this minimalism right. This is what Natalie D-Napoleon does with Thunder Rumor. A song which is like your warm blanket when you relax in your favorite sofa spot. ”

The front porch of a one-hundred-year-old Californian cottage was the perfect setting for Natalie D-Napoleon to sit down and write some songs. As a singer-songwriter entrenched in the traditions of folk and Americana music, writing songs whilst watching the world pass by in Santa Barbara offered a parade of subject matter.

Not only did the experience give the singer-songwriter the time and space to write, the passing world served as a muse.

“All my life I’ve written ‘personal’ songs.” Natalie continues. “I’ve poured my emotional life into music, yet I discovered after a while it burnt me out emotionally.

“As the songs began to flow, I noticed a theme emerge – I was telling stories of women that hadn’t been told before. Women have long been the muse, the obsession, or the whore in songs from men. They have ignored the complexities of how women think and feel. With his album – You Wanted To Be The Shore But Instead You Were The Sea – I want to set the record straight.”

With a fierce new conviction and the help of Jim Connolly’s (Van Dyke Parks) haunting arrangement and Doug Pettibone’s (Lucinda Williams) menacing guitar work, one of the first songs Natalie sculpted was “Thunder Rumor” – a growling, menacing, and chilling meditation on the fear a woman feels when wanting to break free of an abusive relationship.

Natalie D-Napoleon is an Australian/American singer-songwriter and award-winning poet who shares her time between Fremantle, Western Australian and Santa Barbara, California. In the same vein as the likes of Patti Smith, Willy Vlautin, and Leonard Cohen, Natalie has successfully explored both writing and songwriting across her 25-year career.

Natalie commenced her musical career in 1996 fronting Perth indie-rock band Bloom – which won the 1997 WAMI for Most Promising New Act – all the while publishing poetry in journals such as Westerly and undertaking live readings. In 1999 Natalie helped break new ground for Americana music in Australia by forming the alternative-country ensemble Flavour of the Month, which released its debut recording, Fear of Falling (Treadmill Records), in 2000.

In the mid-2000s Natalie branched out as a solo artist, releasing her debut solo recording, After the Flood (MGM). After relocating to California in 2008 and forming a trio with Kenny Edwards (Stone Poneys/Linda Ronstadt) and Dan Phillips (Peter Gabriel), the following year the group recorded a covers EP titled Here in California. Their acoustic cover of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” made playlist rotation around Australia and was featured on ABC Music’s Under the Covers.

In 2012 the trio teamed up with producer David Piltch (kd lang/Joe Henry) to record the album, Leaving Me Dry. With Piltch on bass, Edwards on guitar, and Phillips on piano, the quartet was joined by Victoria Williams on banjo, Greg Leisz (Wilco/Joni Mitchell/Jackson Browne) on pedal steel, Phil Parlapiano (Grant Lee-Buffalo/Joan Baez) on accordion and Aaron Sterling (John Mayer/Taylor Swift) on drums.

Natalie returned to creative writing in 2013. In 2018 she was awarded the Bruce Dawe National Poetry Prize for her poem “First Blood: A Sestina.” The following year Natalie headlined the Perth Poetry Festival which was followed by Ginninderra Press releasing her debut poetry book First Blood. Her poetry has subsequently been published in Australian Poetry Journal, Meanjin, The Australian, and Writer’s Digest (US) to name a few.

In 2019 Natalie recorded her fourth solo album with one microphone in a one-hundred-year-old chapel nestled in the hills behind Santa Barbara.

You Wanted to Be the Shore But Instead You Were the Sea was released in October 2020 and features James Connolly (Van Dyke Parks/Jeff Bridges) on bass, Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams/John Mayer) on guitar, pedal steel, and mandolin, and Dan Phillips on piano and percussion. The album debuted on the AIR Independent Album Chart #5 and continues Natalie’s impassioned journey through music and words, pushing the boundaries of women’s voices in traditional song.

Time Interior – Liminal (Video)

“Time Interior with his new single Liminal, calm us with restless notes where piano harmonies touch your soul and somewhere in distance you see a glimmer of light. Which comes more close to you each time. You close your eyes, free of thoughts, happy and go to sleep with a smile. Fans of neoclassic will appreciate this unique performance!”

“Беспокойные ноты пианино трогают вашу душу и где то в дали забрезжил огонек. Все ближе и ближе он движется к вам. Вы закрываете глаза и засыпаете. Любители неоклассики не останутся равнодушными.”

Liminal was written during the Covid 19 quarantine when life as we knew it was slowly but surely slipping away and a new reality hasn’t quite been established. It’s about inhabiting that liminal space in between and learning how to be comfortable with the unknown.

Time Interior is a solo piano project by Russian Persian musician Roksana Zeinapur. Based in Los Angeles, Roksana creates evocative cinematic piano soundscapes reminiscent of music by Eric Satie, Nils Frahm and Johann Johannsson. Born and raised on the Baltic coast in Riga, Latvia, Roksana combines the best of western classical cannon and West coast meditative chill.

Dean Evenson – Full of Now (Video)

“Dean Evenson music is both rolled on the shore of the ocean waves. Bringing the notes of ethnic aftertaste. This is the perfect music that would relax after a hard day or in the meditation time.”

“Его музыка как накатывают на берег волны океана. Приносящие с собой ноты этнического послевкусия. Это идеальная музыка что бы расслабиться после тяжелого дня или во время медитации.”

This is the fourth song on one of Dean Evenson’s most ambient albums “Seeking Stillness”.

Flaunt It (ft. NOK) – Mettā [Official Music Video] (Video)

“Out of the usual forms Mettā teams up with Nok and delivers a deep groove, experimenting with vocals without try to be limited as most producers does, something that is pretty obvious and for the exploration of the visuals here. And all this experimentation glue fine with a very addictive groove and solid production to warm your feet and ears.”

There once was a time in 2011, before the pandemic, when life was just.. heaven. There was a young lad.. and a young girl. The lad could art and the girl could twirl, and together they gazed upon the world.. Together.. they gazed.

Unfazed by the Universe’s maze, they parted ways. Eager to see each other again. Time passed likes the tides of the ocean. Learning and growing, full of emotion. Never the same, no one to blame, but the beauty of life’s experience.

Life, in all its brilliance.. can be quite resilient. Nearly a decade later, from the hands of the creator, they spoke to the divine and they obeyed her.

The lad became a feelings inflator, and the girl became the divine that made her. Together they became the creator.

Twitch 4EVA – Chaskele | Ground up Tv (Video)

“The groove here is so minimal but in a good, very smart way, becoming soon very addictive and leaving the right space of these spacious sensual vocals, why someone been angry with love? Twitch 4EVA explains…”

Fresh on the back of the success of his recently released debut EP LOST, which has been garnering strong support and critical acclaim since its release, adding to the over 3 million plays already under his belt, and with his latest collaboration with revered UK producer Juls (Kojey Radical, GoldLink, Mr Eazi, Ms Banks) titled ‘Mmayewa’ starting to heat up with over 300,000 streams in two weeks, Ghanaian artist, songwriter and musician TWITCH 4EVA is excited to reveal the music video for one of the standout tracks from his EP titled ‘CHASKELE’.

Produced by East London musician Rayf (Kwollem, Kwesi Arthur, PBGR), ‘Chaskele’ sees Twitch 4EVA in fine form once again, as he brings his genre-bending ‘Coastal Music’ fusion sound, driven by his lush R&B, pop and afrobeats sensibilities, to the forefront. Twitch 4EVA’s excellent vocal prowess, captivating singing style and delivery, and honest songwriting, as can be heard throughout ‘Chaskele’, continues to set himself apart as one of the best new artists crossing over from West Africa into the global music landscape, and certainly one to watch for 2021.

The cinematic and emotive music video for ‘Chaskele’ sees Twitch 4EVA collaborating with burgeoning video director Andy Madjitey to offer a compelling tale of black love and heartbreak, driven by stunning cinematography and landscapes – from its veiled homage to Black Panther, to how the visuals beautifully capture the Aburi Botanical Gardens in the coastal city of Tema in Ghana, to the contrasting colours throughout the story, the ‘Chaskele’ visuals rely on symbolism to show us how love and relationships can be an emotional roller coaster.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Chaskele’, Twitch 4EVA says, “With this ‘Chaskele’ track, I wanted to be more open about my love life – I really loved this girl and thought it was true love, but apparently she was just in for fun. I was heartbroken, and for someone who finds it difficult to express his feelings, I really let out my emotions on this song. I kept asking myself when this pain in my heart would end and I believe this track was the only way I could describe my hurt since I couldn’t show it physically. It’s a piece of me and how I really felt at that time, because I was really in love with this person and never wanted to lose her, but it is what it is”.



MARI – Losing My Way [Official MV] (Video)

“An uncomplicated melody with a simple groove, it’s the right thing for our complex times. no need rush in our lives. Sometimes you need just to stop, listen, just relax. Mari with Losing My way offer this to us in a beautiful way. ”

“Незамысловатая мелодия с простым ритмом, возможно это то, что нужно многим. не нужна спешка в нашей жизни, и иногда нужно остановиться, что бы просто слушать, просто расслабиться.”

“Losing My Way” is about falling for someone you barely know, you give it your all to a point of detriment, but she doesn’t turn out to be who she was in your head.

MARI is a Bangkok based indie pop band. The 3 members, Justin, Jake, and Iñigo, are all professional musicians with successful backgrounds who wanted to take their musical journeys in a new direction.

Just Kiddin – When You Say It (Video)

“Taking very serious how to please you with the right grooves and deep upbeat vocals, When You Say It from Just Kiddin will fix instantly your mood with its hookiest qualities.”

Following 130 million global streams across two ‘Future Anthems’ on BBC Radio 1 and a ‘Future Star’ accolade from Annie Nightingale, the fast rising house producers Just Kiddin now drop new atmospheric vocal house single ‘When You Say It’.

London indie imprint, Perfect Havoc, is proud to welcome respected house music duo Just Kiddin to the label with their latest release ‘When You Say It’ – one of three tracks to be released on Perfect Havoc as part of a global single deal. The Leeds-based producers, Lewis Thompson and Laurie Revell, join Perfect Havoc as it aims to build on its high-profile success of its UK No.1 single with Joel Corry and MNEK ‘Head & Heart’ (released in partnership with Asylum/Warner) and the top 20 hit with PS1 ft Alex Hosking ‘Fake Friends’. Officially released on 6th November, the new Just Kiddin single is an atmospheric vocal house offering that shows off the studio prowess of this one-to-watch outfit. Stream / buy ‘When You Say It’ now across all platforms:

Just Kiddin first appeared on Perfect Havoc in February 2019 remixing Joel Corry’s ‘Fallen’, however the pair began to turn heads prior to this with their 2014 summer anthem ‘Thinking About It’ via Parlophone’s dance imprint, FFRR. It received over 50 plays across BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra and over 13 million streams online.

Since then, Just Kiddin have gone on to achieve over 130 million streams globally with singles ‘Hysteria’ and ‘Body Talk’ which were both selected as Future Anthems by Danny Howard and MistaJam on BBC Radio 1. Further tastemaker supporters include Annie Mac and Pete Tong, and Just Kiddin won a Future Star accolade from Annie Nightingale.

As with previous releases, the new single features the constituent parts that’ve seen the Just Kiddin sound grow in popularity but this time with added drive and dimension. ‘When You Say It’ is a vocal house track at its core with climatic build and drop, yet what it so standout is how the blissed and delicate vocal works in harmony with the expertly crafted driving bass line. Just Kiddin have more of this up their sleeve with Perfect Havoc with the second single slated for January 2021.

Before the pandemic, Just Kiddin began making waves behind the decks as an established live act following numerous appearances at Ibiza Rocks and festivals including Boardmasters, V Fest, Splash House, Electric Forest and Miami Music Week. The pair are itching to be back on the stage once again and are already cooking up plans for a live return in 2021.

‘When You Say It’ marks yet another standout release for Perfect Havoc. Its breaking talent roster includes Joel Corry, Tobtok, Karen Harding, PS1, The Aston Shuffle, Mahalo, Eat More Cake and Parx. The label has hit half a billion global streams, has three UK Top 10 singles, and it currently holds the record for the longest-running No.1 single in 2020 in the UK with Joel Corry & MNEK ‘Head & Heart’. The label A&R’s have an acute ear for both underground and mainstream hits, licensing to labels including Atlantic Records, Big Beat, Columbia Records, RCA, Ministry of Sound, Polydor, Toolroom, Thrive and Astralwerks.

Angelina Jordan – Million Miles (Official Lyric Video) (Video)

“With an elegant soulful vocal performance and soft melodic harmonies coming along, Million Miles from Angelina Jordan is one of the farthest music experiences you can now enjoy here with a click, beautiful song!”

After billions of views and a series of monumental performances, 14-year-old Los Angeles-based, critically acclaimed vocalist, Angelina Jordan releases her official debut single “Million Miles” today.

Get it HERE via Republic Records.

Produced by GRAMMY® Award-winning production duo Stargate [Beyoncé, Sam Smith, Rihanna] and written by Angelina, the track highlights her expansive range above delicate piano. She immediately captivates with a jaw-dropping vocal performance well beyond her years and open-hearted lyrics.

“Million Miles” is about losing someone you really love,” she explains. “This song is very personal to me, because I had never felt the feeling of losing someone before I wrote this.”

“Million Miles” sets the stage for Angelina’s highly anticipated label debut. The young artist first skyrocketed to international fame when she won Norway’s Got Talent at 8-years-old. Labels and producers feverishly sought her out, but Angelina chose to take the time to find the right sound for her music and further hone her songwriting talent.

“I knew I wanted something bigger,” she admits. “I didn’t want to jump into it until I felt I was ready.”

Along the way, GRAMMY® Award-winning production duo Stargate [Beyoncé, Sam Smith, Rihanna] reached out to Angelina, and they initiated a fervent creative partnership together. She continued to write lyrics, compose on piano and guitar, and record. Catching the attention of Republic Records, she inked a deal with the label in 2020.

The breadth of Angelina’s soulful and deep alto vocal delivery showcases a rare class of musical aptitude that you would attribute to an old soul, and legendary talent, well beyond her years.

Angelina Jordan has all the makings of a breakthrough star and is one to watch.

A musical prodigy, Angelina Jordan sang for the first time at barely a year old, and she never stopped. The Los Angeles-based 14-year-old singer and songwriter amplified her voice around the globe, racking up over half-a-billion YouTube views, just shy of 2 billion Facebook views, and praise from Time, CNN, The BBC, and People. Along the way, she performed for world leaders at some of the most influential events in Europe, appeared on European and North American television, and quietly enraptured a growing fan base. She graced the stage of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and delivered an emotionally charged rendition of “What A Wonderful World.” A year later, she wowed an audience at Brilliant Minds in Stockholm. Touching down in Seoul during 2017, she joined a powerhouse bill alongside PSY and Norah Jones in front of 40,000 people at Muse In City Festival. Quincy Jones personally invited her to perform at his 85th birthday at London’s O2 Arena. Catching the attention of Republic Records, she inked a deal with the label in 2020. Now, she formally introduces herself with the debut single “Million Miles.”

wrs | all alone (official lyric video) (Video)

“Don’t be lazy, don’t be cheap, get your best headphones or open your monitors for this exuberant production by wrs, a minimal layering approach yet with a sound design of rich depth. Wonderful heartwarming vocals and chill dance atmosphere here. ”

wrs is back with the single ”All Alone”, a song that speaks about solitude and its virtues by spending quality time with yourself. wrs’s talent has no bounds as he also created the cyberpunk lyric video by himself in Spark AR.

Andrei Ursu, aka wrs, is a Romanian singer, songwriter and dancer. Born in 1993, both of his parents were folk dancers. Before starting his career as a vocalist, he worked as a back up dancer in television and for other artists. In 2015 he became part of the boy band SHOT. After two years he left the project and moved to London where he worked on improving his songwriting skills. In January 2020 he signs a record deal with Global Records and releases his debut single ‘why’.

KINNECOM | CARE FOR YOU [Music Video] (+bonus content) (Video)

“All your sense of beauty lie in your hands and you are ready to share it with the person you love. Open your heart, put back all that you have, and let it blossom millions of colors! Beautiful love song!”

“Все ваши чувства прекрасного лежат у вас в ладонях. И вы готовы отдать их самому дорогому человеку. Распахните лоно, вложите туда все что у вас есть, и пусть это расцветет миллионом цветов!”

This inner city love anthem will have you falling through luscious intricacies and confident vocal hooks. A dark r&b backbeat carries you through Kinnecom’s sensual pop vocal melodies.

Kinnecom is a rnb/pop singer known for his delicate soundscapes, moody falsetto vocal melodies, and his dramatic style of songwriting he began his career as a guitarist/songwriter in emo/alternative groups MOTIV (Revival Records) and Wealth In Water (Indianola Records). After gaining recognition performing shows across the country, most notably Vans Warped Tour, and working with high profile producers Drew Fulk (Lil Peep, We Came As Romans, Yelawolf) and Nick Scott (I See Stars, Asking Alexandria) he was inspired to begin recording and producing his own music. His debut album “Motion Sickness” premiered on Alt Press Magazine and was well received, landing him across the board positive reviews in many magazines and blogs and a record deal with Imminence Records. After becoming independent Kinnecom continued releasing frequent content through his own label CNMTC Records where he began producing and managing artists. Kinnecom has landed placements and collaborations with artists; YVES, labeled PAPER Magazine’s “Coolest Person In The Room”, Morgoth (Lil Xan, Juice Wrld), Morgan Matthews (Alicia Keys, Miguel) and more. His newest album “Sad but True” features 13 new tracks including features from YVES, T Booze, and Mitch SQ, singer of Michigan based rnb/alternative group Deadflower.

Oriel Poole – Scream (Video)

“Though a rich downtempo layering on first seconds, Scream by Oriel Poole, steps further to nostalgic trip hop shades, through dreamy vocals with deep nostalgic shades, yet the sound design keeps giving the right emotion impact to each turn, with rich drums and atmospheres. Wonderful song!”

LA-based electro-soul siren Oriel Poole returns with her new single “Scream”. Produced by Max Savage, the trip-hop-leaning track sets her mesmeric, R&B-tinged vocals against an ornate bed of striking synths, shuffling breakbeats and orchestral instrumentation to make for bold, experimental results.

“Scream” is the half-British, half-Pinay singer’s fourth offering this year, following on from the exquisite electro-pop numbers “Freedom”, “Shadow Wall” and “Warrior”. Having already attracted a committed following with electronic hits like the Lotus collaboration “Anti-Gravity” – which has garnered over 1.6 million streams – and the downtempo Thriftworks production “Someone”, Oriel’s artistry has really come into its own in recent years, with her eye-popping, self-directed aesthetics reflecting her expertise in design and architecture.

Described by Oriel as a “cathartic release”, the cinematic new single is a welcome slice of escapism amidst a global period of disarray, arriving mid-pandemic while anticipation for the US presidential election result reaches a fever pitch. Wrapping up a prolific year for the emergent musician, “Scream” sets the tone for what’s to come from Oriel Poole, with plenty more in the pipelines.

Oriel Poole explains the inspiration behind the new song:

“Syncopated rhythms, powerful drums, infectious guitar, cinematic strings, finished with orchestral vocal harmonies – “Scream” is a league of its own. And from a songwriting standpoint, this is one of my best yet – depicting a fractured relationship on the verge of meltdown.”

“The intensity of this song lands at an appropriate time, as the collective intensity of the nation builds toward the election, dropping right before Halloween. On a global scale, this energy runs a parallel to so much of what humanity is experiencing, facing the chaos both within and around, as we stand in the eye of the storm. What a perfect time to let out that cathartic release and SCREAM!”

Steve Barakatt – Autumn in Quebec (The Landscape) (Video)

“Each of us has his own mystery. A mystery hidden inside a yellow foliage, filled with childhood memories. The smell of autumn, the memory of your 7 years old self. You grab an armful of fallen leaves, throw them up into the sky and laugh of pure joy, feeling the pure life at most simplicity form …And there is nothing else to worry, no fuss, only you and fall. Such an emotive neoclassical piano!”

“У каждого из вас есть свое таинство. Она прячется внутри с желтой листвой, с воспоминаниями из детства, с запахом осени. Вы изредка возвращаетесь в прошлое, и вам снова 7 лет. Вы хватаете охапкой опавшую листву, подкидываете ее в небо и весело смеетесь… И нет больше ничего, нет забот, нет суеты, есть только вы и осень.”

Inspired by the beauty of the Canadian autumnal landscape, award-winning composer and pianist Steve Barakatt offers pure moments of hope and comfort during a time our world is facing some historical challenges. “Autumn in Quebec (The Landscape)” is a musical poem aimed at creating serenity.

For more than three decades, award-winning composer, pianist, music producer and creative director Steve Barakatt has collaborated with leading artists, record labels, studios, brands, and organizations on hundreds of projects around the globe. As a concert pianist, he has presented more than 500 live performances on five continents. His music has been featured on hundreds of TV programs & series as well as on major sports event TV broadcasts such as the FIFA World Cup and the F1 Grand Prix. As a recording artist, he has sold over five million albums worldwide and his music catalogue reached 100,000,000 views on YouTube.

He had artistic collaborations with Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir, NHK Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre symphonique de Québec, Yaroslavl philharmonic Orchestra, Lahti Sinfonia, Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Auckland Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre métropolitain, Radio Nacional de Espana, Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, El Sistema, Angelique Kidjo, Natasha St-Pier, Nana Mouskouri, Maxim Vengerov, The Alexandrov Choir, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, Nic Raine, Yoav Talmi, Christian Vásquez, Yiruma, Richard O’Neill, Shirley Bassey, Leon Lai, Alan Tam, Kelly Chen, Daniel Chan, Agnes Chan, Sincere, Yoko Oginome, Miri Ben-Ari, Noriko Sakai, Audrey De Montigny, Sun Min, Wheesung, John Park, Shayne, Chen of EXO, Lee Dong Woo, Yesung of Superjunior, Sunny of Girls’ Generation, Luna of fx, Wendy & Seulgi of Red Velvet, Taeil & Doyoung of NCT127, Universal Music Publishing, Sony Music Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Yamaha, Roland Corp, Japan Central Music and many more…

The world’s most recognized composer of official anthems, Barakatt is the man behind “Lullaby, The UNICEF Anthem”, the Saemangeum MegaCity anthem “One More Heart, One More Dream”, “Motherland” to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lebanon, anthems for Fairmont Le Château Frontenac and the world’s 66 Royal Golf Clubs, and compositions for numerous other prestigious organizations and events.

Mastro | Whistler | Official Music Video (Video)

“With a skatebordish beautiful atmosphere, Mastro, through his whistle memorable melodies and heartwarming vocals fix our mood and make us want to skip winter for next summer. Whistler is the soundtrack of missed summer.”

Recorded at The Hibernating Bear, a home studio in the heart of Palms. Written, Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Michael Mastronardi and Aaron Kessler

Mastro, born in New York & living in Los Angeles, Mastro is an eclectic mix of east coast underground blended with west coast beach vibes.

Mario Verandi – Small Wings Behind (Video)

“Mario Verandi composed a truly rich in harmonies story. Notes gently shimmer in the air, as if the raindrops play on the railing of a balcony. Yet somewhere far away, where clouds on sky are travelling quick you listen a lighting. ”

“Mario Verandi создал поистине пространственную музыку. Ноты мягко переливаются в воздухе, будто капли дождя играют на перилах веранды. И где то вдали, там где плывут по небу тучи слышится легкая тревога.”

This track features delicate impressionistic piano melodies that flow over distinct electronic/ambient textures.

Mario Verandi is an Argentinean-born composer, performer and sound artist living in Berlin. With a career spanning more than 20 years, Mario Verandis works are wide-ranging and include electro-acoustic compositions, sound installations, music for dance and radio as well as collaborations with several musicians and artists. He has performed in several prestigious European festivals including Märzmusik (Berlin), Multiphonies GRM (Paris) and Donaueschinger Musiktage. His works have been awarded in the Prix Ars Electronica Awards (Linz), European Bell Days Composition Prize (ZKM, Karlsruhe), Bourges Electroacoustic Music Competition (France), Stockholm Electronic Art Awards (Sweden), Musica Nova (Prague), CIEJ Electronic Music Awards (Barcelona) and is included in the Essex Collection of Latin American Art. His most recent ambient/electronic music project culminated with the release “Remansum”. The album features musicians Sebastian Selke (Ceeys) and Dina Bolshakova, both active in ambient and classic music genres. Mario Verandi´s music has been released by labels such as TimeReleasedSound (USA), EMF Media (New York) and Edition RZ (Berlin) and appear also on several compilation records.

About photo/video:
Copyright 2020© Corinna Rosteck, Urheber-Nummer bei VG Bild-Kunst 759746
Camera and Editing: Corinna Rosteck
Dance: Iris de Boor
Music/Composition: Mario Verandi

XANDOR – Insatiable ft. Katie DiCicco (Video)

“The neww single Insatiable featuring the exuberant vocals of Katie DiCicco which are glued wonderful in the signature melodic grooves of Xandor, please us once more with pop quality.”


The transcendent pop-infused future deep house track is a celebration of the very definition of “insatiable”: an appetite or desire that is impossible to satisfy and sharing an intimate connection with someone; a part of love and the human experience.

XANDOR first connected with Katie DiCicco after discovering she was the uncredited trance vocalist behind Dan Balan’s chart-topping electro-pop smash single, “Chica Bomb”. After developing the main concept of the song, XANDOR knew DiCicco’s transcendent vocals were the perfect fit for the seductive feel he was looking to convey. Shortly after, DiCicco teamed up with singer-songwriter Will Jay to write the song, resulting in a full-fledged electrifying dance-pop club hit.

XANDOR’s inspiration for writing and production of “Insatiable” came after attending ZHU’s show, where his masterful usage of live saxophones and guitars gave him the idea to write a sexy song utilizing similar elements. Having already been a huge fan of ZHU’s music, he then began brainstorming ideas around the word “Insatiable”.


“‘Insatiable’ is a vibe for everyone, regardless of whether you’re having a fling or starting a relationship with someone you deeply care about. You share intimate moments and connect on a very human level. I hope everyone can fully immerse themselves in this feeling while listening to our song!”


XANDOR is a producer and DJ igniting the current and future deep house music scene with his silky, sensual soundscapes. He serves as an inspiration to fellow millennial artists pushing against the tide to succeed in a rapidly evolving music industry climate.

The son of a renowned saxophone player, music has played a big part in XANDOR’s life. After attending a JAUZ show, XANDOR’s inspiration to make electronic music — kickstarting a passion – led to professional training and over two years of focused dedication. He has performed at some of the hottest venues in Boston, including Royale, Whisky Saigon, and many others. In 2018, XANDOR released his first single, “Craving For Your Love,” an exhilarating EDM track streamed in over 25 countries worldwide.

XANDOR’s influences range from ZHU’s seductively smooth sounds to the aggressive electronic jaunts from JAUZ and other associated acts, including The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Tame Impala, Madeon, Skrillex, Rüfüs Du Sol, and ODESZA.

XANDOR has also become a popular live attraction, regularly playing venues in Boston, Massachusetts, with plans for an upcoming album “ALIVE” to be released next year.

Paddi – Let’s Work on Us (Video)

“Paddi with Let’s Work on Us gave us a slight resemblance of the king of pop Michael Jackson.We are impressed with its rich yet minimal beauty, all about love!”

“Let’s Work on Us предлагает нам Paddi. Я слышу легкую схожесть с королем попсы Майклом Джексоном. Мне импонирует это, это красиво, это о любви!”

Having recently unveiled his eagerly-awaited debut album ‘P.S. I Love You’ to critical acclaim last month, US singer and songwriter Paddi now looks to showcase his latest full-length by sharing the beautiful new single ‘Let’s Work On Us’.

Reminding us all of that smooth and sensual feel he brought to his latest LP, ‘Let’s Work On Us’ looks to show us more of his tender side. Filled with a sweet and sombre flow, mixed with bold yet pulsing production, his latest gem highlights why so many have been flocking to support his new material of late.

Speaking about the new track, he said, “Let’s Work on Us is one of my top three favorite songs on my album. It has such an experimental style of beat production and a captivating hopeful story. This song is something I was never able to express to my girlfriend at the time. I tend to find when I’m at a loss for words or expression, my music is able to provide me with both. This song holds weight and releases emotion. I think people will be able to relate to this song, and find it entertaining and enjoyable to listen to.”

From the deserts of Southern California emerges the sole rose to bloom under the starry nights of Joshua Tree. Paddi offers his audience the transcendent experience that many listeners long for by allowing them to escape into his ominous and ambivalent world. Listeners will have much to dissect as they explore his realm of love, passion, and heartbreak veiled by his uplifting beats and enchanting melodies. Paddi juxtaposes his sweet vocals with the deep lyrics in his songs, creating the perfect blend of R&B and Pop that is guaranteed to keep listeners captivated throughout his discography.

AMAYA – Escape (Video)

“With an operatic voice to falsetto in modern processing offered here by AMAYA. An expressive feed of music with memorable melodies that will shake your inner-self.”

“Оперный голос на фальцете в современной обработке нам предлагает AMAYA. Экспрессивная подача музыкального произведения с запоминающейся мелодией не оставит вас равнодушным.”

Emerging singer AMAYA releases her second single after releasing her debut EP No Way Back earlier this year. The song’s mesmerising vocals are accompanied by stunning immersive visuals in a captivating music video that was inspired by sensory deprivation and themes of inward turmoiland disillusionment in response to a deteriorating world.

Escape is, much like the thematic direction of AMAYA’s debut EP, underscored by dark undercurrents and a sense of urgency, without any clear resolution. Her vocals and lyrics stand out, imbued with drama and a gripping poetic narrative. Blending orchestral elements with dark electro-pop, AMAYA has evolved creatively since her EP release, using a broader spectrum of genres in her roster of influences. Coming from a background in theory and musicology, the singer’s originally classical influences may seem at odds with this fresh sound, but what we hear is quite the opposite – a track with a nostalgia-inducing sample and contemporary themes relevant to today’s landscape of musical production.

Anzac Park – ice (Vertical Video) (Video)

“If you need music viscous as honey, memorable melody and deep bass – seek for Anzac Park. Great composition that you want to sit alone to relax, or…just the two of us! will you join me?”

“Если вам нужна тягучая как мед музыка, липкая мелодия, и густой бас – спросите об этом Anzac Park. Отличная композиция, что бы в одиночестве отдохнуть. А может быть и вдвоем!”

Anzac Park is an 18-year-old LGBT alternative pop artist with roots in New Zealand, Central Europe and Britain. Influenced by artists such as Lorde, Grimes and Fka Twigs, Park is fascinated by the phenomenon of modern coming-of-age. His music paints a pensive portrait of the Generation Z; he calls it “pop for the young and overly sensitive”, dealing heavily with topics such as identity, party culture, loss of innocence and teenage melancholy. Having lived in 3 different countries by the age of 17, he finished high school with distinction in Europe and, after honing his lyrical skills (in doing so being listed for several international poetry & literature prizes) and experimenting with his musical niche by releasing a series of unpromoted demos, is set to release his first studio single, “Ice”, on October 30th. “Ice” is the lead single from Anzac Park’s upcoming EP, partially inspired by the tribulations of navigating identity & relationships as an LGBT teen and also by the experience of spending adolescence in an unforgiving urban environment after a childhood in a small town. Driven by atmospheric synths and a restless beat, the song evokes the chilly feeling of a blue dawn after a long night out in the city. Lyrically, the song deals with the intensity of teen emotion as well as the cold, frozen feeling of a tired comedown and the listlessness of adolescence. “More ice than an ocean / And I feel so frozen / My god, I can’t keep hoping / Or I’ma end up broken” is a hook that summons a feeling of emotional exhaustion, of disillusionment with party culture and meaningful relationships. Inspired by the creatively challenging conditions of 2020, the entire song (incl. mixing & production) and all its accompanying visuals (vertical video, promo shots) were created by the artist alone in self-iso with zero budget in a DIY fashion. The aesthetic is melancholic and minimal but also slightly surreal, dominated by shades of blue and purple.

RockCityMehDehYah (Video)

“Simeon ” CushAra” Emmanuel Thompson steps straight into the dub reggae point from first seconds with his new single -RockCityMehDehYah-. Through its simplicity manages to deliver a melancholic vibe and gently warm grooves which engage you a daydreaming for a more peacefully world. ”

The song is from the EP, Jah Know. It’s called, RockCityMehDehYah. It deals with The Most-High’s protection and love even though we have all the gun violence around us. At the same time it shows our children that using a gun for violence is not a game: “You no have no (game) controls.”, like the song says. Meaning: once you take a life you cannot press a button and bring that life back.

Studio 22 (feat. Dre the Monarch) (Video)

“They throw punches, they challenge you to a conversation, but this is a friendly meeting with broken beats and a droning bass that pushes your spine! Time has big power, it keeps move on, you drink tea enjoying good music and living the moment, and the whole world cannot stop it!”

“Они кидают панчи, они вызывают вас на разговор, но это дружеская встреча под ломаные биты и гудящий бас пробирающий вас до позвоночника! Вы двигаете время, вы пьете чай, и целый мир не в силах прекратить это!”

Artists shared with us few words about this song:
Created by two college students – an African American and Indian American – this track’s aim is to address recent events in the sociocultural landscape of America. I wanted to really hone in lyrically on a variety of topics that are on everyone’s radar these days, while maintaining an enjoyable mic presence that didn’t come off as preachy. We wanted to keep an old-school, vintage Hip Hop vibe in the track, so we made sure to formulate each component of the song to sound like late 90s/early 00s conscious rap. Dre is the first verse; I (Lil Brick) am the second.

Justus Rümenapp – Autumn Days (Video)

“Can you hear this rustle of leaves falling on the piano keys? This will not stop the talented pianist -Justus Rümenapp- from continuing his performance in a day of falling leaves which he fills the silence with a sensual melody that soundtracks autumn.”

“Вы слышите этот шорох листвы опадающий на клавиши рояля? Это не сможет помешать талантливому пианисту Justus Rümenapp продолжать свой осенний день. И он наполняет чувственной мелодией осени тишину нашего дня.”

Dax – GOTHAM (Video)

“Dax blows your mind with his powerful recitative, you will find yourself overwhelmed by his words. He wants justice in this world in which we are all at the mercy of the digital world! It’s a strong song that definitely deserves top honors.”

“Он взрывает ваш разум своим мощным речитативом, вы окажетесь подавленным его словами. Он хочет справедливости в этом мире, в котором мы все во власти цифрового мира!

Это сильная песня, однозначно заслуживающая высших наград.”

The Lovepools – White Lies & Palm Trees (Video)

“Take your eyes off the phone and look around with a clean gaze. Do not forget who we are inside. There is a lot of deception around, and this is not a reason to become part of the whole world. We are unique, we are intelligent, we can become brilliant!”

“Уберите взгляд от телефона и с чистым взглядом посмотрите по сторонам. Не стоит забывать кто мы внутри. Вокруг много обмана, и это не повод стать частью целого мира. Мы уникальны, мы разумны, мы можем стать гениальны!”

The group starts their track, “White Lies & Palm Trees” with singer, Anthony Shea’s mournful voice singing over his quiet acoustic guitar. Like a head-on collision, the song and video simultaneously explode into synth-pop sounds and visuals filling one with a similar nostalgia of playing on their first Super Nintendo.

With a cinematic visual style comparable to “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”, the singer wakes from an obvious hangover and leads the viewer down a rabbit hole of temptations: masked girls, drug deals, bags of money and unsigned record contracts.

Directed by psychedelic visionary Javier Burgos, partnered with visual artist Matthew Lyon, under their company, Apeship Entertainment, “White Lies & Palm Trees” features a past, present and future of The Lovepools story told through a parallel universe of the band acting and performing in live action while fighting as their respective 8-bit characters in retro arcade gameplay down Hollywood Blvd. The video was edited by Ken Koller who is known for his editing work with Nicki Minaj, Asher Roth and Patrick Stump.

The Lovepools previous single, “See You In The Funny Papers” was featured on the Season 9 premiere of Showtime’s “Shameless”. Most groups would have followed up a “Shameless” placement with a rock single of a similar nature. The Lovepools however, are no one-trick pony. Instead, they choose to ride gleefully on a horse with no name.

Valencia James – All The Waves (Official Audio) (Video)

“All The Waves, the new single of Valencia James under Shout Music Imprint, is an abundant electro pop song, with the right mix in production, smart selection of sounds and minimalism in harmonies which are profoundly impactful to erupt these mesmerizing vocals. ”

New York born, Sydney bred dark-pop artist Valencia James is making music for those in need. With a catalogue of music inspired by real life events, Valencia is on a mission song by song to give listeners something real, something organic, something true.

Her latest release “All The Waves” was written amidst all the chaos, with Valencia bringing a brave and hopeful sound, reminding us that the hardest of times can actually bring out the best in us. The song speaks about how life’s struggles keep trying to knock us down, but where there is love there is still life and there is still so much more good ahead for us. Valencia confides, “All The Waves takes inspiration from a really long, hard season I was going through that lasted really up until now and it’s become even more relevant with everything going on in 2020. It’s my way of comparing my fear of the waves to how I feel about the situations in my life and the hits that I’ve taken being likened to a succession of waves breaking over me.”

Valencia gets vulnerable in one of her darkest times and gives us a glimpse of how there is always hope on the horizon alongside co-writer and producer Harrison Wood and Peter James, whose works include contributing to a Grammy Award-winning song.

“All The Waves” was mixed by Sydney-based Ben Whincop (Stan Walker, Missy Langcaster) and mastered in Paris, France by Bruno Gruel (David Guetta, Kelly Rowland), and brings us Valencia’s signature dark and edgy voice aligned with new passion and hope. With influences ranging from Dua Lipa, Khalid and Halsey, Valencia delivers a honest and poignant song, casting light when we need it the most.

“All The Waves” is currently available worldwide.

Mikael Oterhals – Waves (Video)

“The End of The Beginning by Mikael Oterhals, is a well performed and right recorded solo piano, which unfolds its emotive story into more faster tempo style playing. Gently dynamics with a bit of nostalgia within. ”

Waves is a piano piece written and performed by the Swedish pianist and composer Mikael Oterhals. It’s from his EP “The End of the Beginning” released on June 19th 2020 containing four piano pieces. Mikael Oterhals mostly write classical music, but with influence from other styles as well. You can hear the influence from Pop Music throughout the entire EP. The EP is about love, mostly the tough part of love, and therefore the music is often melancholy and heartbreaking but with a touch of hopefulness and a strive to better times!

“Ancient Dialogue” – Narducci [Official Music Video] (Video)

“Through a stunning visual form of art and a hypnotic groove and shamanic world music vocals, Narducci brilliant blends together a story which turns into a break-beat electronica during and flirting partly with experimental electronica. Ancient Dialogue is a story line with depth!”

Time is an illusion. The past is memory, the future, imagination. From dark, dungeonous laboratories with hand-drawn sci-fi animation to bright desert landscapes and deserted towns, the visual language of “Ancient Dialogue” is rich and symbolic. “The title and the atmosphere of the sounds from the music inspired the visuals,” says director Chmiel.

From the opening notes, mixing percussion and acoustic guitar with haunting vocal samples of Inuit women, the music creates a new world, speaking with the ancestors. Airy flute pads alternate with bombing horn hits as a pulsating Drum ’n’ Bass groove gradually takes over, transporting the listener from the old to the new. Rich Baroque synths ebb and flow while the relentless drums and ancient tongues lift the listener into ecstasy. As the song ends, the echoes of children playing fade out in reverberated glory.

Produced by Narducci, who has worked with Miguel, Bilal, Daron Malakian, and Warren Cuccurullo among many others, “Ancient Dialogue” creates a rich sonic landscape that beautifully pushes director Chmiel’s vivid scenery.

“I wanted to relate to present day and beyond by bending the presence of time altogether. Our character is a cog used by beings from one part of our universe sending him through different parts of our known existence. He gets cut from his creators along the way and trapped in a place where he finds dialogue. We wanted this dialogue to transcend even death as our cog stumbles upon his own spiritual connection…”

Chmiel, who as a writer, director, and editor has worked with musicians STS, Khari Mateen, The Vivian Girls, and Sean Forbes in addition to writer Jerry Stahl and Fast & Furious films 6-8 in his capacity working in feature development at Universal Pictures, had a vision for creating “Ancient Dialogue.” Working alongside him to sculpt this vision was Corey Ulrich, the Los Angeles based Director of Photography who has shot music videos for artists such as Miley Cyrus and Mary J. Blige, directed commercials for clients including Volkswagen and Coca-Cola, and was the show runner for the nationally broadcasted automotive television series Head 2 Head.

What if we could fold the time-space continuum visually and sonically? That is what Narducci and director R.J. Chmiel and have acheived in the new music video “Ancient Dialogue.”

Tree Thomas – YUCALLME (Video)

“Starting mesmerizing with heartwarming vocals, -TREE THOMAS- new song -YUCALLME- erupts to a memorable soulful song. Will not hide we have repeat the listen several times here, as the sweetness spread-ed around from the vocals, especially on start is highly addictive! ”

Following on from the release of his highly-praised EP ‘B4ULUVME’ earlier this year, as well as his hit Kevin Gates collaborations ‘BURNXONE’ and ‘4T$’, emerging Bay Area rapper Tree Thomas delivers his warm and heartfelt new single ‘YUCALLME’.

Produced by STARIMUSIC, ‘YUCALLME’ sees the artist embark on a more smooth and RnB-inspired direction. Working with all live instrumentation, this sweet and captivating new cut showcases him in a whole new and tender light, adding yet another layer to his bold and enticing persona.

Speaking about his new release, he said, “YUCALLME is probably the realest song I’ve ever made. It came from a real moment and real emotion I had, and luckily I was in the studio when it happened. I got an unexpected phone call and it immediately brought back unneeded and wanted memories, especially since at the time I was mentally in a different space and starting a new relationship. STARI had just emailed me some beats the night before and I just so happened to be listening to them in the studio when the call happened. It was like the words and melody came to me instantly and all I had to do was walk into the booth afterwards.”

Tree Thomas is a memorable and interesting recording artist with dynamic R&B inspired melodies and dope lyrics. He constantly promotes a positive outlook on life and taking risks. When Tree is not making music we love, you can find him amongst the TREEs in nature or getting his hands dirty on a farm with Chef. “2020 has been a crazy year, and being able to get away from it and tap back in with nature is a blessing and helps silence a lot of unneeded noise. I feel like I’m in heaven when I’m surrounded by trees”. Tree is no stranger to stardom with his professional basketball success and eye opening Kevin Gates singles so far on his way to becoming one of the biggest artists in the game, LITERALLY. With his Godly physique, standing 6’8, he’s set on staying hungry, focused, and determined to set the precedent for artists making the transition from sports to music.

Lux Aeterna by Frederik Magle – Maleen (soprano) & Edgar Asmaryan (duduk) (Video)

“With visuals that syncs perfect with the atmosphere of this cinematic neoclassical song by FREDERIK MAGIE, LUX AETERNA delivered as a hymn for the beauty of nature and the life that lights gives to Earth. Dreamy vocals and abundant harmonies of keys and pas mixed with clarity, engage a deep relaxing atmosphere. ”

Featuring Maleen (soprano) and Edgar Asmaryan (duduk), Lux Aeterna combines Maleen’s angelic voice with Asmaryan’s beautiful duduk, and the composer Frederik Magle himself on electric piano, synthesizers, and pipe organ, creating a classical but at the same time modern, otherworldly sound depicting the eternal light.

The text consists of three words: Speratum (hope) and Lux Aeterna (Eternal light)

Originally released on the album Anastasis-Messe, this is a brand new version of the piece, recorded and produced in September 2019 (The album track has been replaced with the new version on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)

The Bergamot – Make It Last (Video)

“The Bergamot returns with a new song to raise environmental awareness delivering their usually top notch quality. Through their wide warm soft and abundant vocals and the soulful guitar melodic lines, glue you fast into its groove. The engagement here is such you feel a deja vu, like you knew this track long time now and their performance in this video giving you a feel like this duo not speak – but sing continues – they are born to sing!”

Make sure also to reach our Nagamag interview with The Bergamot

Mart Avi – Feather (Video)

“With his tickling sound minimalism, like a Feather teasing your ears, and delightful dreaming warm vocals spreading around like rain drops in the leaves, Mart Avi creates a top dream pop song showcasing his sound design skills. In top of all that this wonderful video captures perfect the overall floating atmosphere here.”

Bouncing through filters of sultry ambient pop and futuristic funk, Estonian avant-pop auteur and electronic producer Mart Avi floats into the limelight with new single ‘Feather’, taken from his forthcoming LP “Vega Never Sets”.

Combining a sense of wonder with a sensual sheen, ‘Feather’ seems to emerge from a soaring daydream. Yet Mart Avi is in his most alert state here as he dissolves syncopated beats, post-digital timbres and short-circuited croons into a lighter-than-air now-pop ballad. “Like a sheet of paper folded into a cylinder holds up to dozens of kilograms, and animated characters defy gravity, ‘Feather’ presents its physique in a gentle manner,” he says.

Accompanying the main track are two alternative versions with warped phasing as well as “an ocular version” – that is, a video made using the game creation system ‘Dreams’ on PlayStation 4. Created by Avi and Ivar Murd, the visual saturates the single’s elusive charge with surrealist horizons, serene vistas, and encounters with Jungian dream figures.

Avi has been busy creating more hyperkinetic realms for us to drift into, just like a feather. The single is a taster of what can be expected when the full LP “Vega Never Sets” lands on 27th November via Porridge Bullet.

Avant-pop auteur and electronic music producer Mart Avi has carved an “outernational” musical space for himself – something akin to a sonic spider spinning puzzles on the World Wide Web with each new project. His highly acclaimed work includes both solo and band albums as well as some weirdly wonderful pop tunes in collaboration with Ajukaja, the reverend of Estonia’s adventurous underground. His records have been awarded with the Best Electronic Album and Album of the Year critics wins in his homeland whilst his live performances have been acknowledged for their theatricality and inventiveness.

“Unlike with a lot of conceptronica, Mart Avi’s thoughtful thoughts don’t get in the way of the seduction effect.“ – Simon Reynolds

CARDS – Reignite (Official Audio) (Video)

“Cards knows how to build a story and this is proved here with -Reignite-. Unfolding his vocal technics and forming a warm companion of right placed guitar harmonies, smart use of reverb and in general the right layering of keys and more sounds, glued brilliant together to daydream you to the end before realize it. Wonderful flow with shades of nostalgia.”

“Reignite,” is a song that definitely marks a change in my sound and I’m happy to get it out into the world. After leaving LA in March and winding up in Ohio, I pulled out a couple instruments I haven’t used in a while. The songs I’m about to release borrow elements from Country and Bluegrass but are 100% Indie Rock at their core. The lyrics are also influenced by my situation — it’s really a pain in the ass to be a fledgling indie artist and not be able to play live shows.

Paul K – Ephemera (Official) (Video)

“Don’t be afraid, step in the sound world of -Ephemera- by -Paul K- and let your self float for the next 4 and half minutes. A minimal ambient cinematic story which progress slowly and dive deeper into sadness through carefully emotional key notes and brilliant sound design with a video which makes the story even stronger! A memorable track which haunts you after complete the full listen and you feel the need to revisit again and again.”

This track alludes to the short-lived nature of all things. Even now in the depth of the pandemic the reality is the world will still move on and this moment will be recorded in history as just a brief moment in time

Moonsum – Language of the World (Video)

“The right soundtrack to laid back in this well tight lounge atmospheric production by Moonsum. Sweet lofi beats, gently keys and minimal guitar layering offer you the right background music. ”

Language of the World is a smooth jazzhop beat (played ony my trusty Fender strat) released with Effortless Audio. The beat and title are inspired by the book ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho. One of my favourite books of all time and a source of inspiration. Music to me is the language of the world and is universally understood by everyone.

ALWZ SNNY – As Long As We’re Together (Video)

“Once you press play this wonderful pop song with its entrancing melodic and groove line, and their good mood vocals on top of a solid production, then will be always sunny this coming winter and will be always in bright mood under this weird period we all face. Memorable!”

ALWZ SNNY is back with another top-notch dance tune. The American DJ and Producer currently embarking on a new blend of EDM and Country and ‘As Long As We’re Together’ is the perfect example of just how great this new fusion of genres can be. Easing in gradually, you are met with a vocal that is synonymous to the Country genre, singing heartfelt lyrics that are insanely catchy and will have you joining in.

Bright synths dance across the background before some seriously impressive electric guitar riffs take centre stage to really hammer home that Country feel. The music goes into a subtle bouncing drop switching up the pace to introduce a half-time beat, adding yet another dimension to the track. ‘As Long As We’re Together’ has some real Americana vibes that would be perfect in any playlist.

ALWZ SNNY is on a constant mission to fill the world of good vibes and fun which can be seen throughout all of his releases. His music is offering a breath of fresh air within the scene and changing the face of dance music with every release. This year alone has seen the success of several tracks such as ‘Love Revolution’, ‘Still Wait 4U’ and ‘Sail Away’ featuring the vocal stylings on Sincerely Collins. Inspired by the likes of Marshmello, Martin Garrix and Avicii, he is constantly building and pushing forward his sound and has generated quite the excitement around his name with audiences in anticipation of what he does next.

Download & Stream


Nicole Catherine – Tears for Tomorrow (Video)

“-Nicole Catherine- with her skillful and reflective vocals on -Tears For Tomorrow- spreads her warmness, especially when the verse comes, like a warm blanket in a cold winter. Carefully selection of keys and beats that support perfect this angelic voice. ”

Nicole Catherine shared few words about her new song: ‘Tears for Tomorrow’ is all about the importance of vulnerability and the importance of having hope for the future. I wrote the song as a way for myself to get my feelings onto paper. I would describe the song overall as more of a sad song, however, the meaning behind the song is positive. I would say that Halsey and Billie Eilish are my main influences when it comes to music. I love the way Halsey writes her songs, and turns each of her songs into a beautiful story. I love the production in every one of Billie’s songs, and the dynamics in the vocals.

Francisco Casarotti – Timeless (Video)

“A very emotive neoclassical solo piano which set us a memorable nostalgia, a cinematic scenery of been back at your old home, searching through dusted things, between many good but old memories and discovering your favorite music box. The one your mother was playing for you as child, your lullaby song. This is what we felt from this well performed theme by Francisco Casarotti. ”

This piece is about all the memories that we carry with us as we move forward in life. Experiences and people come and go, but some memories stay forever.

Francisco Casarotti is a self-taught pianist and composer from Montreal, Quebec. He was born in Argentina but moved to Canada with his family when he was only 12.

After playing the guitar and drums as a teenager, he fell in love with the beautiful sound of the piano when he was 18 years old and it quickly became his favorite instrument. In 2019, he started composing his own music after spending a few years posting videos of himself covering pieces from other composers on social media.

His first single called “The Emerging Light” was released on May 15, followed by “Motion” on August 7 and “Timeless” on October 16, 2020.

Francisco finds inspiration in nature and life experiences. His music is influenced by modern-classical / minimalist pianists such as Ludovico Einaudi, Joep Beving and Yann Tiersen.

pølaroit – Cala (Video)

“Take it easy and everything will work fine, this kind of mood we received with the new minimal melodic downtempo track -Cala- of -pølaroit-. A carefully selection of sounds in use, matched fine within the overall mix and unfolding a beautiful story telling, which works perfect to laid back and daydream. ”

Space and time both play a role in pølaroit’s music. A felt connection to Jonas and Marius’ hometowns in Northern Germany, their geography, as well as a sense of pertaining to a specific instant in time, a generation, are both expressed in the duo’s strain of melodic deep house, “We see our music as a snapshot of time and music,” they say. The chosen name for the duo, pølaroit, is a reference to this idea of capturing a moment and it tributes both their northern roots (Polar) as well as the birthplace of techno (Detroit).

pølaroit’s debut EP, ‘expedition into’ (out via Stil vor Talent) defined the duo’s moody sound somewhere in between melancholic downtempo and uplifting melodies, and captivated audiences around Germany. Their current EP, Pure, released via Christian Löffler’s Ki Records, continues to draw on the dichotomy of these two emotions but this time around there’s a bigger sense of presence and liveliness. Through the use of field recordings and vocals, pølaroit wants to rescue the human and organic element of creativity in their music.

Kuipermusik – Lockdown (Video)

“Glasgow based electronic music producer -Kuipermusik- with his new melodic techno track -Lockdown- invite us to a carefully crafted sound designed story. Soft sounds, carefully pic of hats, kicks and synths in use, glued together through a gently mix, delivering a wonderful listening experience with an open air feeling of a festival under the stars we all have miss this covid period.”

Tafari Anthony – No Good (Official Audio) (Video)

“There are some track which not take more than 5 seconds to win you attention, this effect has and – No Good- from Tafari Anthony. Spreading a lush harmonic music layering with clean sound and solid production and his exuberant – unique colored voice – which sings with passion and collateral beauty. A song that turns fast into your classic and favorites in your playlists. ”

Tafari (pronounced Ta-far-eye) Anthony is a Toronto based artist whose music blends Pop, R&B and Soul. He is an artist who embodies the spirit of the modern musician. Not just a musician, but a creator. Known for his sleek vocal tones, sultry melodies and music which oozes with personality, Tafari leaves listeners in awe – somewhat apt considering his name means “He who inspires awe”.

His influences range from artists like Prince and John Legend, to more contemporary artists like Lennon Stella and Charlie Puth, among others. Often described as a mix of Sam Smith and MNEK, Tafari creates deeply emotional songs that resonate across generations. “All of these artists are creating music that is pop in its own right, but also so different from each other”, shares the musician.

Having taken a break from music in 2018 to focus on creating new material which explored his own personal soundscape, Tafari returned early 2020 with the release of his pop anthems, “Centerfold” and “Live in a Dream.” Now he unveils the emotional “No Good,” produced by Alexander Flockhart (Off Bloom, Vera, Malou Prytz, What So Not, Kill J).

The impassioned song narrates how some relationships are just no good for us, yet we somehow still end up pursuing them for whatever reason. Tafari confides, “It takes a lot of self-reflection to be able to realize these patterns in ourselves and even more to get out of them once we are aware. No Good is the come down and reflection after Centerfold’s blow up! Realizing that you crave the unhealthiness of the relationship. Personally, I often let people treat me like shit for way longer than I should – but once I’m done, I’m done.”

Having found influence in female powerhouse vocalists such as Seinabo Sey, King Princess and Alicia Keys, “No Good” delivers a classic vibe, but through a modern approach. Tafari’s raw, almost broken vocals portray sincerity in his lyrics, while the powerful production emits a fiery atmosphere. The stunning, heartfelt ballad oozes nostalgia with Tafari reminiscing of a love now lost.

Tafari has seen success with his music garnering acclaim from the likes of PAPER Magazine, Gay Times and MTV to name a few. He has been nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award and receives regular airplay on CBC Radio, with one of his singles being named one of CBC’s Most Influential Songs of 2016. The singer has also performed alongside Shangela (RuPaul’s Drag Race) and has performed at Toronto’s Dundas Square and Massey Hall. “No Good” is off of the upcoming EP The Way You See Me, due later this year.

YLLOW & Vyel – Leave Me Alone (Video)

“Music is a medicine and your safe shelter when things not work out good, here YLLOW & Yvel offer us a music pill that will bring all the smiles back to face and goosebumps in your backbones. Beautiful euphoric harmonies and upbeat heartwarming vocals to start or end your day perfect! Leave Me Alone – now enjoy my music!”

When YLLOW finished the first idea of his new instrumental track, he came up with an uplifting & living lead melody and an emotional chord progression. He then contacted Vyel via e-mail a year ago to ask him if he would be in to collaborate with him on his new track. Vyel wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals, then YLLOW reworked the instrumental multiple times. Soon after the track was 100% finished, the duo sent it to WildVibes for a final mix & master.

This song is about not letting others define the choices and decisions of your life, and having the courage to trust oneself to take action and find your way without paying attention to the judgement of others.

As we are more and more people to feel alone in these strange times, this song is also a reminder that we can learn to appreciate and celebrate the times we spend alone.

If anxiety is often a downside in this situation, self-awareness is also its upside : when you know yourself well, you’re simply doing everyday what makes you happy. Is it listening to music? Is it making music? Or is it running maybe? Playing video games? Travelling the world and exploring? Reading a book? Cooking? Watching movies and series? Learning new skills?

YLLOW :@yllowmusic
Vyel : @vyelmusic
Ensis Records : @ensisrecords

Dance Yourself Clean (feat. Lizzy Land) – Been Too Long [Official Audio] (Video)

“The perfect song to start your day with! Sweet upbeat vocals and delicate synthpop melodic lines in -Been Too Long- by -Dance Yourself Clean feat Lizzy Land- who knows who to tell a music story.”

For their new song “Been Too Long”, Dance Yourself Clean teamed up with Lizzy Land to bring her ethereal vocals to their unique approach to indie-pop music reminiscent of The Naked And The Famous and CHVRCHES. A thumping bass line and kick create a solid rhythm section that enigmatic synth pads and stabbing pianos soar over. Lizzy’s crooning voice sings about the relatable feeling of missing a special someone from her past.

Dance Yourself Clean started in Seattle (2013) as an indie dance party that grew into the first touring dance party in North America. After moving to Los Angeles to expand the party and create their own record label (Lights & Music Collective) and producing for other artists for years, “DYC” decided to turn their party into a music project. Releasing original music and remixes using the party’s moniker “Dance Yourself Clean”.

David Arkenstone – Skyward (with string quartet) (Video)

“Take a breath and a moment and let your self project into this new neoclassical theme by -David Arkenstone and a great team of wonderful instrumentalists, called Skyward, released on Gather Music Group. A well crafted cinematic story, recorded with clarity and performed gently yet with the right passion, delivering a rainbow of harmonics notes and positive atmosphere around. A beautiful easy listening experience. ”

With four GRAMMY nominations, twenty Billboard hits, and millions of fans worldwide, David Arkenstone has established himself as one of the foremost instrumental musicians of our time. David Arkenstone has recorded over sixty albums, has toured extensively including performances at New York’s Radio City Music Hall and the Hollywood Bowl, scored dozens of films and documentaries, is one of the elite World of Warcraft game score composers, and is known for his popular sports themes which include The Kentucky Derby, the Paralympics, and music for the Olympics which is used to this day.

Audriix – Deep Breaths (Video)

“Ta ta tara…yes a pretty solid yet minimal memorable melodic line and groove here and with a pretty playful signature style of Audriix, a combination of both production and performance skills along with good story telling, define your next favorite pop song here.”

About this song:

Lake Tahoe, Nevada-based rising pop artist Audriix makes stellar inroads into 2020 with sky reaching new single, Deep Breaths. Big room electronic pop showcasing Audriix’s dreamy vocals atop a crystal sharp arrangement, the track serves as a stellar offering ahead of upcoming releases. Speaking on the track, Audriix states:

“Deep Breaths is a women empowerment song drawn from my personal experiences. It’s about standing up for yourself when someone tries to oppress you and unapologetically feeling your emotions.”

When it comes to pursuing her passion for music, Audriix is nothing less than a force of nature. Growing up in northern California, the singer/songwriter begged for violin lessons at age two and soon moved on to also mastering piano, viola, and singing (eventually adding guitar and drums as well). Having started writing songs at age six, she later self-produced her first batch of material in the midst of earning three degrees from Stanford University.

After releasing her debut EP Colors in 2015, Audriix released her full-length debut Status Change in 2019, bringing her voice to a brightly edgy brand of pop built on massive choruses and effervescent melodies. Her new single Deep Breaths continues the theme of empowerment, examining the culture of emotion suppression and silencing, all with a fearless honesty. “None of my songs portray the woman as the victim,” she says. “It’s all about being strong and standing up for yourself. I hope that listeners come away feeling empowered to do whatever they set their minds to.” Look out for more from Audriix soon.

Few words about Audriix:

When it comes to pursuing her passion for music, Audriix is nothing less than a force of nature. Growing up in northern California, the singer/songwriter begged for violin lessons at age two and soon moved on to also mastering piano, viola, and singing (eventually adding guitar and drums as well). Having started writing songs at age six, she later self-produced her first batch of material in the midst of earning three degrees from Stanford University.

After releasing her debut EP Colors in 2015, Audriix released her full-length debut Status Change in 2019, bringing her voice to a brightly edgy brand of pop built on massive choruses and effervescent melodies. Her new single Deep Breaths continues the theme of empowerment, examining the culture of emotion suppression and silencing, all with a fearless honesty. “None of my songs portray the woman as the victim,” she says. “It’s all about being strong and standing up for yourself. I hope that listeners come away feeling empowered to do whatever they set their minds to.”

Maffmatix – Ta Bouche (Video)

“Stepping quickly into a spiral tribal hypnotic groove and solid beats, locking you into a continues moving energy and building up minimal its progressive tech house story, a track that knows how to tell right a dance story!”

A non-traditional tech-house tune with sexy builds that are reminiscent of Paris in the 60’s. This is the first official release by Maffmatix under Shrell Records.

Maffmatix is a Producer/DJ based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is one of the founding members of the electronic music group Rock Shreller. In 2020 he started Shrell Records and released his first official single “Te Bouche”. His current forté is electronic music with high energy that keeps the crowds dancing. With some impressive upcoming collaborations to be released and new singles in the mix, this is just the beginning.

Steve Barakatt – Cedars of Lebanon (Video)

“World-renowned and award-winning composer, pianist, and music producer Steve Barakatt delivers a masterfully arranged and performed neoclassical piano sonata of the utmost quality with his exquisite expertise ”

A beautiful piano solo composition inspired by the mythical Cedars of Lebanon.

Few words about Steve Barakatt:

For more than three decades, award-winning composer, pianist, music producer and creative director Steve Barakatt has collaborated with leading artists, record labels, studios, brands, and organizations on hundreds of projects around the globe. As a concert pianist, he has presented more than 500 live performances on five continents. His music has been featured on hundreds of TV programs & series as well as on major sports event TV broadcasts such as the FIFA World Cup and the F1 Grand Prix. As a recording artist, he has sold over five million albums worldwide and his music catalogue reached 100,000,000 views on YouTube.

He had artistic collaborations with Orchestre philharmonique de Radio France, Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra & Choir, NHK Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre symphonique de Québec, Yaroslavl philharmonic Orchestra, Lahti Sinfonia, Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Auckland Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre métropolitain, Radio Nacional de Espana, Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, El Sistema, Angelique Kidjo, Natasha St-Pier, Nana Mouskouri, Maxim Vengerov, The Alexandrov Choir, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, Nic Raine, Yoav Talmi, Christian Vásquez, Yiruma, Richard O’Neill, Shirley Bassey, Leon Lai, Alan Tam, Kelly Chen, Daniel Chan, Agnes Chan, Sincere, Yoko Oginome, Miri Ben-Ari, Noriko Sakai, Audrey De Montigny, Sun Min, Wheesung, John Park, Shayne, Chen of EXO, Lee Dong Woo, Yesung of Superjunior, Sunny of Girls’ Generation, Luna of fx, Wendy & Seulgi of Red Velvet, Taeil & Doyoung of NCT127, Universal Music Publishing, Sony Music Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Yamaha, Roland Corp, Japan Central Music and many more…

The world’s most recognized composer of official anthems, Barakatt is the man behind “Lullaby, The UNICEF Anthem”, the Saemangeum MegaCity anthem “One More Heart, One More Dream”, “Motherland” to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lebanon, anthems for Fairmont Le Château Frontenac and the world’s 66 Royal Golf Clubs, and compositions for numerous other prestigious organizations and events.

Collins – Off My Mind (Video)

“For all those who seek a layered and smooth lofi inspired all-day house track they will definitely find the latest release -Off my mind- a perfect representative of the genre with the right vibe.”

“Off My Mind” is the title track from Rögg Collins’ latest effort of the same name, “Off My Mind,” a five song EP. This smooth, lo-fi inspired house track, Off My Mind builds layer after layer, taking the listener from sunset straight into the night. A steady, syncopated bass line, warm drums, and hypnotic vocals perfectly wrap up the vibe of Rögg Collins’ Off My Mind (EP).

One Million More (feat. Joyful Joyful Joyful Joyful Reprise) (Joyful Joyful Reprise) (Video)

“Songwriter Michael Dunguay released his latest single One million more, a dense chamber pop song with a minimalistic set of instruments and sensual soft vocals in a memorable melodic composition that will surely thrill the audience”

About The Song:
The Winter of Our Discotheque (Reprise), a compilation album of Canadian artists performing interpretations, remixes, and covers of the songs of Michael C. Duguay’s The Winter of Our Discotheque. The Winter of Our Discotheque (Reprise) is not only a celebration of Michael’s much-loved personality, songwriting and music, but an enthralling testament to friendship, community, and collaboration by a spectacular and diverse assortment of artists on the vanguard of contemporary Canadian music.

“One Million More (Joyful Joyful Reprise)” features Joyful Joyful, a duo who have been making experimental folk music between the towns of Peterborough, Owen Sound, and Toronto since 2015. Their work pulls together strands from sacred music, traditional songs, noise, and drone and weaves them together into soundscapes that are haunting and hopeful. Speaking on the collaboration Joyful Joyful says, “When a song is true, it changes the singer. Songwriters are so often good liars. It’s easier to write a dishonest song than to sing a truthful one, unvarnished and unadorned, into the waiting air…In “One Million More” Michael is telling the truth – no easy feat for a storyteller. This album (and this song in particular) are true. We know; we were often there. This collaboration is a retelling of a shared memory. It is also the quiet confession of a shared hope. Here’s to a million more.”

About The Artist:
Michael C. Duguay first surfaced in the Canadian music landscape as a collaborative multi-instrumentalist working with a number of a number of critically acclaimed projects, performing on breakthrough albums by Evening Hymns and The Burning Hell, and in east-coast super-group Weird Lines (with Julie Doiron and Jon McKiel), among others. While touring the world and gaining a reputation primarily as a backing musician, Michael was covertly recognized in the Canadian music community as an enigmatic personality, fervent community organizer, and a gifted artist, songwriter, and poet whose busy touring schedule and reckless lifestyle often stood in the way of formally documenting his own work. In 2012, he self-released Heavy on the Glory, a collection of eight songs written and recorded between 2004 and 2010, produced by James Bunton (Donovan Woods, Ohbijou), and featuring over thirty contributing musicians. Recorded in the shared living space of the communal artist co-op that he inhabited in Peterborough, Ontario, the album showcased Duguay’s emerging knack for lucent storytelling and his penchant for thrilling compositions, entrenched in stalwart punk rock ethos and energy. Though considered by those in his circle to be a captivating documentation of Duguay’s conspicuous ability, Heavy on the Glory was never formally promoted or toured as Duguay’s health and personal life unraveled. Following a move to Sackville, New Brunswick after years of substance abuse and undiagnosed mental illness, Duguay suffered a series of mental breakdowns, eventually leading to institutionalization, poverty, and homelessness. From 2014 to 2018, Michael disappeared from the Canadian music scene completely.

In 2018, Michael resurfaced near Kingston, Ontario after sustained and determined efforts from his friends and family contributed to his return to health and stability. He compiled and completed his poetry and song-sketches from the preceding decade, and set out to record and produce a new album. With a revolving and diverse cast of friends including members of Evening Hymns, Pony Girl, Little Kid, Minotaurs, Alanna Gurr, Merival, the Two Minute Miracles, and Omhouse – his partner performs the trombone parts, and his 87 year old Grandfather also sings on the closing track – the album was produced out of heralded Canadian studios including Port William Sound, The House of Miracles, and Little Bullhorn. The result, two years later, is The Winter of our Discotheque; a fascinating and compelling collection of songs that offer a sobering insight into the mind of an artist deeply invested in the meticulous craft of honest songwriting.

The Winter of Our Discotheque immerses listeners in Michael’s complex universe through work which is both familiar and inventive, equally whimsical and stone-cold stoic. The songs in this collection were composed over ten itinerant and disastrous years, in and about his life lived in hospital beds, shelters, and addiction treatment centres. This quasi-sophomore release finds Michael C. Duguay returned to wellness and rapturously reunited with his craft, writing with startling clarity and remarkable candor, withstanding the conventional singer-songwriter label. The Winter of Our Discotheque is a triumphant reemergence, establishing Michael C. Duguay as an idiosyncratic punk-poet whose mercurial work, while firmly rooted in the vernacular tradition, combines adroit pop and the avant-garde to ecstatic and often devastating effect.

On the album’s first single, Summer Fights, a song which morphs from pastoral alt-country ballad to jubilant, psychedelic honky-tonk, Michael sings the album’s central thesis; ‘there’s a time and there’s a place for all variety of grace’. This declaration is one of many which draws attention to the beauty that surfaces, and which so often goes overlooked, in a world of chaos and struggle. Describing his time spent battling addiction and mental illness, which found him drifting from the gulf islands of British Columbia, to Halifax’s north end, to a halfway house west of Thunder Bay, Michael remarks, ‘I completely lost hold of my identity, and as my emotions and thinking became increasingly compromised by substances and trauma, my relationship with my practice dissolved; first my ability, then my desire to try’. Despite the hardship endured, in broken moments of lucidity Michael was able to shape new personal understandings of the varieties of human experience, and his own relationship to privilege. These revelations have resulted in a body of work which neither dwells in the darkness nor trivializes his own experience, but which describe in poetic, naturalistic, and sometimes droll language, the realities of his lived experience “I spent a lot of time in places that others might describe as ‘bottoms’, where I never predicted myself landing, and these songs have helped me make sense of those experiences’. The narrative spun by The Winter of Our Discotheque is both bildungsroman and poioumenon (a work of art that tells the story of its own making). Revealing its own metfactions as it progresses, his writing draws comparisons to the literary school of Southern Ontario Gothic writers including Munro, Findley, and Urquhart. The album draws its title from John Steinbeck’s final novel, which in turn references the opening words of Shakespeare’s Richaed III. More than just clever wordplay, the themes on Duguay’s record can be understood as contemporary expressions of both of those writer’s existential anxiety.

Dutchkid – Friends Visualiser (Video)

“Taking on a problem of our era concerning the bad influence of social media in the life of younger people, latest single from Dutchkid Friends visualiser is an indie electronica pop song which demonstrate the ability of the group to produce stylish, synth-driven tunes along with memorable lyrics ”

Dutchkid Shine A Light On Dark Side Of Social Media With ‘Friends’

Ahead of their debut album next year, Dutchkid return with new single, ‘Friends’ and a mission to highlight the negative impact of social media. With their credible slant on alternative electronic pop, the London-based creative collective with roots in South Africa, UK and USA have delivered another standout track with a message. Launching off the back of World Mental Health Day, ‘Friends’ highlights the mental health struggles many young people in particular face when comparing themselves against the seemingly perfect lives projected online by others. Following the well-received last single, ‘Howling’, Dutchkid remain heavily tipped as a band to watch after selling out all three, debut headline live shows, with the biggest yet now rescheduled for Friday 11th June 2021 at Oslo (Hackney, London). ‘Friends’ is another example of Dutchkid’s ability to produce stylish, synth-driven tunes full of hooks which you can’t get out of your head and explains why they already have nearly 7 million streams and playlist support from the likes of New Music Friday (Spotify) and New Artist Spotlight (Apple Music). Download/stream here:

Dutchkid have created their own template for the music industry. More than just a band, each brings more to the whole collective, including songwriters, producers, film-makers and graphic designers, using their combined skills to independently create, record and produce their own music and art. Here they turn their creative force towards a growing problem in modern society – the negative impact of social media. It is widely recognised that interaction with social media can lead to anxiety, a poor self-image, loneliness, jealousy and more. Charities like Young Minds and others are working to help mitigate these effects but as social media use grows so does its negative impact. In ‘Friends’ Dutchkid use their lyrics to shine a light on the reality of social media use, with lines that reveal the pressure of creating a false image of our lives to impress or keep up with others. For example, on the subject of selfies;

Took about ten for a good one,

Cover up the side that you slept on,

Everybody lies with the lens on,

You can’t lie to the mirror.

Or lyrics to show that those suffering mental health issues due to social media use are not alone;

Put your hands up if you feel that stress,

If you compare your worst to everybody’s best.

The main chorus hook asks a question designed to make people think about what social media is doing to them;

So why, am I starting to hate all my friends?

Dutchkid as a group have changed their stance to social media use, posting on socials only once a week at a specified time then taking the post down after an hour. As individuals they have all been affected in some way by the negative feelings engendered by social media. Chris Smyth from the band says,

“For me coming off social media wasn’t about jealousy of others, but more about the mental battle of shaping what my life looked like to others. It’s so easy to find yourself editing photos for hours as if life was some kind of portfolio which was up for constant review by people I quite frankly would never speak to in real life. I decided to bite the bullet and come off socials a few weeks ago. So no more trying to filter life to make it look as good as everyone else, no more videos of cats falling off shelves, no more scrolling through articles that I never had any interest in reading in the first place, no more constantly picking up my phone for no apparent reason, and best of all, no more adverts.”

Dutchkid’s Pete Coggan also comments,

“We live in a world that is demanding our attention every day from targeted ads to WhatsApp groups pinging like crazy. I’m slowly learning that our attention is becoming a currency that people want to buy and I wanted to gain back some control. I came off Facebook a few years back and genuinely haven’t missed it at all. I decided to come off Instagram a month ago which was a lot more difficult as I love to take pictures and share them but I was so dependent on the likes and ‘attention’ my photos would get that it was overtaking my love of photography. I want to be able to meet up with my friends and ask them if they’ve discovered anything new recently rather than following our friendship in a 1080×1920 box. I might return to Insta at some point but for now the break has gained me some brain space back and I’m now choosing what I give my attention to rather than a corporation deciding for me.”

Dutchkid signed to influential US label, Ultra Music, in 2019 after fierce interest from multiple labels and have continued their rise with singles such as ‘Flight’, ‘Youth’ and most recently ‘Howling’ as they head towards a big debut album in 2021. ‘Friends’ is another polished production, with typically hooky vocals over a warm groove, shuffling beats and cascading synths – sure to find heavy support both the music and its message. This collective bring something fresh, a different approach to their music and art, and aim to use this platform in a positive way. Dutchkid are surely heading for big things.

Will Brahm – Madrid (Video)

“Nowadays it is quiet easy for anyone to listen ethnic music with just a tap on a button but when you hear on Madrid you will not just hear Peruvian sounds and rhythms but a more personal interpretation on such melodies with an acoustic ensemble”

Will Brahm said about this song “This composition of mine channels the sounds and rhythms from Peru, bringing the spirit of a Peruvian Festejo along with my own harmony, melody, and interplay with the acoustic ensemble.”

Few words about Will Brahm:
Will Brahm is a Los Angeles based guitarist and composer, and a 2019 Herbie Hancock International Guitar competition semi finalist. He received his bachelors of music in Jazz Guitar Studies at California Sate University Long Beach, where he was a five time consecutive recipient of the “K-jazz” scholarship.

Will has performed, recorded, and worked with artists such as Arturo Sandoval, the New West Guitar Group, Gordon Goodwin’s “Big Phat Band,” Kim Richmond, Otmaro Ruiz, Sara Gazarek, Jane Monheit, and Gretchen Parlato.

Will has toured with The New West Guitar Group across the United States and to Malasia and the Philippines, and toured with his own original music across the United States and to Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Greece, and Turkey. Recent albums of his include the 2017 release of his world original music ensemble “Homenaje,” the 2018 release of his duet album “Will Brahm & Lia Booth,” and the 2019 release of his most recent album under his own name, “Venture Atlas.”

Will draws from a number of musical backgrounds from all over the world, giving his original compositions the combination of singing melodies, rich dense harmonic variations, and diverse exciting rhythmic motion. His 2019 album release “Venture Atlas” contains all original compositions of his, and he is joined by Chris Wabich on drum set and percussion, Diego Alvarez on percussion, Ahmet Türkmenoğlu on bass, and Katisse Buckingham on flute.

Will’s new album “Venture Atlas” is out now!

Carlos Maya – Grace (Video)

“Stepping slowly and delivering peace towards, performed with gentle dynamics, recorded with clarity and dropping carefully melancholic notes, Grace by Carlos Maya is a deep emotive neoclassical theme which you return to listen again.”

Carlos Maya shared few words with us about this song”
“Each one of my song work as some kind of tale, a story to be told and evoked, and when you imagine, you let yourself to reach your deep emotions, you are the main character in this tale and you live your personal emotional adventure.”

When I composed this piece I imagined myself walking slowly at the edge of the sea, feeling the sand in my feet and the warm water touching me gently… “Grace” speaks about the simplest things in life but the most valuable, and how we have to embrace each moment, each experience, as unique as they are, and always make the most.

Few words about Carlos Maya:
Carlos Maya. Modern classical pianist and composer. Wrote his debut album “Isolation Songs for Piano” in its entirely at home during quarantine. Each song tells a story and portrays an emotional journey where the listener is its own protagonist. Each piece represents an emotional mood, but transforming it and modifying it along the time to convey a sense of storytelling.

Skycabin – Secrets (Video)

“For all those music lovers who seek a fresh perspective on experimental electronica, Secrets is the newest release of the genre that will move them deeply. Influenced by great music bands of the ’90s scene the band manages to deliver a piece of extraordinary music quality ”

This song is about the inner conflict inside you when you are stuck in a toxic relationship. The obsessed heart wants to stay, the alarmist brain wants out.

Skycabin is a musical and visual project by Farbod and Sepand, two California based longtime musical partners. With major influences from Massive Attack and Nine Inch Nails, Skycabin aims to provide a new era of music influenced by the dark tones of the 90s under a commercial appeal.

Visco City – Press and Release [OFFICIAL AUDIO] (Video)

“Press and release an oasis of layers with diversity in sound design, IDM break beats, intentional broken parts, glitches, lush atmosphere, nostalgic keys and a solid production which knows how to tease your ear senses. A beautiful piece of electronic art!”

About The Song:

The third track from the Solstice EP is a musical representation of moving from fear-based thought to a more enlightened state of consciousness, Press and Release does just that – unfolds from a ‘pressed’ tension into a beautiful ‘release’ as it progresses.

Samples of newsreaders reporting the pain and suffering of our world, weaved in amongst gritty textures and growling distorted bass, are eventually interrupted by a voice that speaks of “accessing other levels of experience.” What follows is a drum and bass-meets-electronica climax of melancholy and meaning, decorated with beautiful piano and vocal refrains that sing, ending the EP on a crisp high note that is both exhilarating and hopeful.

About Visco City:

Influenced by Flume, Bonobo and Catching Flies – London producer Bobby Turner, AKA Visco City, creates melodic, ambient electronic music that strikes a balance between beauty and chaos – while invoking an inner sense of meaning for the listener.

Turner started making music at college, and this fresh creative outlet, paired with dubstep and drum & bass raves, ignited his passion for electronic music.

Fast-forward to the present, Bobby found a new love for the chilled-out, melodic side of the electronic spectrum, and Visco City was born.

After meeting Birmingham artist Ed Geater in 2020, Geater spotted his potential and Visco City quickly penned a deal with independent Birmingham label, Brox Records.

Turner’s debut release, Solstice EP, is a 3 track journey that carries the listener on a progressive, ethereal wave through a range of different textures and tempos.

With versatility and a talent for building sonic complexity while retaining that infectious, melodic simplicity, Visco City is undoubtedly one to watch in 2020 and beyond.

Entel – Atlas (Video)

“Atlas by Entel steps into melodic techno arp lines of cosmic energy that reflects on earth. Through a carefully story telling and solid mix invites us to an emotional electronica hypnotic dance.”

Entel is a Melodic Techno & Progressive House Producer / DJ from Columbus, Ohio.

Starting with guitar at an early age, Entel fell in love with the song writing process. Starting in bands, he began producing demos as well as helping other bands in town record their material. This developed into a love for synthesis and composing songs in Ableton Live.

While attending Ohio University for Audio Production, Entel began producing and

DJing music. Upon graduation, he moved back to Columbus and has been pushing his progressive sounds ever since. With a focus on emotional and melodic music that pulls its listener in, Entel’s goal is to create a freeing environment on a dance floor that encourages one to lose themselves in a moment.

When not performing, he spends his time at AWSOM Studios, producing music and working on an array of collaborative projects. In addition, he also has his radio show, ‘Entel Radio,’ with a focus on pushing Progressive House and Melodic Techno music in the Mid-West.

Sync Zephyr – Away (Video)

“Away by Sync Zephyr is a deep ambient emotional theme with lush pad & strings, gently piano keys and a cinematic approach which captures through the sound harmonies the memories of freedom feeling, as where you are on a wonderful place, simple alone, you and nature.”

Inspired by the range of emotions experienced when exploring a place that instantly commits itself to one’s memory for the rest of their life.

Sync Zephyr’s favourite habits include going for walks and searching for strange, obscure corners of the internet. These are the things by which most of his music is inspired.

Joel Ansett – Ease (Video)

“With a sound production and warm vocals as fresh butter in a love-made cocoa cake which just baked and you keen to slice a piece and taste it your mouth to calm. This is what Joel Ansett with – Ease- offers to listeners ears. Beautiful memorable song!”

This is a song about people-pleasing, over-thinking, over-analyzing and finding someone who helps you calm down.

Joel moved to Denver, Colorado in 2014 and cut his songwriting teeth by playing every local open mic he could find. He has since found fans all over the country with more than 13 million streams online, a song placed in Marvel’s “The Punisher” , and the title of “songwriter to watch” from The Huffington Post. His songs combine folk and R&B to great effect and going beyond the genre, Artist Review wrote: “This music is soul therapy.” His latest album, A Place I Knew Before, was crowdfunded and released in the fall of 2019. Marquee Mag writes: “Striking a careful balance that only comes with great intention, ‘A Place I Knew Before’ blends sonic experimentation with strong songwriting, but more deeply places grief and hope side by side.” His thoughtful songwriting and unique voice have continued to win fans, and with a new EP just around the bend, Ansett seems bound for bigger and brighter things.

Cuushe – Magic [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (Video)

“Magic by Cuushe is a dreamy chillwave/pop song with sensual soulful vocals and beautiful melodic lines, delivering small rain drops of nostalgia around through a heartwarming sound design which gives a softness tickling to ears as a fresh fluffy pillow does.”

Following the big and bright return single “Hold Half”, today Cuushe shares “Magic”, the second single from WAKEN. The track features Mayuko’s distinct whispering vocals flowing in and out of the night drive-style electronic melodies. The “Magic” video is directed by Tao Tajima with animation from Yoko Kuno.

Mayuko Hitotsuyanagi puts clear outlines on her music with upcoming album WAKEN — a collection of vital, dream-pop centric beats and analog soundscapes woven with her newly freed voice, set for a November 20th release via FLAU. It moves through flamboyant analog synthesizers that seem to communicate with the universe, distorted guitars and mille-feuille-layered choruses. Wildly struck snares and beats recall the rave sounds of the ’90s, energetic, carefree.

Frank Iva – Wreckage (Video)

“Wreckage by Frank Iva is a deep emotive solo piano which explores the shades of nostalgy through a well gently performance.”

FRANK IVA is a Ugandan-born American music producer based in San Diego, CA. His work is an exciting fusion of electronic and live music with hints of jazz, hiphop, classical and gospel influence.

Even though his dream was to be a concert pianist, he first attended college as a Statistics major at the prestigious Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. Through college and beyond, Frank coached worship teams, taught piano, and worked as a record engineer. In 2006, he moved from Kampala to the U.S. to pursue his dreams as a producer and artist.

As a black international student pursuing a degree in Music from Judson University, Frank’s worldview was soon greatly impacted through working as Worship Arts Director for a predominantly white evangelical church in the suburbs of Chicago. He faced both overt and subtle racism in America, that left him hurt and confused about his purpose.

A series of life-altering events took Frank through a time of no music, no church; of love, loss, and redemption; and across the country to San Diego, CA where he now resides. His work as Music Director at The Rock Church, as well as his MBA in Project Management has propelled his path back to his dreams.

Today, you can find Frank Iva merging his love of Chicago’s improv Jazz with that relaxed California electro vibe, with his first single ‘Conversations’, released May 2019. His anticipated uptempo followup, ‘Bassline’, was released December 2019. He will be releasing his first EP in early 2020. You can also view video of live production and performance in Frank’s ‘Iva On The Track” series on YouTube.

Grandbrothers – All The Unknown (Official Audio) (Video)

“Minimalism may sound simple for many, its not. You need good sound design skills and story telling in layering for not be sound empty or boring, here Grandbrothers grab this minimalism from the first seconds and push it far away, to unknown limits. unfolding a dreaming story telling through lush harmonics arps and soft sound. Goosebumps guaranteed!”

The debut single and title track out today from the album “All The Unknown” starts out with the clanging percussive piano figures that have danced across Grandbrothers’ previous terrain, but grows with the intensity of high-octane electronica to cast out allusions of classical romance, guided by emotive, cascading keys that collide with stuttering digital percussion.

The upcoming album maps out a wide-open sound-world of compositional possibilities for pianist Erol Sarp and producer / electronic engineer Lukas Vogel, who have been putting their modern and unique electronic spin on prepared piano since first forming in 2012. Forgoing the need to play every single note live, this new album sees the pair juxtapose the old and new once again, venturing further into the electronic cosmos armed with a grand piano, self-built computer-controlled mechanics, and a new sense of latitude.

The album All The Unknown is set for release January 15th 2021 via City Slang.

High Contrast – Rhythm Is Changing (feat. LOWES) (Video)

“There is so much nostalgia in this up to date production drum and bass breaks with old school vibes and a memorable retro piano melodic line which takes us back to the days when the music was fresh and the vibes were pure. When there was one genre – Good Rave Music!”

Welsh-born electronic musician, producer, DJ and remixer Lincoln Barrett AKA High Contrast is the master of melodic, melancholic jungle: hardcore with a harmonic core. Since releasing his last single Time Is Hardcore (feat. Kae Tempest & Anita Blay), he has been picked up by renowned publications such as Line of Best Fit, NME and Clash Magazine.

Time is Hardcore (feat. Kae Tempest & Anita Blay) received huge support on radio including adds across BBC Radio 1, 6 Music, 1Xtra and KISS FRESH. The track was also Radio 1’s Adele Roberts and 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq’s Records Of The Week.

The single was added across all DSPs landing a number of playlists including Spotify’s New Music Friday UK, Massive Dance Hits, You Can Do It & New Dance Revolution, Apple Music’s New Music Daily, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Shazam’s UK Dance Risers as well as Antipode’s playlist in 165 countries. The track also was added to Deezer’s Brand New UK playlist as well as Amazon’s Brand New Music, Drum & Bass Now, Fresh Dance and Best of The Month.

Now High Contrast is back with club-banger Rhythm Is Changing (feat. LOWES):

“I was inspired by proto-jungle / hardcore records from the early 90s by the likes of The House Crew that had a seemingly ever changing structure with frequent switches and variations, an approach I hadn’t heard in many recent tracks. I balanced this potentially hectic structure out by keeping the elements beyond the drums and bass in the tune to the essentials – big piano riff, haunting vocal hook, vintage strings (and a couple of bleeps).”

Rhythm Is Changing (feat. LOWES) has been announced as the Hottest Record with Annie Mac on release for Monday 12th October.

High Contrast’s sixth studio album Notes from the Underground is out now.

Delphine Maillard – Garçon timide (official video) (Video)

“Ever wonder how a jazz piece could unite rhythm and serenity into a soft warm embrace? Then you should better listen to the latest release from French songwriter Delphine Maillard who captivates melodies by steady bass and subtle drums supported by harmonious guitar and a funky videoclip ”

The first single from the album “Paris”, released on on Timezone Records. Enjoy!”

It all starts with a sensation: the first rays of the sun after a summer rain. The softness of the voice of Delphine, very close and unpretentious. Sensual and light, clear and without rushing, her voice oscillates above the music and refined rhythms.

Delphine Maillard is French and Berlin has been her home for over 10 years. She has released her second studio album. Many things happened since her debut in 2015. The bassist and jazz school student became a mother. The songs from her new album seduce thanks to richer arrangements, without losing the lightness of their beginning. She unwraps for us her personal universe in which aerial sounds are carried by subtle texts. The carefree early days gave way to clarity and maturity. It gives off a feeling of love, trust and closeness. The girl in love has given birth to love.

Delphine Maillard talks about the love so great it surpasses us, about the love between a mother and her child or the love of the people she trusts the most.

But sometimes wounds occur too: the song “Paris” was written after the terrorist attack on the Bataclan. Delphine sings her sadness confronted with the unimaginable and her refusal to accept violence and weapons. “Paris, my heart, Paris, my pain, Paris, I cry, Paris”.

Delphine Maillard writes her own texts and music. We hear dancing and captivating melodies carried by her steady bass and some subtle drums. The guitars weave effortlessly through the harmonies while supporting them. This second album ranges from french song to folk and to jazz. Rhythm and serenity unite and bring the soft warmth of an embrace.

Delphine offers us 11 songs which by their musicality, their virtuosity of language and their touching intimacy act on us like an island: a place where everything is close, where any encounter is possible.

Nicky Romero – Nights With You (Official Lyric Video) (Video)

“Nights With You by Nick Romero is an exploration to his soulful, deeper yet soft pop side. Through a downtempo groove and heartwarming vocal performance crafted with his sound quality in layering, we assume a dance version will not delay to come and fill more our music nights.”

Nicky Romero makes his debut on Universal Music with “Nights With You,” which finds the dance music titan exploring his softer side. Opening with a piano solo, “Nights With You” delivers soulful vocals and gently undulating basslines that meld into soaring cinematic acoustic strings. The song’s organic and raw style compliments lyrics like “I’ll hold you like I know you were mine,” making for a wistful and cathartic experience that will hit you right in the feels. Since his initial fame as one of the progressive house’s frontrunners, Romero has experimented with different genres of musical influences, and “Nights With You” is one of his most radio-friendly singles yet. Nicky Romero recently launched his dark progressive house project Monocule with the inaugural EP and now the Protocol Recordings label boss expresses his excitement at the release of new dance-pop crossover with Universal (Protocol Recordings will continue to release music of Nicky Romero and other Protocol artists independently):

“‘Nights With You’ is a song I have loved from the very first moment I finished the demo. We went through many versions of this record, but when the acoustic strings came in, I knew instantly we had something special. Sometimes, to get the best results and bring out the magic, certain elements of a track need to be preserved as raw. Partnering with Universal on this release is also exciting news, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming edits and remixes we have planned for ‘Nights With You’.” – Nicky Romero about “Nights With You.”

“The team at Universal Music has been thoughtful and flexible in the way they look after artists in 2020, particularly in dance music. I feel like they understand me as an artist and don’t attempt to put a box around creativity. I’m really excited about this partnership between our brands and look forward to what I know we’ll accomplish together” – Nicky Romero about the new partnership with Universal Music.

After taking the world by storm with early hits such as ‘Legacy’ (with Krewella) and #1 single ‘I Could Be The One’ (with Avicii), Nicky Romero quickly proved that his talent is ever-evolving and here to stay. After launching his Protocol Recordings imprint in 2012, the renowned performer, producer, and label head continued his personal successes with a string of high-profile releases, ranging from collaborations with David Guetta, Mike Williams & Amba Shepherd, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, W&W, DallasK & XYLØ, Timmy Trumpet and Steve Aoki & Kiiara to remixes for the likes of Kygo, Rita Ora, Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Jess Glynne and more. While showcasing his label’s roster via his weekly Protocol Radio show, Nicky Romero continues to innovate and evolve during these unprecedented times in the music industry. He recently debuted his ultra-modern “Another World” live stream concept this summer, and now has proved again his ability to turn into gold everything he touches, so keep an eye out for what’s next from him.

The Icarus Kid – Idyllwild (Video)

“Set you instantly in a harmonic oasis where beautiful melodic rivers flow, surrounded by rich layers but placed with a right minimalism and push you into a stargazing state!”

Artist shared with us the story behind this:
“In April we escaped the lockdown for a few days and rented a cabin overlooking the forest in Idyllwild, CA. Every morning a fog would blanket the valley below. It was beautiful. On the final morning I wrote this synthwave chillout track to capture the emotion I felt on those cold mornings taking in the sunrise.”

About the artist:
The Icarus Kid has been creating video game remixes and covers since 2009, accompanied by a high-energy live act. In 2020, he is expanding to release original electronic music in a variety of genres.

Buel – Lemon Smile (Video)

“A multitalented artist like songwriter and performer Buel delivers one more time a refined and seductive indie pop piece with stellar dynamics and a melody that entrances in the keys accompanied by a highly artistic videoclip”

BUEL is an indie-pop artist based in Los Angeles. She started singing when she was 4 and went on to write/arrange her own songs soon after. She started to play in public when she was 12, first playing piano, and then singing as a member of the school band. Around the same time, she also began writing short stories, poems and essays that were eventually published in her school’s magazines as well as local newspapers. These compositions would go on to become the source for some of her cryptic lyrics. She taught herself how to play guitar when 15 and started to focus on her solo career where she started to build her artistry drawing inspiration from Nirvana, Meredith Monk, Yoko Ono, Morphine, Mazzy Star, Kate Bush.

Lamel – True story (Video)

“Hiphop songwriter Lamel released True story track earlier this year dedicated to all mothers over the world the most precious persons we hold dear who sacrifice their being for their childrens. With soft melodies and perfectly composed keys Lamel manages to deliver a heartwarming piece”

This song is dedicated to all the mothers out in the world. know we love and adore you for all the sacrifices you took the time to make on behalf of all your love ones.

Inglewood, CA native Lamel is a Rapper and Founder of the music collective 99Percenters. He has slowly been making a name for himself in the underground hip hop scene. His creative and unique style gives you an insight on who he is and what he represents. He pulls elements from Contemporary R&B, Jazz, Pop, and a variety of Hip-Hop branches, that ultimately makes up his sound. Through his musical ventures, he’s gained the opportunity to perform at both Houses Of Blues located in Anaheim and Hollywood, California as well as open up for other musical acts such as Curren$y, Too Short, E-40, Waka Flocka, and Wiz Khalifa. You can find him on a variety of popular social platforms such as Elevator Magazine and the FROAT. His ability to compose songs has also allowed him to expand his reach and write for other recording artists from up and coming to well-known. Lamel’s latest body of work is a concept project named “Rookie of the Year.” It is a 15 song project that is comprised of various genres of rap and is displayed through a series of radio stations.

Irina Rimes x Cris Cab – Your Love | Official Video (Video)

“Irina Rimes in this new collaboration with Cris Cab steps into the bright side and heartwarming upbeat vibes. Solid production with clarity, and a brilliant minimal layering which gives the right space of exuberant vocals to unfold. Your next pop hit is here.”

An unexpected collaboration between two iconic artists: Irina Rimes and Cris Cab. Your Love is an eclectic sound with energetic vibes meant to make you move your hips.

About Irina Rimes
With a unique appearance, full of sensitivity and special charm, Irina began her music career in Romania with a single that was a leader in the Romanian music charts for months, called „Visele”.

A versatile artist, Irina Rimes is always consistent about the music she writes and plays. She is supported by a wide audience of all ages. In 2020 she showed another side of her personality with her brand new pop-trap album, `PASTILA`.

During her career, Irina released two albums (`Despre el` and `Cosmos`), both having impressive results shortly after the release.

She collaborated with Cris Cab in the new single, ‘Your Love’, an eclectic sound with energetic vibes meant to make you move your hips.

“Irina is an amazing artist, with an incredible voice, and I can’t wait to sing with her live one day. I was happy when I heard that she is interested in collaborating with me, because I admire her very much. Your Love song is about acknowledging the problems in a relationship, but at the same time leaving space for passion to conquer. I hope you all like it and I hope to come back to Romania soon”, Cris Cab stated.

THAT KIND – One Last Time [Official Visualiser] (Video)

“Such a beautiful progressive house, the soundtrack that follows you back on way to home after a crazy Saturday night with friends, giving you a bit of nostalgia for what has end but a sweet memory forever. Solid production and wonderful sound design here.”

Fast-rising electronic duo THAT KIND are back with new single, ‘One Last Time’ – the follow-up to anthemic breakout record, ‘Lights Go Down’, which was supported on the UK’s BBC R1 & KISS FM, as well as racking up over 10 million global streams to date.

Based in Dunfermline, just to the north of Edinburgh in Scotland, THAT KIND – comprised of members Jack & Taylor – have been writing and producing music together since they were teenagers. Working out of their own home studio, their records mesh together warm, technicolour electronics, live instrumentation – keys, guitar, bass – and their own vocals.

Inspired by Jack’s love of dance music, particularly the slick, crossover productions of Calvin Harris, and Taylor’s fondness for bands like Fleetwood Mac, Crowded House and more recently, Paramore, growing up, their sound meets at an unusual intersection; “THAT KIND’s music is stealthy but the message is tender”, writes Lauren Martin in their artist bio, “weaving tales of romance and longing through their elastic beats”.

Infectious new single ‘One Last Time’ echoes those sentiments wholly and following the early success of ‘Lights Go Down’ earlier this summer, lays down a marker; THAT KIND are most definitely ones to watch.

Sleepwalkrs – More Than Words (feat. MNEK) [Official Lyric Video] (Video)

“Bring us the summer back and let us dance into a covid-free enviroment, concetrated positive vibes here and solid beats to make you dance! Or better we seek the open air dancefloors on south hemishphere and enjoy the hot weather with this beatiful progressive house story. A right tool for djs to wake up the crowd.”

UK dance music talents Sleepwalkrs and MNEK have joined forces on new single ‘More Than Words’, out today.

A four-to-the-floor groover, ‘More Than Words’ displays Sleepwalkrs crossover production prowess alongside MNEK’s superb vocal ability. It follows on from Sleepwalkrs recent hit with Hugel ‘Magnify’ ft. LPW and breakthrough single ‘Outta My Head’. Now collaborating with MNEK, whose global success stories include ‘Head & Heart’, the recent chart-topping collab with Joel Corry, ‘More Than Words’ is certain to further establish Sleepwalkrs as a leader in dance music production.

Real name Roberto Manfredi, Sleepwalkrs made a big impression last year when he joined his old friend THRDL!FE for ‘Outta My Head’, a single that garnered BBC Radio 1 airplay from Scott Mills and has since amassed 7.5 million Spotify streams. More recently he linked up with French artist HUGEL on ‘Magnify’, an acclaimed single that made it onto the Kiss ‘Dance’ and BBC Radio 1 ‘Party Anthems’ playlists, as well as being remixed by Mike Mago and Sammy Porter. Continuing his ascent through the ranks, Sleepwalkrs’ music has received further heavyweight support from the likes of Oliver Heldens, Hardwell, Cassius and Don Diablo.

GRAMMY-nominated South Londoner MNEK has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, collaborating with the likes of Zara Larson, Stormzy, Jax Jones and Gorgon City, and writing with international stars such as Beyoncé, Little Mix, Dua Lipa, Christina Aguilera, Mabel, Anne Marie, Selena Gomez, The Saturdays and Clean Bandit. His back catalogue includes a number of worldwide hits including ‘Ready For Your Love’, ‘Never Forget You’, and ‘Blinded By Your Grace’. Most recently, his hit with Joel Corry, ‘Head & Heart’, has become a global success, topping the charts in a number of countries and marking his first UK #1 single.

An instant hit, ‘More Than Words’ is shaping up to become a permanent fixture in the charts and on the airwaves. An exciting display of UK talent, Sleepwalkrs and MNEK are ready to present the next global anthem.

To find out more about Sleepwalkrs, go to:

To find out more about MNEK, go to:

Tony Igy – Astronomia (Never Go Home) Official Video (Video)

“We all been addicted to this pop theme, especially after goes viral, but this vocal version push its limits a step further and gives us one more reason to be more memorable. Exuberant sound production and sweet vocals for a classical melodic line now.”

Tony Igy’s ‘Astronomia (Never Go Home)’ sees the superstar Russian DJ and producer team-up with Jesper Borgen (who wrote Alan Walker’s global smash hit, ‘Faded’) to create a vocal version of his now legendary original track, ‘Astronomia’. Released 9 October 2020 on Sony/B1, ‘Astronomia’ is already building into one of the biggest songs of the year.

The story of ‘Astronomia (Never Go Home)’ first began in 2010, when Tony’s instrumental became a worldwide club and internet anthem. 6 years later, the Dutch DJ duo, Vicetone, released a remix of Tony’s original that once again saw it embraced by a new generation. Fast forward to February 2020, and earlier this year ‘Astronomia’ was used as the soundtrack for what’s become known as the ‘coffin carrier’ meme featuring a Ghanian funeral dance cut into a video of a skier making a hard landing; by April it had become the world’s most popular meme (22.4 million videos on TikTok), catapulting ‘Astronomia’ to #3 Shazam Global Chart, #6 Spotify Global Viral Chart, #99 Spotify Global Chart, +185 million streams, +1.000.000 daily streams, and Spotify Top 200 in 19 countries.

Tony and Jesper’s new song takes the ear-worm hook and one of the decade’s most memorable riffs to another level entirely, a new vision for a record that is fast becoming a modern classic.

Tony Igy was born in Russia, Kamensk – Shakhtinsky, Rostov region. He started making electronic music at an early age and wrote is first tune while still at school, the reason being that “it was boring, especially in winter.” He first started listening to the Prodigy, becoming a fan of their energy and sound as well as Liam Howlett’s production. In 2006, Tony wrote one of his first notable tracks ‘Pentagramma’, it started as a track amongst his friends and ended up becoming an anthem at the famous Kazantip festival. Since then his career has gone international, but he remains one of Russia’s most popular dance music stars, working across genres including drum & bass, techno, and trance.

King (Remix) – 4am Kru, SHANTÉH, Josh Kye (Video)

“Pay attention here and not been fooled by the fast breaks intro, after first 20 seconds dives into a chill mood sensation delivering warm atmospheres with each new layer added and explode to a fine piece once piano hits and warm vocals enter. A wonderful drum & bass with laid back aesthetics.”

KING (Remix) brings together emerging London artists 4AM KRU, SHANTÉH and JOSH KYE on this laid back, rolling jungle banger.

With 4AM KRU at the production helm, their remix of SHANTÉH’s popular track KING is infused with nostalgic UK rave & jungle flavour. The trio of artist’s intentions being to shine a light on London’s ‘jungle’ genre from their childhood, that has since been marginalized as ‘aggressive drum & bass’.

All independent artists, 4AM KRU, SHANTÉH and JOSH KYE are part of a scene of upcoming London artists blending old & current sounds to create something new for 2020.

Dimun (Original Mix) (Video)

“Coming from an isolated and mostly unknown place like the Faroe islands producer Kristan Blak introduce us to his Yggrdrasil project with Dimun a neoclassical solo sonata of high expertise that creates deep emotions to the listener”

NuNorthern Soul proudly presents Dimun, an overlooked neo-classical / ambient fusion track by Faroe Islands-based producer Kristan Blak’s Yggdrasil project. Label boss ‘Phat’ Phil Cooper was playing G! festival on the Faroe Islands in 2019 and as part of the experience the delegates, artists and DJs where invited to see and experience some of the cultural spots and institutions of the Faroe Islands. One of those was Tutl records owned by Kristian Blak. Tutl records is a wonderful record store and label representing the wealth of amazing Faroese recording talent and has been around for years.

Demi the Daredevil: Paranoia on Main Street (Video)

“Paranoiain main street the brand new track released from Demi the daredevilis a bright alternative rock mix with darkly theatrical music that definitely will thrill international audiences not only with its musical values but also with deep contemplative lyrics and a video clip of high cinematic quality ”

The single carries a timely message of social withdraw, which has heavily impacted society in recent years.

About Demi the Daredevil:
Standing out with creepy theatrics, intricate arrangements, and hyper-introspective lyrics, fans describe Austin,Texas-based band Demi the Daredevil as “raw, relatable, and also inspirational and fun.” Demi the Daredevil, A.K.A. Jeff Azar, draws on the widest variety of influences. 80s Soft Rock, Emo Punk, and classical and showtune influences. Demi the Daredevil’s mix of bright alternative rock and darkly theatrical music is inspiring a global community of listeners.

Save As – Touch & Tease [OUT NOW] (Video)

“An exuberant tech house from the first seconds. Wide solid production and lush hats under an ongoing groove with the right mainfloor attention to move you on. A warm story telling of layers and sound clarity, beautiful voclas and minimal synths approach, generating a memorable dance theme!”

Save As has released an incredible Tech House tune called ‘Down & Around’ as a part of Bunny Tiger Dubs Summer Sampler Volume 3 album. With a catchy 4 to the floor beat, Save As gradually works in signature elements piece by piece with a funky bassline sitting subtly underneath the music which gradually becomes a staple in the tracks allure.

Sultry vocals flirt with the track before finally making an appearance singing catchy lyrics and melody lines. The track embarks on a build-up that slowly but surely raises the excitement bar after bar before unleashing a true party drop that will have audiences grooving along. Each beat in ‘Down & Around’ is meticulously placed to provide nothing but good vibes showing off the raw talent Save As possesses.

After being hailed as a master of bass, New Jersey-born artist uses elements of jazz, funk and R&B to set his music apart from the crowd. Save As has landed EPs on world-renowned dance labels such as Lee Foss’s Repopulate Mars, Nasty Funk and Delicious Recordings. Save As has also gained the support from industry icons such as Pete Tong, Martin Inkin and Mirko Di Florio, all of whom have championed his tracks in DJ sets and radio shows.

‘Down & Around’ is out now on Bunny Tiger Dubs.

Grab your copy here:

Save As Online

Bunny Tiger Dubs Online

Of Monsters & Men – Visitor (Muna Remix) [Official Audio] (Video)

“-Muna- please us with his sound vision on -Of Monsters & Men- Visitor track, released on Republic Records. Keeping the identity of the original version and expanding the vision under his own signature style, through a minimal solid mix and wonderful story telling layering, unfolding all the warmness of vocals through a lush of harmonies. A beautiful remix!”

Multiplatinum Icelandic quintet Of Monsters and Men announce they have teamed up with American indie pop band MUNA for the official remix of “Visitor.” The remix brings a different perspective to the track while retaining it’s enchanting sonic vibe.

Released last month “Visitor” has already been making a strong impression with nearly 4 million global streams, capturing #1 Greatest Gainer at radio coming in at #16 at Triple A and #30 at Alternative. The success adds to the band’s nearly 4.6 billion global streams across their impressive catalogue and “Visitor” is the first song off a new body of work coming at the top of 2021 in celebration of the group’s tenth anniversary together.

Regarding “Visitor,” co-lead vocalist and guitarist Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir commented, “‘Visitor’ is a song about disconnection and being on the fringe of change, seeing everything you once knew disappear, and finding yourself in the role of the visitor. It was written and recorded when the world was a completely different place, but the post-apocalyptic world of the video seems fitting. We shot the music video for it in Iceland in the freezing cold of February right before the pandemic hit. We are so very excited to finally share this song with you. Much love.”

In the video, the beautiful landscape of the band’s home country takes center stage as it was shot in Iceland by local director Thora Hilmars. The video sees the band performing in an icy airplane hanger as Nanna and the band perform to daybreak while the song’s emotionally charged hooks talk about life in transition “Just like my parents’ house, I’ve become a visitor.”

The single sets the stage for 2021 when the band will celebrate 10 years of being together with more new music and other exciting content for fans. It brings everything full circle for the band with a bold new body of work.

In 2019, the group welcomed listeners into the embrace of their critically acclaimed third full-length album, FEVER DREAM. Not only did the record tally 80 million-plus total streams to date, but it also attracted acclaim from Billboard, NPR, The Line of Best Fit, Independent, Paste, and more. Clash Magazine claimed, “The songs also have an emotional content to them that is hard to ignore.” Q Magazine praised it as “a dizzying rush of exuberance and emotion…their transformation into an arena-ready pop beast is complete.” Notably, the single “Alligator” made history by completing “their quickest climb to #1 on the Adult Alternative Songs Airplay Chart,” as reported by Billboard. In addition to selling out dates coast-to-coast on the FEVER DREAM Tour, the group delivered rapturous television performances on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

OF MONSTERS AND MEN went from the talk of Iceland to the top of the global conversation on their 2011 debut, My Head Is An Animal. Not only did the record go platinum, but it also produced an international smash in the form of “Little Talks.” The breakthrough single earned a quintuple-platinum certification from the RIAA, made history as “the first song by an Icelandic band to cross 1 billion streams on Spotify,” and landed the band a performance on Saturday Night Live. The group appeared on official soundtracks for franchises such as The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, and Beat Bugs, to name a few. In addition to performing at festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Firefly, and beyond, they supported Florence + the Machine on a high-profile arena tour. In the midst of this rapid rise, 2015’s Beneath The Skin bowed in the Top 3 of the Billboard Top 200 and the band starred in an episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones in the same year.

Goldmund – “The One Who Stands By” (Video)

“A magnificently dark ambient piece of cinematic value has just been released from Goldmund which imparts an equal amount of dread and relief depending on the mood of the listener”

Rolling in like the autumn fog, Goldmund’s latest single “The One Who Stands By” is the perfect soundtrack to the exquisite gloom of the season.

Also known for his work as Helios and as one part of Mint Julep, Keith Kenniff’s recordings as Goldmund tread sincerely along paths laden with dusty timbres, diffuse synthesizer, and soaring string textures tinted by the muted glow of a cloudy analog sky above.

His output as Goldmund has established him alongside peers like Hauschka, Nils Frahm, and even his past collaborator Ryuichi Sakamoto, who himself once described Kenniff’s work as “so, so, so beautiful”.

New album The Time it Takes is out now via Western Vinyl.


Pennsylvania native Keith Kenniff’s output as Goldmund has established him as one of the preeminent composers of minimal piano-based ambient music alongside peers like Hauschka, Dustin O’Halloran, and even Ryuichi Sakamoto, who himself once described Kenniff’s work as “so, so, so beautiful”.

His recordings tread sincerely along paths laden with dusty timbres, diffuse synthesizer, and soaring string textures tinted by the muted glow of a cloudy analog sky above. On The Time it Takes, his newest book of aural polaroids out October 16th via Western Vinyl, Kenniff somehow manages to deepen the emotionality of his already affecting project, creating a space in which to unfold the sorrows of a troubling age and revel in the hope and beauty that follow thereafter. In this sense, The Time it Takes tackles grief head-on, unadorned by themes of escapism or pastorality, and marks another entry in an impressively consistent body of work.

From the first murmurs of this track, The Time it Takes calls to mind the cascading nature of mourning. There’s the first tragedy, the loss itself, then the second one, the dissipation of the memory of the thing lost. We start out grieving for a loss directly; years later, sorrow reappears not only for that loss, but for the idea that its meaning is slipping away with each turn of the calendar page. An aged piano thumps gently just beyond an impassable moat of time, its operator’s presence is evidenced by the shuffling of pedals and the shifting of mechanisms, and seraphic choirs seep in from places unseen. It’s a miniature diagram of how the outer world transitions to the inner, and vice versa. “Memory Itself” follows suit with earthy textures that become slowly buried by celestial ones as the seconds pass. Kenniff’s kindling of piano is gradually set ablaze with synth, choir, and trilling strings provided by his equally emotive label-mate Christopher Tignor. The track is a crescendo that imparts an equal amount of dread and relief depending on the mood of the listener.

As if we needed convincing, Kenniff further proves his skill of crafting sound-design vignettes that are personal, private, and hushed, yet simultaneously grand, colossal, and profound. Nostalgia sometimes suffers the role of low hanging fruit for the marketing world, or worse, a symptom of the stunted development of a generation facing backward in a world that moves unrelentingly forward. But instead of engaging in reductive and culpable pastiche, Kenniff dispels any notions of nostalgia’s counter-productivity by using our collective memory as just another brush to paint with, thereby wresting his music from any linear cultural timeline.

To that end there are few artistic voices as distinct as Goldmund’s. Magically conjuring grandeur from only a few simple ingredients (piano, synthesizer, reverb, and a little more) Kenniff’s sound has become so universal that you’d be forgiven for not knowing who it belongs to. Knock offs be damned, every Goldmund recording is cut from an inimitable fabric woven out of emotional realism, honesty, vivid imagination, and skillful restraint.

Riley Michaels – Now I Know (Video)

“Ever broke up and reflected on what you truly want out of a relationship with a person? Riley Michaels and his band are coming with the track Now I know to pinpoint exactly this with a pop song with nicely arranged riffs and characteristic vocals that will entice you”


“The song’s message is simple, and it is upfront and bold – “Now I Know what not to do.” This is a song detailing a person who has had bad experiences with relationships, and now that person has a grip on their desires, and what they truly want out of a relationship with a person. They know the signs and the red flags now, and they are hell-bent on not making the same mistake twice. It’s about giving your all, and only getting a little bit in return, and how unfair it is. It’s a warning to not get too attached to this new love interest because you can see the red flags, and you don’t want to get hurt again. The recording process took months to do. We started with little demos and little bits and pieces of songs that eventually we just pieced together. But it all started with a funky bassline and an in-your-face drum beat.” – Riley Michaels


From Beamsville, ON, Riley Michaels started making music at 8 years old after winning 1st place in a local singing competition. When he received Guitar Hero for Christmas, he jumped deep into the “rabbit hole” of Classic Rock, Blues and other similar genres.

Today, the music Michaels makes is a combination of Pop and Adult Contemporary, with a range of influences. From his new releases, you can hear the smooth guitar playing of John Mayer, the subtlety and groove of Prince, the emotion of James Bay, and even some pop progressions that sound like Harry Styles or the Jonas Brothers. He even mixes in a little country, in the style of Chris Stapleton!

Riley’s new songs evoke the vibe of driving down the highway with the roof of your car open, a day at the beach, or even a dance club. Others offer intimate feelings that audiences will connect with on a deeper level.

In 2017, Michaels wrote, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered his EP “Toxic Love” in his home studio, featuring 5 self-written songs with full-band instrumentation.He continues to write and record at his home studio in Beamsville, and he is currently planning the release of new music that he has been writing since March 2018.

Carabine – The Word (Video)

“Don’t judge a book by the cover, likewise from our personal experience in music reviewing when the track moves on further the first second of synth minimalism, artist deploys new heartwarming layers, harmonic dreamy keys, hypnotic deep vocals with fx that pushes further the atmosphere. The downtempo elements here by Carabine, engage a daydreaming level for the listener and a memorable journey which invites you to press repeat again.”

“The Word” is a downtempo, electronic and ambient track, highly driven by synthesizer bass lines, with minimal loops filling in. The music video perfectly serves the purpose of the track’s zen and dark aspects.

The video is an abstract collage of images projected through incense smokes, of a man and a woman assumingely involved in an unhealthy love affair and both captured in this vicious cycle, until their greatest fear happens and ironically leads them to experiencing freedom for their soul.

Both of them separately end up finding freedom; the tattooed man praying behind prison bars and the woman staring at the sky acknowledging that “His yoke is easy and His burden is light” is not an unreachable saying, but a rather tough decision to make sometimes, yet one reminding her that heaven is the only place that offers everlasting love.


DJ Carabine’s previous album, “VI”, entered the “iTunes Canada Top 200 All Genre Release Chart” in 2018 and reached #5 in the Electronic Music category and has known high peaks on the Spotify Discover Weekly playlist, bringing the first single, “IV”, to more than 150k streams and second single “III” to above 50k. Two years later, DJ Carabine is coming up with a third album.

“Fixed”, being released on September 25, has mainly been crafted during lockdown after a long period of creative struggles and battle against depression.

“I thought that 2019 was a terrible year. It felt like I was drowning more and more. Just before lockdown, I was even thinking that it couldn’t get any worse; I felt so much pressure. As crazy as it may sound, the lockdown became a glimmer of hope and my first reaction was to explode in laughter. I realized that I couldn’t control anything, so I let the music flow.”


Inspired by the likes of downtempo Bonobo, the electric tones of Daft Punk and a Kendrick Lamar touch on the lyrics, “Fixed” is an EDM musical essay that pictures the walk in the valley of the shadows of Carabine.

The album leads you in her everlasting circle of depression. The song “Falling” is an image of what happens when you are too stubborn to listen to any teachings. She said:

“I thought it’s a little funny to reach a point of being so stubborn that you don’t even listen to such things as: “Watch your step when you get off the train”, so you fall off the train… but I can be that stubborn sometimes.”

“City of Nothing” is about the moment you think “you are in full control”. The entire journey leads you to realizing that you are rather a slave of wanting to be in control until the pure moment of let go that is “The Word”.

Paul Cousins – Thoughts in the Ether (Video)

“Daydreaming has a soundtrack? Answearing affirmative will lead you to a journey of seren emotions triggered by Paul Cousins new track which interwines analog synthesizers and orchestral textures in a beautiful introvert trip”

Thoughts in the Ether’ is a slow-burning reflection on daydreaming. Analog synthesizers and orchestral textures intertwine, expanding as the reverie evolves and moves further into the distance. Treated piano adds gravity as crystalline synths glisten across the surface. The accompanying film by director Edward Harber is an aerial study of the North Sea from Happisburgh in Norfolk, documenting a week in the evolving appearance of the water.

Paul Cousins is a producer & composer based in London. Recently featured in FACT magazine’s ‘Patch Notes’ series, he creates ambient soundscapes using analog synthesizers, samples & field recordings. In addition to producing for a diverse range of artists such as Muck Spreader, August Child & Night Games, his other studio credits include Luke Evans, FOURS and Makeup & Vanity Set.

Freedom Skanking (Video)

“A reggae song from an unexpected source? Swede Chacka Jack is offering his unique approach to the genre with a relaxing bright song about freedom and resistance”

Brand new reggae music about freedom and resistance from Swedish producer ChackaJack! Lead vocals recorded in the legendary Tuff Gong Studio in Kingston, Jamaica

High Water Bridge – Sea Legs (Video)

“Sea legs a track from the debut album Senescence of High Water Bridge is a magnificent prog rock piece that best demonstrate groupe’s own musical identity and approach to composition with vivid melodies along with upbeat grooves ”

The 6th track from High Water Bridge’s debut album Senescence sees the band take their craft down a different, dub-inspired path.

Sea Legs begins with a loopy and swaying bassline as layers of spacey effects get the listener on board for a voyage across open oceans with stormy swells.

Look out for the Euphonium adding brass riffs to a tongue in cheek lyrical and vocal ride, that will leave you tripping over your own legs, in search of the next trippy High Water Bridge tune.

High Water Bridge (HWB) is an experimental five-piece band from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, born in the winter of 2017 out of late-night jams in the derelict heart of their home city. Central to the formation of the band was a shared rehearsal space, as well as many shared bands over the years. As various projects formed and collapsed and merged at the jam spot, HWB came to be the latest incarnation of an inventive group of PE musicians who refuse to be swayed by the prevailing musical climate of cover versions and tribute shows, and continually strive to seek out new forms and sounds for their music.

HWB describe their sound as “spectral rock.” Encompassing elements of psychedelic rock, trip-hop, dub, garage rock, ambient and electronica, HWB take you on vivid, winding sound journeys of beautiful vocal melodies and harmonies, upbeat grooves drawn from an array of genres, chiming delay guitar riffs, and layered, shifting soundscapes composed of all manner of spectral ephemera: loops, obscure samples, keyboards/synths, programmed beats and euphonium. They also do a pretty mean ballad.

A strong feature of the music is the use of two distinct vocalists, who swap between lead and harmony (as well as bass guitar) depending on the song. Although the sound draws from a diverse well, and there are many surprise turns over the course of a set or album, HWB have sought to forge their own musical identity and approach to composition.

Thus far the focus of the band has been on writing as much music as possible, and the recording of their 2020 debut album, Senescence, but they hope to use the recording as an opportunity to spread their wings as a live act.

The band consists of Nick Erasmus (drums), Jason King (keyboards, samples), Alex Kromhout (vocals/bass), Nelis van Tonder (guitar) and Kendal Beadon (vocals, bass, keyboards, samples, euphonium).

RESPONS – Hilary ft. Samm Henshaw & Barney Artist (Video)

“Hilary the brand new single and video release from Respons who collaborated with Londoners Samm Henshaw and barney artist is an uplifting Hip Hop song about falling in love too fast and with no confidence, embelished with lush vibes, candour rhyms and playful video ”

RESPONS releases his new single and video ‘Hilary’ featuring Samm Henshaw & Barney Artist.

The first new music since the release of his acclaimed debut project, ‘Virtually Everything Means Nothing’ released in May 2020, ‘Hilary’ sees RESPONS team up with London talent Samm Henshaw & Barney Artist and continue to make waves with his own brand of HipHop and Soul vibes. ​

Directed by Tom Ringsby (Intergalactic Studios, Husky Loops, Joy Anonymous & Bad Honey), the accompanying music video features footage shot in cine-8 and fisheye lens, capturing lo-fi visuals filmed in and around London.

Speaking of the track Samm Henshaw remarks; “It was a pleasure to jump on this track with both RESPONS who is a great new talent, and Barney who I’m a big fan of! Look forward to everyone hearing what we worked on!” Barney Artist added “I heard the demo and liked it straight away, also having Samm Henshaw on the song was the perfect fit as I supported him at Scala last year. Was fun to work with both Samm and RESPONS on a track.”

An exciting multi-disciplinary artist with talents that go beyond his songwriting; RESPONS (aka Billy Crabtree) is a British singer/rapper hailing not from an inner city, but rather the quiet suburbs of Leighton Buzzard. Not only comfortable with being different, he embraces it, delivering rhymes that veer from well-trodden ground with a realness and sensitivity which is clear from his considerate lyrical content, tackling vulnerability and mental health with surprising candour.

Having launched onto the scene in 2020 with the release of his debut EP ‘Virtually Everything Means Nothing’; RESPONS picked up critical acclaim from the likes of BBC 1XTtra, BBC Introducing, Complex & Clash to name a few. Over the long months of lockdown, he maintained a creative output of home studio sessions and performances and is set to release his second EP at the beginning of 2021

Billy Says; “Hilary is a fun song about people chatting about falling for a girl way too quick, in a time of their lives where they have no money or confidence haha. I actually met a girl called Hilary once and fell for her so it’s a real one for me.”

NAVOUR x YNGA – Criminal (Video)

“The collaboration between Ynga and Navour, two young prodigy artists with a record on fine music, deliver us this catchy and energetic sore pop song that tells a love story that went wrong. Prepare yourself for a solid production on deep housey vibes, warm vocals and a tempting videoclip”

After conquering the radio frequencies with several hits in her home country, Norway, Ynga decided to step away from her comfort zone and explore new musical horizons. As part of the Thrace Music family, she released a couple of songs that has quickly drawn attention.

Ynga teamed up with Navour, a young prodigy producer, to launch Criminal. Her voice is waving graciously on the soft, romantic echoes of slow burning dance grooves, exactly what one should expect from an early Autumn soundtrack.

YNGA is the reinvented brainchild of Norwegian singer and songwriter Siv Marit Egseth who’s name we’ve seen before on Norwegian reality show «The Hit» and behind artist alias «Inga». After being radio listed on one of Norways biggest radio channels, NRKP3 with the debut single «Galaxy», having released an official remix for CLMDs «Slow Me Down» with close to 1 million streams and several critically acclaimed releases, accompanied by even more radio listings, she is now heading in new and different directions.

Newly signed to the popular Romanian label Thrace Music, she kicked off her a chapter with «Papi Papi»; a feature with the European starlet Brianna, who conquered the European audience with songs like «The Violin Song» and «Lost in Istanbul».


“Morgan Doctor well known from her collaboration with significant artists is coming forth with this brand new single from her upcoming album Strangers in an interesting mix of electronic and darker post rock sound acompanied by a higly aesthetic videoclip”

Morgan Doctor is a Juno and Dora nominated performer and creator. She currently plays with Andy Kim (Arts and Crafts), Jill Barber, Amanda Rheaume, and Fefe Dobson. She has drummed with The Cliks (Warner/Tommyboy),Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida, Ron Sexsmith, Kevin Drew, Alex Lifeson Feist, Sandra Bernhard and many others.

Morgan Doctor has performed and appeared on live National TV (MTV Live, David Letterman,MTV CRIBS, MTV Total Request Live, IFC, CNN, Craig Ferguson, etc) and live radio shows, awards ceremonies, TV and radio commercials, sold out theaters and arenas, music videos, and countless full length albums. Morgan also performed and won at MTV LOGO’s “Artist on the Brink” Award for 2008 with The Cliks. She received a Dora nomination for her sound design for Between Us Goddess in 2005 and earned a Juno and Dora nomination with her work with The Toronto Tabla Ensemble in 2001. Morgan’s session drumming can be heard on such TV and Film Soundtracks as the CBC Metro Morning, The L Word, and Grey’s Anatomy. Morgan is a big advocate of music education and teaches at Girls Rock Camp Toronto as a drum instructor and band coach.

In 2006 Morgan signed with Aporia Records and has released three solo albums. Her solo work has been used for TV shows such as WordTravels (OLN/National Geographics Channel, Food Network), and radio shows such as DNTO, Hear and Now and The Signal (theme song). Her most recent release, “Major Over Minor” is her first full length instrumental album. “… it is a rare musician who can make an instrumental album that seems confessional” – Toronto Star

Morgan is endorsed by Zildjian, Vic Firth, Yamaha Drums, Evans Drum Heads, Steinberg and Humes and Berg. She has also appeared in Modern Drummer Magazine and is a regular contributor to Tom Tom Drum Magazine. She is a Banff Centre Musician in Residence alumni.

When she’s not performing, recording, producing, or practicing yoga, Morgan enjoys time with her dachshund Cymbal.

Blindsker | William Ogmundson | Cinematic Piano Music (Video)

“World renowned musician William Ogmunson delivers a masterfully performed neoclassical piano solo of cinematic quality and beautiful sound concerning the Icelandic word for a rock that cannot be seen by ships right below the surface of the water which ships crash upon. ”

Read also our Nagamag interview with William Ogmundson

Kensington Moore – Birthday (Video)

“Birthday, Kensington’s Moore latest single is all about lost love and the hard healing process that comes after. Perfectly composed keys producing soft melodies along with Kensington’s warm vocals is what singles out this highly emotional piece”

This song by Kensington Moore is one of the hardest and saddest songsof her catalog. Writing this was a huge part of her healing process after losing someone so special in her life. A song which helped her find peace, newfound strength, and closure through these lyrics. If you are dealing with a loss of a loved one or a breakup that never quite healed, this song is for you.

Weaknot – Hikikomori [Lamour Records] (Video)

“Weaknot with his track Hikikomori on Lamour explores the more experimental electronica side without step out of harmonic atmospheres, but also without afraid going out of the usual lines, a wise selection of sounds, and a solid mix of layers drives the listener to a hypnotic listening experience.”

A mixture of “dirt” and “clean” creates the music concept behind “Flowers Of Melancholy”, in which drones and ethereal voices have the purpose of sustaining the impact of drums and heavy distorted synths. This small music work, made up by two songs, reflexes the experimental music background of the music project Weaknot, the 24 years old guy fascinated by any kind of stuff that can be turned into a meaningful sound. Even if “Hikikomori” and “Haunted Pinewood” have dozens of sounds and process of making in common, the two pieces of music have two different moods. While the first one is much more aggressive and filled with highly processed glitch sounds, the last one appears to be a lot more melodic and dreamy, in order to create a listening experience that spaces from rough tunes to particularly carved ones.

Weaknot, music project created by Giacomo “Jack” Lippolis, constantly employed in a personal sound research, in order to give a specific musical identity to his artistic figure.

Despite Weaknot does not belong to a well defined music genre, his music style is particularly influenced by typical elements of Techno and Ambient music, soundscapes full of Glitches giving an experimental unique touch to his music works, tons of sounds sampled and recorded by Jack himself using multiple portable recorders.

The use of his recognisable voice inside his songs explicates the melancholic touch that distinguishes the project Weaknot, spacing from empirical and highly personal themes to ever more complex arguments, handled with a transparent and sometimes “raw” writing style.

Weaknot’s purpose is to carry on a musical idea that finds its basis on sharing emotions, aiming to welcome the listeners in his musical world, in order to share a highly stimulating experience together.

Chris Ning – Explode (Video)

“Chris Ning is giving us a glimpse of his upcoming album “Digital God” with this single called “explode” portraying a love never meant to be answeared yet it leaves no sadness but rather an optimistic sense full of energy”

The brand new single, “Explode,” from the upcoming album ‘Digital God’, is about falling in love with someone who is not in love with you. “Love is like suicide,” he says. “It’s like a part of you dies when you finally let someone go.” Produced by Dajaun Martineau (Moist, Priya Panda, Lydia Ainsworth), the whole album has a theme. “It’s about codependency and the extreme outcomes and circumstances of being reliant on external influence,” Chris says. “Every one of these songs is a love song in different ways, whether it be people or substances.”

ryan flynn – Pressure (Official Audio) (Video)

“With his brand new song “pressure” Ryan Flynn is mastefully fusing different elements of electronic music in order to deliver an ambient experience that will lift you from your seat and make you dance in no time”

ryan flynn delivers ambient, electronic soundscapes influenced by funk, pop, and dark wave. The music is mostly instrumental, with Cullinane’s soothing baritone voice usually having some sort of robotic, digital effect applied to it. Not your average purveyor of dance pop, Ryan Flynn concocts ethereal whirlpools of arpeggiated synth textures and ghostly echoes.

Andrew Sloman – Yoakè (Video)

“Andrew Sloman with Yoakè please us with an elegant minimal neoclassical piano theme through a quality poetic choreography video which initiates emotions into a deeper state, setting a melancholic mood which could be impossible without a well perforrmance and right dynamics on keys.”

The video is story of rebirth, for every day is a new chance to pick ourselves up and strive to be the best we can be.

Davy Sage – Your Love (Video)

“With his characteristic warm voice and an easygoing reggae style song Davy Sage is expressing his feelings for love in a song that remind us the relaxing summer vibes we seek occasionally”

Davy Sage is a dance-pop and R&B recording artist and songwriter from Regina, SK Canada. His music achievements to date have been hard won and he’s primed for new successes to come.

Raised in Nigeria, Davy now lives in Canada where he’s pursuing his music career. His Afro-centric voice with his unique music style is a mix between hit Dance and Afro-Pop and R&B, a growing international genre brought to prominence by artists like Akon, Omi, P-Square and Fuse ODG. A prolific songwriter, Davy’s music also has a knack for making female listeners swoon; as can be heard in his sultry song ‘High’, whilst also being able to fill the dance floor with fist pumping songs like ‘Waiting for you’ – The title track from his current EP.

Club DJs have long known what to expect when Davy grabs the mic, it’s only a matter of time before new listeners learn what his fans already know. Davy kicked off 2017 in style with the release of 2 singles ‘Celebrate’ and ‘Tonight’, which has seen success on Radio across Canada.

Since moving to Canada Davy has gain media attention and he’s been featured on Canadian Medias from CTV, Global TV, CBC Radio, and other radio stations in Canada, blogs and online magazines.

Sunken Dreams (Umeå Bodø) (Video)

“Sunken Dreams by Umeå Bodø hits you right in the heart from the first seconds with its memorable intro melody and as story telling goes further invites you into his paths of loneliness and fills you with melancholy, a melancholy though that turns into a message of not been alone. Someone cares about you out there. Seek!”

When you lose someone. When loneliness strikes. Go to the water. Feel the wind, taste the salt. The sea is calling. The mysterious sea. She is calling. Close your eyes. I am here, my love.

Marcus Arch – Overtime (Official Audio) (Video)

“Coming from Australia with a fresh release Marcus Arch is calling us on a dynamic music experience which infuses elements of electro-rock with synth-pop and thoughtful lyrical compositions delivering a unique chill-out experience. ”

Australian Indie-Rock Trio Marcus Arch took their folk beginnings and fused them with elements of electro-rock, synth-pop and thick harmonies, landing with a dynamic musical experience.

Thoughtful lyrical compositions and reflections delivered in punchy pop-choruses reflects the analogue/digital crossover that is the basis of Marcus Arch. Earthy, yet covered in the pizazz of the electro-age, Marcus Arch takes you back and forward through a musical escapade that indelibly disrupts.

DEADLIFE – Her Broken Smile (feat. Tessa Hedrick) | Visualizer | (Video)

“Through stunning visuals, DEADLIFE with his new song together with Tessa Hedrick hypnotize us into his dark epic synthwave bassline and the heartwarming vocals of Tessa gives a memorable blend. Partly goes melancholic yet steps also in darker places through its lush harmonies. ”

Hailing from Manchester, UK, DEADLIFE is set to confirm his status as one of the most vital artists in the burgeoning darksynth scene with an eighth full length album this November. Before that, though, the first single ‘Her Broken Smile’ offers a magic glimpse into what to expect from this assured studio wizard. The stunning new single follows acclaimed past releases including ‘Singularity’ which crashed into the Billboard Electronic Album Sales Chart at #12, as well as hitting the iTunes chart in 2020. The new single again explores a darker niche within the wider synthwave scene, and is inspired by cyberpunk imagery, 80s sci-fi films and turn of the millennium computer game soundtracks. Download / stream here:

DEADLIFE a.k.a. Ed Hawx has proven to be a hugely prolific artist over the last few years. Across seven full length albums, he has helped to drive the synthwave scene forwards with a particular penchant for the shadowy end of the spectrum that has become known as darksynth. The former drummer is a self-taught producer with a real mastery of his machines and software, which has seen him become one of the most exciting and influential names in the scene. Some try to make comparisons to leading artists like Sebastian, Com Truise, and Kavinsky, but DEADLIFE goes his own way, building on the traditions of Vangelis, Underworld and Daft Punk and taking them far into the future with his own sense of style. The sound of DEADLIFE appeals to anyone who loves dark melodies and hard-hitting electronic beats.

DEADLIFE’s music has always appeared on NewRetroWave, the leading label and YouTube channel for the synthwave scene. Since day one, NewRetroWave has championed the retro synth-driven sound and every significant artist in the scene has released on the label at some point. It continues to expand and drive the fast-growing genre’s evolution through a skillful A&R process and now entertains over 1 million loyal followers on YouTube.

The formidable new single ‘Her Broken Smile’ is DEADLIFE’s homage to an 80’s power ballad featuring singer Tessa Hedrick, a well-regarded metal vocalist who hails from Nevada. Her vocals are angelic here as they float way up top above a jagged synth bass and darkly emotive atmosphere. The breakdown allows the purity of Hedrick’s voice to shine through, off-set by the pixelated melodies and crashing, maximal beats. The whole track is expertly produced and captures a sense of emotional turmoil that everyone can relate to.

Next single ‘Drift’ is to follow on October 23rd before the full album in November 20th, and already this single suggests DEADLIFE is in the form of his life.

NOTI – lympha (Video)

“guitar, keys, beats, it may sounds easy for most but few really wants how to catch the right harmonic vibes, tell a right story, mix fine and leave you with a taste of a sweet memorable vibes, well one of those few artists are and Noti with his track Lympha at Radicalis. Among the many similar music we receive, among the thousand releases daily in the genre, few have the right bliss in harmonics and mix. Well done!”

Benjamin Noti is a Basel-based producer and musician. He has worked with Audio Dope, Steff la Cheffe, The Rumours, Greis, Noti Wümié, Manillio, Anna Rossinelli, James Gruntz, Sam Himself, and the Basel Symphony Orchestra, among many others.

easing is Noti’s first instrumental solo-production. The recent lockdown afforded the highly sought-after songwriter and instrumentalist an opportunity to craft this production at his home studio. The 5-song EP showcases Noti’s wide-ranging abilities as a songwriter and musician, and draws on his rich experience as a fixture in the Swiss scene. Noti’s diverse influences, unified by his distinct, original style, shine through on lead single “85km/h”; an ode to poised motion, the track pulsates, subtly speeds up and slows down but remains ultimately unstoppable – much like the artist himself.

End of Code – Check The Gate (Official video) (Video)

“Check the Gate by End of Code in Love and Sunshine Records, is a song about the harsh Hollywood reality told in a chris Isaacs “ wicked games”. Through its minimal layring with amazing clarity and solid mix, the tickling guitar groove and the strong character of End Of Code vocals, you receive a beautiful song which please your ears too if you are a fan of quality sound!”

Zenon Marko – Ascent 4 (Video)

“Zenon Marko with his new ambient atmospheric vision Ascent 4 invites to explore the elements of earth and beyond. Lush harmonies and gentle keys, arranged with care on sound design, engaging an emotional trip and appreciation for the universe which we are a part.”

From the full-length symmetrical concept album “Symmetry”

“Ascent 4” is the final ascent of the Symmetry concept album. Symmetry is the musically symmetrical soundtrack of a journey, whether physical, intellectual, imaginative, emotional, philosophical, psychological, or spiritual. The music expresses progressive ascent towards a goal, arrival at an apex, descent, and return. Each piece corresponds to one of the shapes of ancient geometry representing the elements: earth, water, fire, air, aether. “Ascent 4” is about the element of air.

The structure of the composition reflects and embodies philosophy, mathematics, sacred geometry, harmony and dissonance, and psychoacoustics. This electronic arrangement of the composition is inspired by early, baroque, classical and neoclassical music, as well as electronic music and minimalism. The entire album is musically symmetrical, with the “Descents” as compositional reverses of the “Ascents”.

The challenge was to create a timeless meditative album, depicting a wide range of moods from tranquil to intense, within strict limits: all pieces share the same tempo, arrangement, duration, and internal structure. Themes repeat, vary, evolve, develop throughout. The Ascent/Descent pairs required the creation of sounds, chord progressions, and melodies that worked equally well forward or in reverse. Each successive “Ascent” modulates to a “higher” musical key and greater harmonic and melodic ascending movement. “Esse” (Latin: “to be”), the centerpiece and apex, itself internally symmetrical, is music of complete stasis, an arrival at the destination, a pure contemplation of a panoramic vista, perhaps even a state of enlightenment or mystical rapture. Each “Descent” mirrors its numerically equivalent “Ascent”, successively descending in chord progressions and in musical keys. One source of inspiration for this work is the ascent to knowledge as described in Plato’s allegory of the Cave; another is the meditative process and the ascent to the enlightened state of consciousness, known as “The Fourth” (Turiya), in Indian philosophy.

The hope is that listeners find this music to be an evocative soundtrack to their own journeys, and that they may create their own interpretations.

More info, listen, buy, sign up:

Kovic ~ Giving Up ~ Feat. Dancer Kaycee Rice (Video)

“A heartwarming song by Kovic which trough beautiful keys and sweet grooves, daydream us with his voice. Kovic please us more through this memorable video thanks to the great performance of dancer Kaycee Rice.”

Mark Kovic (Kovic) is an English singer-songwriter and producer, born and raised in Brentwood, Essex, to a Serbian father and English mother. Known for his baritone vocal and big chorus’, his first momentum-accelerating single titled “Drown” was released in 2017, produced by Jonny Coffer (Beyoncé, Emile Sandé) & Mark Crew (Bastille, Rag N Bone man), and co-written with goliath songwriter Jamie Scott (Jesse Ware, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Justin Bieber).

The track was picked up by the head music supervisor at EA and playlisted on the FIFA 18 soundtrack, catapulting Kovic into the biggest gaming placement of the year, notably joining the top 50 viral Spotify charts across a number of EU countries, and gaining millions of streams within months of release.

The debut album for Kovic is due to be released later this year, and will feature a contrasting combination of songs ranging from soulfully haunting balad, to summer infused pop. Among an A-star list cast of creative collaborators, it will also feature a number tracks self-produced and written alongside rising talent and brother Ben Kovic.

Le Chanson d’Erika (Video)

“A solo piano performed on a contemporary manner which let us focus on the expertise of the performer while bringing nostalgic feelings and leaving us to enjoy true classical music values”

Renault and Peugeot are wine-guzzling, chain-smoking French composers who write melancholic music about art to support their dissolute lifestyles. They sincerely hope that you enjoy their compositions, and support them generously, so that they can continue to afford their expensive debaucheries.

Let It Pass (Video)

“Despite all the hardships of this year, Travis Shallow came back early this summer with a masterfully performed guitar ballad and his characteristic warm voice to take us on an introvert travel in the magnificent sounds of rock ‘en roll”

Take one listen to North Carolina native, Travis Shallow’s work and it is no wonder that he has amassed fans from his opening spots with legendary Gregg Allman, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, The Marcus King Band, Jerry Joseph, Todd Snider, and fellow native North Carolina band, American Aquarium.

Travis Shallow is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and recording artist.

Shallow started his career as a solo artist in 2002 playing every dive bar and club that would book him. He quickly developed a loyal following which allowed him to further explore the thriving North Carolina music scene. Soon after, he formed the alternative country band, A Few Good Liars, with whom he recorded a studio album in 2011 titled, Battered Wooden Body, at Tweed Recording Studio in Oxford, MS.

In 2012, Shallow left A Few Good Liars and started writing and recording songs that would later be released as his first solo self-titled album, Travis Shallow, to regional critical acclaim in the southeastern United States.

Shallow went back to Tweed Recording Studio with Andrew Ratcliffe engineering to record his solo debut album. This solo album was acoustically driven with an accompanying band to highlight the songwriting and lyrical prowess.

After the release of his self-titled album in March 2016, Shallow took the show to the people performing intimate shows, stripped down with him and an acoustic guitar. While doing so, Shallow wrote a new batch of songs that was miles away from another solo acoustic album and set out to put together a backing band for the studio sessions. He reached out to longtime friends and trusted heavy hitters whose familiar chemistry quickly turned into his full-time road band, The Deep End. The result was clear and titled- The Great Divide.

The Great Divide was featured in Relix Magazine and the single “River That Sings” made it’s radio debut on the Americana Charts.

Shallow has now stripped down the musician line up and returned back to his acoustic roots. He often plays with Bob Russell accompanying on guitar and (before the pandemic) playing intimate seated listening rooms where the song itself is king. “Let It Pass” is out now on Cavity Search Records and a studio album is scheduled for release in the fall.

JES – Under the Midnight Sun (Video)

“Recently released song from Jes with a pop-dance feel which manages to capture that party energy we all missed out this year is here to release our optimistic sense of freedom with a sensual videoclip full of deep emotions ”

JES’s newest music video release, “Under The Midnight Sun” is set in a strangle land, where a mesmerizing sun never sets. Packed with stunning imagery and a strong narrative of hope and mystery, “Under The Midnight Sun” is an enjoyable visual extension of the journey JES’s stunning vocal performance takes us on. Bringing her legendary depth and emotion to the pop-dance format, the colorful video weaves flawlessly around the energy of the song, matching it beat for beat.

“I felt like we all need some time away from the stressful reality of our day to day lives. Being somewhere else, Under The Midnight Sun, seemed like the perfect distraction. It’s a place where everyone can be whatever they want to. I feel like we managed to capture that special party energy, that sense of freedom that we’ve all been missing lately. To have that sense of possibility and optimism is so important.”

If you feel like you could use a little vacation from reality, join JES in a strange land, “Under The Midnight Sun”.

Buy/Stream Link:


No Mindless Scroll – Corre (Video)

“Deep emotional cinematic strings that offer you an emotional release, especially if you are on the right mood in your life, music of a dramatic scenery, scene of tragedy or steps before through efforts to fix things. Wonderful emotive neoclassical theme by No Mindless Scroll.”

Bad Girl – Official music video by: Jesse Grossi (Video)

“Rich in full positive vibes, a rich blend of instruments and harmonies and open shining vocals, engaging an atmosphere of sunny vibes and love around.”

Bad Girl is a smooth blend of Pop Reggae, California beach groove music, with smooth harmonious vocals. The rich Caribbean sounding horns and guitar licks will truly ease the soul….

Jesse Grossi is a solo artist from Los Angeles CA. I love music and just enjoy the process, I believe it’s important to always have fun and enjoy the moment while creating. What comes out comes out and hopefully I have the record button on. My sound varies between Smooth California reggae/ska/punk beach groove music, with soulful, harmonious vocals… I’m also growing and learning how to get better, I hope you enjoy the music, thank you very much for your time and support it is much appreciated.

Earthphish – ‘Raincoat’ (Video)

“Raincoat from Earthphish has a so addictive triphopish downtempo groove, well mixed together with fine vocals that hypnotize you more into their regulated succession of strong elements. On repeat!”

The song is about the journey in life … to keep going when things are getting tough and take the risk to enter the path to the unknown …

Few words about Earthphish
Formed in Switzerland 2001 by Donovan John Szypura, Aleksandra Mirjana Crossan, and Andre Ledergerber. Earthphish later converted to a duo – Choreographer and Singer Aleksandra Mirjana Crossan and Composer and Producer Donovan John Szypura became a symbiosis of music and dance. They produced numerous award-winning contemporary dance pieces between 2001 and 2005. Their demo CD ‘Metropolis’ was produced in 2001, followed by their debut CD ‘Soft Green Exit’ in 2003. The last EP ‘Earthphish’ was released in 2006.

Earthphish fell into hibernation. They appeared in Australia in 2012 and are now based in Tasmania. Earthphish awakened in 2020 and released the single ‘Raincoat’ and ‘Rite Of Life’. Earthphish announced to release a set of singles before releasing the album called ‘Turtles All The Way Down’ in November 2020.

Lee Scratch Perry, the grandmaster of Reggae and Dub will be featured on the song ‘Deadlock’.

Quencyland – Mais Bon (Official Lyric Video) (Video)

“Serious retro synth design, happy melodies and beautiful vocals, making this a good mood synthpop song!”

One day, these two young men accidentally found a formula. They found a formula that could make the two of them nod their heads. They call it “The Nodding Frequency.” They decided to apply this formula to their musical work called Quencyland.

But something was missing, the two of them weren’t quite satisfied with their jobs, they thought “The Nodding Frequency” needed to be shared with the rest of the world.

Then the music album entitled “The Nodding Frequency” was born.

Will their goals be achieved? Can people all over the world enjoy the secret formula?

Only time will tell ..

Torren Foot – More Life (Feat. Tinie & L Devine) (Video)

“This bring us bit of nostalgia of the old good days with brilliant bands of male/female pop songs and dance beats, well this is an up to date new vibe, having the same pop effect with its strong groove and vocals! Memorable!”

Australian producer Torren Foot today drops the vocal version of his mighty single ‘More Life’ featuring Tinie and L Devine. Unveiled alongside a Meji Alabi-directed video, ‘More Life’ sees the two UK stars come together for a surefire late-summer hit. The visual, starring both Tinie and L Devine, follows an elder male character as he consumes a ‘More Life’ energy drink in order to get a little more from life…WATCH HERE.

L Devine added: “I’ve been working with Tinie on a bunch of songs over the past few years so I’m so glad we could finally come together with Torren Foot and release something. It feels so good to step into a world of music I’ve never touched before. I’m a huge fan and listener of house music so it’s sick to be able to show some love to it on this record.”

The original version has already racked up over 6 million streams to date and was the #1 most played song on Triple J. One of Mistajam’s Future Anthems; the single has had props by the likes of Pete Tong, Danny Howard and Joel Corry and has already been added to both the KISS Fresh and KISS Dance playlists.

Setting streaming services alight when it was dropped earlier this year; ‘More Life’ hit the #1 spot in the Spotify Australia Viral Chart, #5 in NZ and was in the Top 40 in the Netherlands & Belgium. It topped the Beatport overall chart as well as peaking in the Shazam chart in AUS #4 and has had over 211k Shazams to date.

Melbourne-raised Torren Foot is one of Australia’s most in-demand touring club DJ’s. The ARIA-nominated producer and DJ has received A-list radio support across Triple J and international support on Diplo’s Revolution SiriusXM US, MistaJam, Danny Howard, Studio Brussels, KCRW LA, SLAM FM and 538 NL.

One of the most successful and decorated artists in British pop music with a career spanning 15 years, Tinie has scored three top ten albums and seven number one singles to date, as well as racking up a roster of genre-pushing collaborations with globally renowned artists such as Calvin Harris, Wizkid, Stormzy, Swedish House Mafia, 2 Chainz, Chase & Status and Zara Larsson.

Championed by Charli XCX, Dua Lipa and Lewis Capaldi, supported by Radio 1 and Beats 1, and GAY TIMES’ Elevate Emerging Star in Music award (supported by Apple Music), L Devine’s CV shows a young artist heading towards future iconic status. What’s more, she’s doing it her way – offering her unique take on life experiences through a prism of pioneering pop.

Kid Travis – Next 2 U (Lyrics) (Video)

“Tight beats that make you move through an emotional vibe, a vibe that Kid Travis knows well how to push out with his vocal style and depth. ”

This song is about a long lost love who kid travis wishes to rekindle an already withered flame with.

Few words about Kid Travis
With solid melodic punk/trap undertones, Kid Travis sings a wide variety of styles of music. Kid Travis has a very active YouTube Channel with over 400k Subscribers where he posts both original music/ visuals as well as Covers which have been recognized by prominent artists such as Post Malone, Bryson Tiller, Rich Brian, and Dominic Fike. Kid Travis is not subject to one genre .Music is his passion.This singer,songwriter,instrumentalist,producer has gifts to share with the world.

PHNTMS – Carabelle (Video)

“An emotive song with heartwarming vocals and a wonderful chill harmonic atmosphere.”

“Carabelle” radiates with emotive vocals, sweeping acoustic guitars and laid back soundscapes. “Carabelle” details the feeling you get after a toxic relationship ends and how even though there were red flags you still choose to be with that person.

Sitting somewhere between arena rock and the classic sound of 1960’s soul singers, Philadelphia based band PHNTMS creates music bursting with vast soundscapes and colliding instrumentation. Together, Alyssa Gambino, Adam Jessamine, Mikal Smith, and Gene Murphy are bringing back rock music while simultaneously putting their own unique stamp on it.

PHNTMS’ highly anticipated six-track self titled EP soaks up the band’s amalgam of influences, ranging from movie soundtracks and bands such as U2, Biffy Clyro, Kings of Leon and Deaf Havana, to powerhouse soul singers such as Amy Winehouse.

Inspired by everyday situations, relationships, and growing up, the band aims to create a feeling with which listeners can easily identify. Gambino reveals, “I think as songwriters, we try to capture these moments and make them as detailed as possible. We’ll always be fascinated by the fact we can freeze these moments…”

With half of the band identifying as queer, PHNTMS also hope to reach out to and support the LGBTQA+ community. Drummer Gene Murphy confides, “We openly talk about lesbian relationships in our music and we want to bring hope to anyone who is in the closet and doesn’t feel safe coming out. Whether you are out as queer or not, your identity is valid and if our music helps you escape heteronormativity for a brief moment.”

PHNTMS has seen success having performed opening spots for such acts as Kings of Leon, The 1975, Bastille, Fitz & The Tantrums, Empire of the Sun, Pale Waves, Emarosa, and Half Noise.

Ríos (Video)

“A fine blend of influences between latin musicstyles, rich layering with positive vocals that lift you up.”

Costa Rican MC/DJ duo Nakury & Barzo launch “O”, a new album dedicated to the infinite connection between all life forms. The release is set for September 18th 2020 via the independent record label Lácteo Cósmico.

In this collaborative production, they explore various danceable rhythms and genres that are part of their identity: Salsa, Bolero, Reggaeton, Bossa Nova, Swing, among others. All this without forgetting their characteristic sound, that fuses Hip Hop and Rap in Spanish with elements of electronic music. The album reflects the search of one’s roots with a profound love for nature and community. It’s a journey that incites us to move our body, heart and mind.

“O” is the second long-play in which the Costa Rican duo collaborate, following Nakury’s discographic debut in 2017 titled “VIA”. In the new recordings, they are accompanied by guitarist Daniela García, percussionist Fiorella Hidalgo and bassist Maddie Serrano. The mixing and mastering was engineered by Ricardo Bernal, while the graphic design was developed by Sara Serna.

After performing in 15 countries of Europe, North America and Central America, Nakury & Barzo have prepared a new show for “O”, which also includes their classic repertoire. The performances are complemented by different elements: scenography, wardrobes, visuals, dance and live instrumentalists. During 2020, they’ve adapted their proposal to virtuality and have managed to participate in international musical markets such as Circulart (Colombia), IMESUR (Chile) and Corriente (Peru).

Nakury & Barzo celebrate this new chapter in their artistic careers connecting with their audience in diverse territories and exploring new paths.

Kevin McKay Feat. Rosie Gyems – Pearls (Extended Mix) [Glasgow Underground] (Video)

“A solid mix, that hits you on from the first seconds, engaging a lot of expectations and wishes for what you want to come after, minimal entering with a soft retro chord vibe, then to heartwarming vocals and melodic lines layered with care, managing to keep the groove straight and interest on, reaching all expectations we had as listeners on start. Great track!”

Highly respected house music producer and head of Glasgow Underground Records, Kevin McKay, returns with a sublime house groover – his version of Sade’s 1994 classic ‘Pearls’ featuring the beautiful vocals of Rozie Gyems. The track is an exclusive from Kevin McKay’s new album ‘Summer Of Love’ which features tracks conceived, produced or remixed (or remixes commissioned) by McKay and is designed to reflect a typical Kevin McKay DJ set – the first time he has delivered a truly artist-focused collection of tracks as a DJ mix album. ‘Summer Of Love’ continues McKay’s development of the cover version as an art form (as showcased on his artist album ‘No Samples Were Harmed In The Making Of This Record’), and brings together a slew of standout recent singles and remixes, including this magical version of ‘Pearls’.

The track is already gaining support from key international tastemakers with its low-slung bass and sultry vocals delivering real emotional impact. Supporters include Riva Starr, Paco Osuna, Oliver Heldens, Vanilla Ace, Robert Owens, Severino, Joe T Vanelli, ATFC, Roog and many more.

Kevin McKay has been a mainstay in the underground since the early nineties and on many different fronts. From recording with Omid 16B as Sixteen Souls and creating the Sir Henry’s anthem, ‘On My Mind’, to discovering and co-producing Mylo’s seminal album, ‘Destroy Rock & Roll’, he’s earned his place in the house music hall of fame. Throughout he has spearheaded the Glasgow Underground imprint where he continues to break a wealth of new talent and showcase legends of the scene. All this while serving up masterclass DJ sets around the world and at his Mick’s Garage residency in London.

‘Pearls’ is a seductive tune that builds into an irresistible groove – a perfect introduction to Kevin McKay’s ‘Summer Of Love’.

Oxygen – The Sixteenth (Video)

“A beautiful trip hop song with solid groove through deep sensational vocals, a timeless track!”

The second post-apocalyptic single from our debut EP. Oxygen features a huge orchestral sound, contrasting the song’s central themes of loneliness and regret. The song is accompanied by a stunning video shot in and around the mountainous central North Island of New Zealand.

Jobaa – Olla (Video)

“Playfull and memorable afrobeats which make you smile, sweet heartwarming vocal style and catchy groove!”

One of the most exciting rising stars from the world of Afro-Fusion arrives with the infectious, up-tempo ‘Olla’ as Jobaa is set to make his mark on the scene.

Having previously featured on Burna Boy Spaceship Collective signee Buju’s single ‘Sweet Love’ last December, which highlighted Jobaa to the music world, the 20-year old makes his single debut. Featuring a super catchy, percussion driven Afro-pop instrumentation, which is produced by Jaypizzle and engineered by Selebobo (a.k.a Mix Monsta), ’Olla’ is a stellar debut that highlights Jobaa’s fresh and zealous interpretation of contemporary Afrobeats.

Representing an exciting new generation of artists that are heavily inspired by Afrobeats, the genres megastars and modern-day music from across the globe, Jobaa refreshingly pushes the boundaries with his innovative style and clear enjoyment of his craft. Having recently inked a lucrative deal with U.K based entertainment titan JustJoJo Entertainment Limited, Jobaa’s debut is a high-octane cut and certainly highlights him as a future star.

With the melting pot of talent from the Afrobeats world seemingly overflowing in riches, the comradery of the genre is where its gems lie. The desire and commitment of those already in the spotlight to constantly work with, and highlight, new talent has been pivotal to many careers. Whilst piquing the interest of the scene on his previous feature with Buju, it is now Jobaa’s turn to take his space in the limelight.

About Jobaa

Jobaa is a contemporary Afro-pop recording and performing artiste. Jobaa whose real names are Aina Oluwajoba Emmanuel was born on June 24th, 2000 and hails from Lagos Nigeria and is from the state of Ekiti. He developed a keen interest in music at an early age and started making music in his early secondary school days, where he was known as Rico before he evolved to Rico P and finally the pop talent Jobaa which was originated from his first name and the first letter of his last name.

As a student of Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary, he was in a secondary school group called “Untamed” which dissolved right after his graduation. He then went on to bag a B.Sc degree in Public Administration from Babcock University, where became a music sensation garnering a huge following with his campus hits “Ololufe” and “Bad Belle”, also working with Jinmi Abduls, Higo Music and Remy Baggins. As a student of Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary, he was in a secondary school group called “Untamed” which dissolved right after his graduation. He then went on to bag a B.Sc. degree in Public Administration from Babcock University, where became a music sensation garnering a huge following with his campus hits “Ololufe” and “Bad Belle”, also working with Jinmi Abduls, Higo Music and Remy Baggins.

After completing his University with a second-class upper division degree, he released his official debut single titled “Sweet Love” featuring Buju which became a sleeper hit. Shortly after, he inked a lucrative deal with U.K based entertainment juggernaut and record label JustJoJo Entertainment Ltd. Jobaa is currently working on his debut EP scheduled for release first quarter of 2021.

The King’s Parade – How Long? (Video)

“A modish indie pop song with wide and warm vocals, neat guitar riffs and a fresh air vibe to fix your mood.”

THE KING’S PARADE share latest feel good music video, shot in lockdown for new single ahead of debut album

“Captivating alt-soul melding classic blues influence with a modern pop vibe” The Independent

“Elegant guitar riffs and heartwarming vocals” Wonderland

London based soulful-pop outfit, The King’s Parade have returned with their latest feel good single ‘How Long?’ and have just dropped a playful and home-brewed music video for the track. Shot in lockdown, and depicting chaos at rehearsal, front-man Olly explains the inspiration behind the visual:

“We had this idea of a rehearsal that’s constantly going wrong, where I desperately try to get things back to normal despite a series of surreal interventions. We filmed it as a one shot, so as well as the action on camera it was absolute carnage behind the scenes, with people running on and off set, building drum kits, taking them away, moving different props into place and switching characters!”
‘How Long?’ it’s the second track to drop from their up-coming debut album, and follows first track ‘Mario’. Early support for ‘How Long?’ has come from Tom Robinson at BBC 6 Music, who described it as “an incredibly accomplished sound worthy of a far wider audience”.

Lyrically, ‘How Long?’ continues where ‘Mario’ left off, with both tracks exploring feelings of nostalgia. Their latest effort ruefully looks back to better days, with feelings of regret and longing mixed with an underlying optimism. Sonically, this new series of singles (four in total before the album drops) represent a band at the peak of its powers, a close-knit group who have truly found their sound, embracing pop and funk sounds as well as a more soulful approach to their vocals and melodies.

Having established a loyal live fanbase and streams in the 10s of millions across all platforms online (through a series of tours, singles and EPs), news of their debut album is much overdue and highly anticipated. The album, out in December 2020 was recorded by Marco Pasquariello (credits include Coldplay and Snow Patrol) and was produced by Guy Massey (credits include Ed Sheeran, Jack Savoretti and The Libertines).

Their previous video for ‘Mario’ has gained over 100K views so far and has been lauded for its creativity, as the band like so many others, had to create something self-produced during lockdown. With the help of friends and fans from across the globe (spanning Europe, New Zealand, USA, Mexico, Uganda and South Africa), they created something totally joyous and celebratory, fitting for these strange times – watch the official music video for Mario here.

Prior to this, 2019 saw the release of their most recent EP ‘Mad’ which was backed by a sold-out headline European tour across Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the UK. The EP rallied strong tastemaker support from the likes of BBC 6Music, The Independent, Clash, Earmilk and many more. This year, the band utilised lockdown to engage with their fans more than ever before. Olly streamed acoustic #StayAtHome sessions live from his living room every day, for eight weeks straight and they all hosted a The King’s Parade themed quiz on Zoom which featured other artists, including Billy Lockett and Hollie Carmen. They even released #StayAtHome merch featuring fan art of Olly´s live-stream backdrop (his lounge), which sold out… twice!

Suchy Sha – Laylow (Video)

“Get explode through a full funky mediterranean vibe, an endless groove which uplift you thanks to the strong voice character of Suchy Sha which sings with passion, music layering with clarity and while you think you have get enough, it comes on 01:54, to push you up and dance in full energy. We enjoyed every second here and especially that music here stands equally in same high quality with vocals performance.”

Phenomenal up & coming talent Suchy released her brand new single ‘Laylow’. Filled with soulful emotion & a diverse mix of instruments, the track also contains important messaging around the often overlooked topic of coercive control – a subject matter gathering real momentum both in the news & entertainment via key storylines in a number of high profile UK soaps.

Suchy’s soul-filled and alternative R&B infused vocals glide across a soundscape drenched in Latino strings and Ska inspired horns. The track uncovers Suchy’s real life experience watching someone close to her become embroiled in a toxic relationship fuelled by mental abuse – ‘Laylow’ is a powerful warning to the man, calling him out for all he has done and warning him that he better lay low. It carries a powerful sentiment of loving & respecting yourself enough to leave and also for those who know a potential victim to step in & help them get out from dangerous situations. The messaging is perfectly summarised in the key lyric: ‘She’s gold tipped and you’re brass bassed’ – a confident and cutting sentiment that the people who inflict this pain will never be good enough for Suchy’s circle.

Enriched by the rich musical culture of Bristol and the city’s distinctive flair, ‘LayLow’ comes to a head with a drum and bass breakdown that perfectly encapsulates Suchy’s ability to draw from all aspects of her life.

“Sounds like an old American soul singer. Walked in like an English rock star” – Craig Charles, BBC Radio 6 Soul & Funk Show.

“Suchy is a refreshing new artist whose independent attitude and insightful lyrics sets her apart from the crowd. Her sound is one you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.” – Sadia Akhtar, Presenter/Producer BBC 1Xtra & BBC Asian Network.


“N.E.W. METAL by HOLY FIELD goes epic from the first second, solid sound and performance with 2 vocalists giving their own signature character to the mood of the track, like a critical battle that is taking place, music that boils the blood in your veins. ”

In March 2020, the majority of the world population where required by law to self-isolate and comply with social distancing rules due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unlike in other countries, the Swiss were allowed to go out to get some fresh air and exercise, but in like most countries social distancing of 2 meters was required and gatherings of only five people were permitted.

In compliance with all the WHO guidelines and local swiss rules, the band “HOLY FIELD” produced and released their first promotional single “N.E.W. METAL” for free.

On May the 11th 2020, which became a highly symbolic date for the Swiss people because the Federal Council decided to ease further the measures introduced to protect the population against the coronavirus.

It is also on that symbolic date that “HOLY FIELD” released “N.E.W. METAL”, against all the odds and with the sheer passion for their music, the Band succeed in creating an original piece of visual content filmed in the stunning Swiss landscape.

It is critical to state that “HOLY FIELD – N.E.W. METAL” became one of the worlds best music videos filmed and produced during the pandemic.

HOLY FIELD stands at the vanguard of the Nu Metal revival that’s currently conquering the world. Influenced by genre icons Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Korn, and Jedi Mind Tricks, HOLY FIELD has developed its original style built on huge guitars, cutting lyrics performed by a pair of lead vocalists, and cinematic production and sound design. The lineup of Sub Killah (Producer/ Rhythm Guitar), Plug 5 (Bass Guitar), Loudiny (Drums), 56 K (Lead Guitar), Grey (Vocals), and Lucky (MC) rocks like a force of nature on HOLY FIELD’S new single “Looking Back,” which is set to drop on October 1st, 2020. The cut delivers everything that’s still great about Nu Metal, including brutally heavy riffs, outstanding production, and amazing grooves.

Together since 2018, HOLY FIELD is a society of true believers united by the goal of revitalising the popular Nu Metal genre of the early 21st Century. The group reinterprets the big beats and raging energy that first launched Nu Metal and incorporates its own creative vision meant to evolve the music and bring it to the attention of a new worldwide audience. HOLY FIELD has become a leader in the metal community and has the power and drive to help reshape heavy music. Fans who remember Nu Metal’s glory days and want them to return need to hear HOLY FIELD immediately and understand that its best days are happening right now.

Sir Ivan – Get Together (Video)

“What a positive track to end your week and prepare with the best mood for weekend. Sir Ivan invites us to Get Together, as one we do more than move alone and through these good vibes and beautiful harmonics, Sir Ivan with his signature voice lifts up our energy.”

Earning a prestigious award held also by the likes of film titans Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg is certainly not what International recording artist Sir Ivan set out to do, but due to his incredibly unique concept, that is precisely what happened. Sir Ivan’s remake of the 1967 hit song “Get Together” by The Youngbloods, as a dance song, has had incredible success and now the official music video will premiere on Wednesday, September 9th at 11am EDT.

The video, prior to public release, has already won a Gold Remi in the category of “Video of the Year”. This award gave Sir Ivan the top honor out of nearly 5,000 other entries, from 53 countries, including strong international competition; especially from the USA and England.

Responding to this huge achievement, Sir Ivan says “In my almost 20 year music career, the two greatest ideas I’ve had yet, have been: 1) Remaking John Lennon’s iconic peace song ‘Imagine’ into an electronic dance record and 2) Coming up with this video concept where I assembled the world’s most famous peace leaders in history, to act as my ‘backup band’, with me as the lead singer. Neither of these ideas had ever been done before”.

In the video, character actors portray five of the most recognizable advocates of peace in the history of the world. In the second half of the video, the “backup band” moves inside Sir Ivan’s penthouse where they sit around the table, as great friends, sharing a “peace pipe”. Meanwhile, people from all walks of life are just steps away from “Sir Ivan & The Peacemen”, dancing and having a wonderful time, celebrating peace, love, and life… Together.

The music video is presented in satirical form as political speech, for the purpose of spreading the message of peace, during the current civil unrest…

Sir Ivan is donating all net proceeds from “Get Together” to The Peaceman Foundation, a charity he created to raise awareness and help those that suffer from PTSD.

More about Sir Ivan Sir Ivan aka Peaceman has dedicated his recording artist career to remaking the iconic peace songs from the 1960’s, and was the first to take a Beatles or John Lennon ballad and turn it into an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) song. “Imagine” launched Sir Ivan’s career and all his songs since have gone on to top the charts on Billboard, DJ Times, and Music Week. The passion that Sir Ivan has for spreading peace, love and equality to all humankind comes from losing 59 relatives in the Holocaust and hearing those stories from his father, Siggi, who was an Auschwitz survivor.

On April 6, 2021 the world will finally get to hear the full story of Siggi B. Wilzig. Available now for pre-order on Amazon, by author Joshua M. Greene, is “Unstoppable” – The Incredible Journey of Siggi B. Wilzig, the Auschwitz Survivor Who Over-came All Odds and Became a Wall Street Legend.

Connect with Sir Ivan

Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube (Peaceman Music): YouTube (Sir Ivan TV): Vimeo: Soundcloud: Apple Music: Spotify: Website:

Lunar Tide (Video)

“The future synth vibes here are lush and tickling your ears with their solid mix while the glowing vocals of Eddie The Kidd and Kisos drive you into wonderful retrowave vibes. A music jourrney about a lover who needs (permanent) space.”

Eddie The Kidd & Kisos team up for an intergalactic journey through space on synth heavy smash “Lunar Tide,” out Sept 4th. The song is a follow-up to Eddie’s single “This Isn’t Love” (co-write by NICK WHITE), and also comes on the heels of Kisos’s sophomore EP sweet nothings.

Eddie started his musical journey in a band that opened up for Metro Station’s farewell tour. From there he decided to go solo, and had his debut single featured on major pop music blog Breathe Heavy. Kisos has made a name for himself on Billboard, Paper Magazine, & Spotify editorial playlists with his music as well as his LGBTQIA+ music video showcase, QUEERANTINE.

The pair became fans and friends of eachother’s on social media, but after Kisos heard Eddie’s “This Isn’t Love,” he reached out to collaborate. Plot twist, Eddie ghosted him! But weeks later it turned out to be an accident as Eddie excitedly reached out to Kisos hoping he would hop on “Lunar Tide.” The duo quickly whipped up the perfect collaboration about a lover needing space, but realizing what they thought was a temporary break, turned out to be a permanent rift.

“Lunar Tide” is out everywhere now.

Claudio Donzelli • Ossessione (Video)

“Claudio Donzelli with “Ossessione” invite us to a mysterious cinematic atmosphere of both tension and feelings, performed gently with care on dynamic details and goes deep until gives the final emotional salvation to listeners!”

Claudio Donzelli unveils haunting ambient classical portrait with ‘OSSESSIONE’

Italian composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Claudio Donzelli is poised to announce details of a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Ossessione’. A haunting, introspective thought piece drawing on classical and electronic soundscapes, underpinned by a shimmering, abstract piano melody.

In his newest piece, the Berlin-based composer and one third of international alternative folk rock band Mighty Oaks, collaborated with rising film-making duo ​HOMETOWN and dancers ​Jackson Carroll​ and ​Léa Salomon​ to create a surrealscape, audiovisual experience. Fusing music, cinematography and contemporary dance, they created a unique contribution to the discourse on contemporary practices of social media brands and its effect on the human brain. The 5-minute-long piece and its accompanying video are a metaphorical journey originating in a world of noise, consumption and addiction, portraying the fight to free oneself from the repetitive loop and the relentless search for a harmony that can never be gained in the endless feeds of the digital sphere.

In OSSESSIONE, Donzelli reflects on the three stages of the dopamine-reward loop – search, reward, disillusionment – through a piano melody, complemented by classical and electronic instrumentation. During the length of the track, the leading melody tilts into a sense of obsessiveness. Its odd measure of a 5/4 time signature creates anticipation and a sensation of continuously leaning towards the next moment without ever finishing what has been started moments earlier. Harmonies change, but the insisting, obsessive melody prevails – just like a social media user is drawn deeper and deeper into their feed, the listener is drawn into the depth of the track, into the very heart of obsession.

OSSESSIONE pre-empts Claudio Donzelli’s second album due to be released in November 2020, after 2017’s ​’Frammenti’​, his solo-debut. As a solo musician, he has previously shared the stage with Federico Albanese and Peter Broderick and has played at Lollapalooza Berlin 2018. His music has been described as dreamy, romantic, cinematic, choreographic, meditational, and hypnotic, comparing his work to the likes of Chilly Gonzales, Yann Tiersen, and Ludovico Einaudi.

Yolcu – A Hunter and the Prey (Video)

“”A Hunter and the Prey” from Yolcu is a dark hypnotic downtempo electronica with elegant layering and a quick arp which instead of make the track “fast” it initiates more the state of hypnosis their lead warm vocals drive you. A fine dark pop theme with a beautiful video, deep emotional!”

Anatolian-inflected art-pop and indie-electronica duo Yolcu are poised to announce their debut release with the arrival of ‘ A Hunter and the Prey’ due this September. Lifted from the pair’s forthcoming EP ‘In Stream’, the accompanying video fuses the track’s atmospheric and propulsive electronica with a meditative, exploratory landscape, offering a perfect embodiment of delicate melodies and triumphant song craft.

They detail the track: “A Hunter and the Prey is about becoming a part of a system, and how that process consumes and changes a person. It’s the way in which money, profit and industrialisation can slowly affect peoples’ personalities, like a psychological or physical sickness. It’s the enveloping relationship between employees and their employers; a hunter and it’s prey. In time, this system becomes their world.”

Yolcu first met in 2017 while studying sonic arts in Istanbul. It was an interest in the musical heritage of each other’s country that brought Dağ Taş (TR) and Joe Conchie (UK) together. Their outside perspectives helped ignite in the other an enthusiasm for the richness of their own musical cultures. Dağ, hailing from the frantic metropolis Istanbul, a lifelong fan of the British alternative scene, and Joe, from the sparsely populated, pastoral Northumberland, moved by the sound and emotion of Turkish folk music.

Before meeting, Dağ had an alternative indie rock project ‘Golden Horn’, while Joe was composing and performing folk music and producing electronic music. From 2017, Dağ took up bağlama, a Turkish folk instrument, and Joe started to compose and produce music in the vein of British electronica. During their studies they also immersed themselves in experimental approaches to sound creation and manipulation, composing and performing electro- acoustic music around Istanbul.

The excitement of bringing these musical worlds together birthed Yolcu. With songs that reflect the existential yearnings of Anatolian folk music and with an emotional authenticity summoned from the soul of the land around them, Dağ’s powerful baritone voice, ornamented with Turkish microtonal tuning, wraps around Joe’s twisted synth lines and productions, creating a unique blend of folk-inflected modern electronica and pop. Many of their songs feature bağlama and use the voice as an instrument, which, although they directly call upon the spirit of the region, are employed in a non-traditional way.

When they formed the project, Dağ and Joe set up their studio under Mount Ida, home of several Greek myths, on the Aegean Coast of Turkey. By the sea and under a mountain, inspired by the place and its isolation, there they spent many fruitful periods of time experimenting, composing and refining their sound, all the while cementing their friendship and creative partnership. This significant stage was the genesis all of Yolcu’s music and identity, and the location continues to be their home for the project.

Kate Linn – On My Way (Video)

“Amazed with the quality production and sound clarity of “On My Way” by Kate Linn on Thrace Music, solid sumerish deep house vibes here with a beautiful bassline, fine eastern melodies without been cheesy folkish and the sweet warm vocal performance of Kate Linn.”

Cătălina Ioana aka Kate Linn has been riding the sweet waves of success in South Eastern Europe and the Middle East since she was 16 years old. Her sound, a perfectly balanced combination between Balkanic influences and soft dance music, has brought Kate Linn two Golden Palm awards in Turkey: Most Popular Song for Zaynah (2017) and Best Foreign Artist (2018). The Turkish radio stations have embraced Kate Linn’s songs full hearted: Your Love, a 70 million plays hit, reached the no. 1 spot for several weeks. Turkey feels like a second home for Kate Linn, with weekly trips there for concerts, radio interviews and TV appearances. Thunderlike, released under the same Thrace Music signature sound, is now close to the 30 million plays mark. Eye To Eye, Kate Linn’s latest single, adds a bold attitude and a rather edgy take on her unique Balkanic sound, which represents her fully.

Meet Me at the Downbeat [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (Video)

“”Meet Me at the Downbeat” or o Upbeat?, Big Fat Meanies first song from their debut album “The Time Has Come” with their fantastic official video trap us into their lush layering of sounds based on wonderful instrumentalists who knows how to perform and giving continues the right funky grooves yet the vocalist performance is the spice of all this sonic bliss, which not stay sort in duration but squeeze you out all your party vibes you hide in! Amazing!”

Big Fat Meanies is a 9-piece musical collective from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Drawing influences from progressive rock, ska, metal and punk, the band creates a unique blend of genres that has been described as “off the wall” and “refreshingly different”.

Big Fat Meanies has become a well-known name in their home city of Lancaster. They have opened for national touring acts such as Roxy Roca and Thank You Scientist, and have headlined local venues The Chameleon Club and Tellus360 multiple times.

Moon Touch Music Johan Famaey Video María Cecilia Alguacil (Video)

“We dont know if John Famaey finally does a “Moon Touch” but certainly this goes far and deep, touching the heart! Starting emotive and soft, pushing you into an emotional diving and when you have set your self free, floating in his key harmonies, then it comes the passion on 01:40 and you explode like the birth of a new star. ”

Belgian composer and pianist Johan Famaey performed and composed countless works with and for different ensembles in Europe and China. He has won the ‘Verdi Keurmerk’ and ‘Cantabile Piano’ composition contests in 2019.

Locked and Loaded (Video)

“Locked and Loaded from Stefanosis through its minimal layering yet mix tighted, it gives you the proper reggae dub vibes you need, hypnotizing you in his beautiful melodica harmony guided by its solid bass groove. Forgive us for any typos but we always review by listening, and sometimes we dance through as here!”

Stefanosis is a multi-instrumentalist, independent producer based in Los Angeles, California, specializing in reggae dub, instrumentals, deep-house, ambient chill-out and organic electronica. All of his music catalog is available on Spotify.

OLI – What Happened to You? (Video)

“”What Happened to You? ” by “OLI” at Ben Addiction Music, is a soulful alternative pop, filled with melancholic tones through a minimal music layering, enriched with her warm vocals. A beautiful pop chill!”

London based singer/songwriter OLI returns with her powerful, synth-scaping, new single “What Happened to You?”

Tapping into the deep feeling of being betrayed by a friend, ‘What Happened to You?’ examines an often overlooked type of relationship breakdown. With a hard hitting chorus, full of sparse yet pounding bass tones and soundscaping layers of synths, piano and vocals, it’s a song that oozes catharsis at every moment.

Speaking of the new single, OLI said: “I really wanted to do a song about a friend and not a partner. I just feel like betrayal can be so much deeper with a friend and really shatter you. Sadly, I think a lot of people have been through this and you really do find yourself asking what happened to you?? Maybe you won’t cry yourself to sleep every night but It’s a different kind of sadness.”

Moving to London from New Jersey aged 2, and growing up in a household filled with music, OLI soaked up influences as diverse as Sade and Dion Warwick to bands like Stereophonics, Supergrass, Razorlight, as well as Pearl Jam and Pink Floyd. With such a contrasting collection of music to grow up on, it’s easy to see why her own sound is so idiosyncratic.

A connection via London’s musical circles led her to working with hit-making producer Benny D (Stormzy, Boy George, Kylie, Plan B, Robbie Williams, Paloma Faith). The pair have been working on an EP of new music which is ready to release in the new year and will include a track featuring Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan. OLI has also featured as a backing vocalist for Boy George on many occasions including Lee Cooper’s 2019 advert.

The Wild & Free – Fire [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (Video)

“”Fire” from The “The Wild & Free” is the first single off their debut full length album, “Fight Back” set to release on Sep 30th, 2020. A pop punk rock track which gets you quick into the mood and set you in fire with the passionate performing of instrumentalists and the glowing lead vocals, glued together perfectly both in terms of sound mix and harmonics.”

The Wild & Free, are an upcoming Pop/Rock band from St. Louis, Missouri.

The Wild & Free came about as a studio experiment that Mike and Dan came up with that they ended up liking so much that they decided to pursue the project full time. This is where they brought in Rachel as a powerhouse front woman and Marc on the drums to fill out the perfect lineup. After tracking their debut LP the band decided to add Bassist Zach Shaw to the lineup!

Mokita – Down (Video)

“Down from Mokita is the right music pill to push out your shady thoughts that usualy comes at night, soft sound as feather gives you the positive thoughts to finish a long day with clean mind and dream for tomorrow. ”

Nashville singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Mokitais released his new single/video, “Down” last Friday, 8/28. Unrelentingly honest and deeply personal, Mokitaapproaches songwriting as a confessional form of expression, often tackling the sincerest of subjects with thoughtful clarity. His new single “Down,” is a love letter to anyone who is struggling right now. Beginning with a somber piano introduction, “Down” surges into a meditative, downtempo pop number that’s guided by poignant yet hopeful lyricism.

“I’ve had some really rough seasons in my life where my depression was just so bad and I didn’t feel like I was ever going climb out of it,but through those times I’ve had some close friends who have walked with me through those seasons; who have encouraged me and just been present,” Mokitawrites.“I think the theme of this song was really just a letter to those friends who are going through those things, and to anyone who is having a hard time. Everybody needs a friend to walk with them through the hard seasons and sometimes just being present, being available to listen, and being faithful, is the best way to love someone through those times.”

Raised in a small town in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, and, later, western North Carolina, Mokita— born John-Luke Carter — took to music at a young age, beginning 13 years of classical piano lessons at age six, before picking up the guitar and trying his hand at songwriting as a teen. Relocating to Nashville after college, John-Luke took on the Mokitamoniker, a name adopted from Kivila, a language native to Papua New Guinea. The word Mokitaroughly translates to “the truth we all know but don’t talk about,” and it’s that sentiment that has always informed Carter’s approach to songwriting, exploring themes like depression, anxiety, the joy and stress and uncertainty of budding and fading relationships, and other personal themes, all in ways we all too often feel but rarely so truthfully articulate.

Mokita’s knack for songwriting and producing has led to collaborations with noteworthy artists like Ella Vos, R3HAB, Lost Frequencies, and Gavin Haley, as well as remixes for Maggie Rogers, Betty Who, and Daya. In recent years, Mokitahas also stepped out from behind the scenes, making a name for himself as an artist in his own right. His debut EP, 4201, was released in 2019 and he has continued to roll out a string of standout singles over the course of year. With over 200M+ combined streams and praise from the likes of Billboard, Wonderland Magazine, and Ones To Watch, Mokitais certainly an act to keep an eye on.

Stream/Purchase “Down”

Aurora Beam (Video)

“Drum and Bass maybe are from the most underrated grooves of electronica with 4/4 steal most of attention, yet the vibes within are so deep. Likewise here with Aurora Beam from Teravex at Zam! Enterainment who set us in a positive outlook vibe, full melodic and with retro feelings.”

Steve Aoki & KREAM – LIES (Official Audio) (Video)

“Greeks still remember the notorious vibes of Steve Aoki on his performance at Bolivar with FSI Events. In this collab with Norwegian producer duo KREAM we revive these moments. A solid production of deep/electro house where both artists signature “fight together”, until explode its dance energy, released on Big Beat Records.”

Norway’s notorious production duo KREAM has steadily been churning out hit after hit since 2016, but today sees the release of the brothers biggest single to date – in the form of a superstar collaboration called “LIES,” with the 2x GRAMMY-nominated DJ/producer luminary Steve Aoki! The single is out today through Big Beat Records and embodies the sound of both artists. You can hear KREAM’s signature soulful, forward-thinking production style set against the electro-house/trap style (and massive drops!) of Steve Aoki, making for a major collaboration all around – LISTEN HERE!

“Vibes!” says Aoki, “That’s how it all starts for me. Working with KREAM started with a great vocal vibe, and then we built out the song the way it was intended. This one leaves you in a special groove and won’t let you go. Enjoy the ride.”

KREAM shares their excitement for the release: “It’s wild to finally see LIES out in the light! The goal for all three of us was to make something to bang out in the clubs. Although nightlife has changed this year, we are still just as excited for everyone to finally hear LIES. It’s a harder, darker House track all about that moment when you realize someone isn’t who you thought they were.”

Hailing from Bergen, Norway and comprised of brothers Daniel and Markus Slettebakken, KREAM got an early jump on honing their technique, having started producing at a young age and never slowing down. KREAM stands out from the pack due to the true songwriting and musicianship behind their craft, putting an emphasis on using real instruments – their use of pianos, elastic basslines and live percussion are a hallmark of their sound. Originally discovered through their popular remixes, the duo has now eclipsed 400+ million career streams of their own, and their single “Taped Up Heart” reached #21 on Billboard’s Hot/Dance Electronic Chart.

Steve Aoki needs no introduction. The GRAMMY-Nominated DJ/producer has billions of streams and 250+ tour dates per year to his name, with Billboard calling him “one of the most in-demand entertainers in the world.” Aoki has taken on the role of renaissance man over the years; he’s also a fashion designer, author and entrepreneur, not to mention one of the most successful cross-genre artists. Over his career, Aoki has solidified his reputation through dozens of multi-platinum releases, multiple awards, billions of music and video streams and innovative cross-platform projects. At the core of it all, Aoki is a visionary, a road he’s traveled since the humble beginnings of Dim Mak Records, the trendsetting record label, events/lifestyle company and apparel brand he founded in 1996. For over two decades, Dim Mak Records has remained one of the leading independent record labels in modern music, having served as the launch pad for global acts like The Chainsmokers, Bloc Party, The Bloody Beetroots, The Gossip and The Kills, among many others. Just last month, Aoki announced the launch of his new Latin music imprint, Dim Mak En Fuego, with the support of Christian Herrera, co-founder of California reggaeton party Gasolina. The first signed act is Monterrey-based pop-R&B group AQUIHAYAQUIHAY.

With star power like Steve Aoki and KREAM coming together on one massive, hook-laden single – we can’t help but look forward to the day we can hit the clubs again and dance to this. Until then, we’ll be grooving in our living rooms.



Gregor Klamra – Night Ride (Video)

“There are some nights where your head is full of things you want to unload. Good music is one of the things that certainly helps, night driving another too. Having a night ride with good music yet is the best thing you can do! Gregor Klamra with his “Night Ride” on Joshi Tunes, invites us in this anti-stress pleasure through his beautiful harmonies, soft grooves and positive atmosphere to clean your shady mood.”

Gregor Klamra is the alter ego of Hamburg and Berlin based musician Felix Weigt.

During his childhood in the early nineties, he first got into contact with electronic music by watching eurodance music clips in German television. Also, synth-driven movie soundtracks caught his attention.

He then went more into acoustic music by learning to play the piano, and after finishing school, he studied upright bass at the conservatory. Since that time, he plays in theater shows, does studio work and live gigs with different artists and is a member of the Indie pop group Die Höchste Eisenbahn.

Apparently, he never lost connection with his early love to electronic music so that one day, maybe seduced from a long night in a nightclub or at a festival, he started to feel the urge to produce his own version of progressive and melodic house and techno in his spare time. Often more on the downtempo side, he focuses on melancholic chords, long build-ups and catchy melodies. Tied to his flat due to the corona lockdown in spring 2020 he finally found the impulse to finish some of his track that he is releasing now…

Parham Gharavaisi – Coalescence [OFFICIAL AUDIO] (Video)

“Coalescence by Parham Gharavaisi on Reav3R invites you to its hypnotic ritual yet atmospheric ambient guitar layerings. Giving a deep twist of nostalgia and a sense of dark sorrow.”

Coalescence is an instrumental piece composed in Celtic tuning with a strong focus on atmosphere and melody. Originally meant to be played on the classical guitar, the arrangement was later adapted to incorporate electronic sounds.

Parham Gharavaisi started as a solo instrumental project with the release of its debut album titled Identity Cipher, the style then promptly transitioned into metal with the release of the second and third albums titled Replicas/Hollow and Resurrection respectively.

WAITING FOR YOU Tania Vinokur Electric Violinist (Original) #taniaviolin #downtempo #electricviolin (Video)

“Waiting For You from Tania Vinokur is a euphoric world music flavored anthem, infused with her wonderful violin skills and warm vocals. Lush sound which flirts with trance though the synths used here and with details in music layering gives you a tickling harmonic groove on until end.”

Tania’s main musical inspirations are drawn from Gypsy, Electronic, Pop and Classical music. The subsequent sonic and movement focused creations are enhanced during her live performances. Live shows fully emulate Tania’s triple-threat approach to sharing her artistry with the world portraying her chameleon-like abilities to playing the violin, dance, sing and drum. Her stage presence is therefore simultaneously theatrical and magnetic, transporting audiences to her custom realm of music and movement-driven integration leaving them stunned.

In recent years, Tania has performed globally on European, American, Thai and Cuban stages as well as at various festivals throughout her career. Most recently she has performed at the ADE festival in Holland and appeared on TEDx Jaffa during which she received an ovation for the most original performance at the event. This honor praised her distinct combination of dancing and violin playing which Tania states is “…the most natural thing for her to do.”

Tania Vinokur is soon releasing her new album Dream Again,recorded with the aclaomed producer Yoad Nevo (Sia, Vanessa Mae, Bond) in his London based studios.

Magic Bronson – “ITILYN” (Video)

“We think you love this now as we did! Magic Bronson’s new song ITILYN is all about good vibes and leave in the present moment, discover the beauty that is all around you, yet sometimes due of bad mood you act blindfolded.”

Los Angeles born-and-based duo Magic Bronson return to the forefront of the indie-pop rock scene with their upcoming single “ITILYN” (I Think I Love You Now), due out next week! The woozy new track follows the recently released “Surfin” and “Tell All Your Friends” which have garnered praise far and wide and will all be on the forthcoming SWEAT album, due out this fall!

This new synth-tastic track features cruising vocals and syncopated percussion to create this head-nodding song. “ITILYN” (I Think I Love You Now) is a fresh take on a love affair with Los Angeles. With references to “skating down the boardwalk” and a love for all her quirks like sitting in traffic, life slowing down has taught us to appreciate all the things we often overlooked.

“‘ITILYN’ was inspired by our love/hate relationship with Los Angeles,” the duo share. “We were both born in LA and still live here so we definitely have a unique perspective. I think sometimes when you grow up in a city you can take it for granted a bit and not realize how much great stuff there is to do and see as opposed to someone who moves to LA and is really excited to go out and see the sights. We’ve both lived on the East and West side and they both have their own cool quirks and qualities which we wanted to touch on in the lyrics. I think a lot of people in LA get stuck in the traffic or bogged down by the high rent and have these fantasies of moving somewhere else that’s cheaper or easier but then you get an LA sunset or a perfect day cruising the boardwalk and you realize ah man this city’s actually pretty great. Just when you feel like you’ve had enough something happens to remind you why you actually do love living there and why you put up with all the hardships.”

“ITILYN,” “Surfin,” and “Tell All Your Friends” will all be included in Magic Bronson’s upcoming album SWEAT. Magic Bronson continue to spearhead music trends, tackling social issues and the anxiety of what’s going on in the world and coupling it with sensational and experimental melodies. The new album is fun, enlightening and uplifting all while tackling topics like the power of friendship and the uncertainty of trying times.

Nate Wonder, Roman GianArthur – Opening | Antebellum (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Video)

“Does shadows can speak? and how they sound? This epic cinematic neoclassical theme translate their dark language in harmonies. A dark contemporary modern classical song.”

Coinciding with the September 18th release of Lionsgate’s Antebellum, the motion picture starring Janelle Monáe, Milan Records will release Antebellum: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, with music by Nate “Rocket” Wonder and Roman GianArthur. Best known for their work alongside Monáe on her albums and as part of her Wondaland Arts Society, it’s the first-ever score from the production duo, a Colin Stetson-esque work which combines dark, orchestral strings with contemporary textures and influences.

“Opening” is the first song from the score and film itself.

“Writing the score for Antebellum has been a rewarding adventure in creating a musical bed that compliments the script while becoming its own unique character and identity within the film. It was really wonderful to work with my brother on this, it was one of the most fulfilling experiences,” says Nate “Rocket” Wonder of the project, adding, “Working with Janelle Monáe has also been a pleasure as always. We’ve done this a few times before and every time it is a thrilling experience to work on such intriguing ideas. It’s been especially heart-warming to work on this feature, as it is the next step in the evolution of her emotional pictures.”

Raligator – Popping Dreams With Broken Beliefs (Video)

“The music you want to listen in the end of a full day, to relax and engage good dreams before get sleep, a wonderful chillwave from Raligator with beautiful harmonies and soft atmosphere.”

Phasing out of the shadows, no apparent paper trail, no records, no fax, no BBM, no TikTok profile, no Snapchat. Raligator emerges with just music. No social media tags are needed here, you won’t find it. Raligator comes and goes, like the mail man, only with enchanting electronic records instead of Yankee Candles and unpaid bills. The first in a data dump coming in the months ahead, we get a preview into the soundscapes on offer from ‘Popping Dreams With Broken Beliefs’ – a hybrid Chill-Out meets Synthwave meets classic Balearic sunsets and 80s inspiration all in one.

Swirling absorbing pads twist through the sonic spectrum before intensifying into a crescendo that hails a deep and dense sub bass that swells forward in natural waves of seismic vibrations. Raligator holds a prolific signature sound, contrasting between Downtempo tendencies, more abstract Electronica forms and that central core that always roots somewhere close to a traditional Electronic music genre. This one harks back to classic Balearic Chill-Out, whilst also conjuring Synthwave spirits from the vintage melodic leads. There is euphoria to be found in the angelic vocal which stacks a beautiful chord progression that is absolutely fused with precision to the bass. These elements when stacked all at the same time make the magic moments in the track, with the main chorus section being one of those phrases that you just want to loop and loop to drift away.

The accompanying official video is a machine gun of colour provoking introspection, confusion, maybe even a warped and hyper-coloured meditation. Filled with subliminal communications, there is a sequence and code hidden inside the complexity and insanity of the video’s elements. We’ve not worked it out yet – but we’re nearly sure that there are words of wisdom to be found if one is patient or curious enough to resolve the messages and piece together the riddle.

‘Popping Dreams With Broken Beliefs’ will be dropping in September.

The Sultan – Bling Bling (Video)

“3 minutes of summer perfume in “Bling Bling” from The Sultan, released in Cube Music. Good vibes all the way and smiley atmosphere which move you up and removes any shades in your mood. Wonderful moody song.”

Summer 2020 is not cancelled! “Bling Bling” brings the right summer vibes to your speakers. The video to The Sultan’s catchy new pop song has been shot during his trip to Australia and Vanuatu.

Few Words About “The Sultan”:
The Sultan describes his music as “the sound of your soul” as it replicates the sensation of speaking out about what’s inside of oneself, the inner voice bursting out and radiating light.

The Sultan flirts with an eclectic sound. His music melts eastern and western culture into words and melody to convey a soulful message full of heart.

He most notably traverses the genre of pop, but his versatile abilities allow him to branch out into other styles. The sound is dreamy, spiritual, and uplifting with a strong focus on vocals. Catchy, almost timeless melodies and lively singing convey a bright, exuberant mood.

“Music should be a positive power in this world – a force to connect people of all walks of life, bringing them together in peace and harmony.”

The lyrics gush with inspirational and heart-warming messages that encourage one to live life to the fullest. They stand for humanity, love, the universe, and peace and aim to bring people and cultures together. His personal ethos makes its way into each stanza: believe in your dreams, in love, in the spirit of the universe.

Dax – I Need A Break (Video)

“I Need A Break” from Dax, is a heartbreak song about things he has been through off the second EP “I’ll Say It For You”.

Love is a drug that I can’t quit
It’s destroying me

I sit and cry my room
my hearts been broken
suffocating feels like I’m choking
I don’t know what to do
I’m just praying that this pain goes away drinking taking shots to the face
how you love me if you’re always playing games
want to leave but I feel trapped inside a cage I just think I need a break

How’d you do this
we were supposed to live in perfect Harmony
I got half of you you got all of me
Miscommunication girl just talk to me
how you let it get to this
how you let my friend hit
if there’s no loyalty girl there’s no relationship
so I think I’m going to have to take a break
So I think I’m gonna have to take a break

I sit and cry my room
my hearts been broken
suffocating feels like I’m choking
I don’t know what to do
I’m just praying that this pain goes away drinking taking shots to the face
how you love me if you’re always playing games
want to leave but I feel trapped inside a cage I just think I need a break

This is stupid
don’t start crying now after you lose him had my heart then you went an abused it all my scary dreams have become Lucid my heart is scattered in many pieces broken I think it’s bleeding
numb I have no feeling

I sit and cry my room
my hearts been broken
suffocating feels like I’m choking
I don’t know what to do
I’m just praying that this pain goes away drinking taking shots to the face
how you love me if you’re always playing games
want to leave but I feel trapped inside a cage I just think I need a break
I just think I need a break I
I just think I need a break I
I just think I need a break I
I just think I need a break

I sit and cry my room
my hearts been broken
suffocating feels like I’m choking
I don’t know what to do
I’m just praying that this pain goes away
Pain goes away

It’s Dax

TYSHER – I Want You (Video)

The right house summer hit is here, all the sound groove ingrediends for endless dance.
Tysher, based in the region of Nuremberg the DJ & producer presented his debut single „run with you“ on his own imprint/label called TYSHER RECORDS now the second track “I want You” is out.
The track is defined as a very catchy mixture of: summer, sunset and dancefloor. Tyhser impressively shows that you can combine the genres of mainstream vocals with cool and independent beats. Since 2010 he has his own weekly show on where his single will have its first public spin.

Sly (with Emily Warren) – Cotton Candy (Video)

Enticing alt-pop newcomer Sly joins the Village with his riveting debut single “Cotton Candy,” featuring the talented Emily Warren (multi-billion-stream driving force behind hits for Dua Lipa, Khalid, Sigrid, Rita Ora and Charli XCX) on vocals.

Sly, aka Sylvester Sivertsen, has racked up esteemed credits over the past few years, having collaborated and produced for notable artists including The Chainsmokers, Liam Payne, Cheat Codes, the Jonas Brothers and many more. Now he returns to the forefront of emerging artists as a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist with his debut release.

Having grown up to parents involved in the arts, music runs deep in Sly’s bloodline. His father is renowned producer and drummer Jan Sivertsen and his mother, perhaps his greatest inspiration, is the legendary Danish singer and songwriter Lis Sørensen. The Copenhagen-based artist grew up watching his parents work with analogue equipment which led him to begin teaching himself how to produce in Logic, drawing inspiration from Daft Punk and Justice but continuing to experiment with his personal sound.

By his late teens Sly had perfected his skill for mixing live instrumentation and synthesized beats, landing him an early cut with Liam Payne. His success soon spiraled into bigger cuts like “Side Effects” which went on to hit hundreds of millions of streams for The Chainsmokers. “When I started making the music I wanted to hear, I hit a vein,” he says. In turn, inspired by his work with major artists and noticing that he was building a catalogue of idiosyncratic, compelling and human pop, Sly really did start making music for himself.

2020 is here and Sly has begun to emerge as a dynamic artist in his own right. In his scintillating debut release “Cotton Candy,” Sly shares his own music with the world: combining state-of-the-art pop production, emotion, and humanity.

“Human emotion is what music is about,” proclaims Sly. “I’m very particular about whether music makes me feel something – in its lyric, its melody, its sound, or all three at once,” he explains.

New single “Cotton Candy” hits the mark. Sly captures a dark, moody, and sexy energy in this new track and Warren’s luxurious vocals were just what the song needed. He explains that the single is about not giving up on love. “Emily was going through a breakup and we were talking about how difficult love can be, and how to know when you should let go or keep fighting.

‘Cotton Candy’ is a song about not being ready to give up and Emily got back with her boyfriend the next day.”

Sly effortlessly blends pop-forward production with a passion for analogue synths and real drums and guitars, making for a sonic palate that feels both fresh and familiar. Sly seamlessly introduces new elements to the pop lane and “Cotton Candy” is his first official offering.

Andrew Roman – Abnormality (Video)

Andrew Roman makes his much-anticipated debut on Gemstone Records with ‘Abnormality.’ A refreshing modern house production, this release signals new sounds for the California-based producer as he divulges into grandiose basslines and mesmerizing arpeggios.

‘Abnormality’ jumps straight into an alluring breakdown characterized by spacy synth pads and delicate vocals. Warm arpeggiated plucks and soothing vocal harmonies conjure throbbing tension before the track drops into a dramatic bassline and punchy drums. Roman builds further tension in the second drop with manipulated vocal fills and ethereal ambiance effects.

Despite recently joining the Revealed family, Andrew Roman is no new name to the dance music scene. Hailing from San Francisco, his artist project is the culmination of former aliases and ghost producing for other acts in the US and EU. Roman’s past tracks have been featured by Spotify’s editorial team on New Music Fridays and top EDM playlists. He’s also received support from legends like Hardwell, The Chainsmokers, Jauz, and more.

Nadisko – On It feat. Henning (Video)

Brook Gee Records are enjoying a year of sustained growth on the back of a stacked release schedule in recent months which has shined a light on some of the finest emerging Producers in the business. This month though sees a very special delivery for the imprint as Nadisko touch down on the label armed with a single that’s already picking up major attention from those that know the very best in dance music when they hear it. ‘On It’ lays down a marker for 2020 as Nadisko and Henning come together for a project that’s been given a full treatment from production through to award winning video and it’s no less than this superb piece of work deserved.

Nadisko let off a euphoria-inducing series of beautiful arp synths that are teasingly held back by provocative filtering whilst Henning’s chilling vocal is spread across the mid ranges in perfect harmony with the electronic elements that remain subdued, but ready to unload when the space prevails. Those breaks do come, and they are totally stunning. The air left behind by the removal of the bass and drums is flushed out with glistening synthesis as the low pass filter on the lead is wrenched forwards to unveil the true potential of the spine tingling melodic lead which takes the centre stage and roars out a classic throwback Trance inspired tune, complete with spine tingling key-change and shimmering plucks that fill the sonic spectrum with vibrant energy. The drops are alive with sub frequency bass and throbbing kick drums that take full control of the bottom end to create a perfect bed for the flurry of melodic content that glides across the spectrum in the shape of plucks, acid squelches and a stack of subtle pads and atmospherics. ‘On It’ is a real professional grade vocal anthem of a track that will be lighting up dancefloors, radios, headphones and anything else that it comes into contact with in the weeks and months ahead.

Nadisko formed during the Myspace glory days of mid-2008; an era when MGMT’s debut album was being blasted all over the radio and ultimate-cringe head-to-toe fluro attire was widespread. They quickly cemented themselves as premier resident DJs in Sydney, and from there they gained airplay on BBC Radio One for their debut EP, they supported Steve Aoki, Tiga, Uffie and heaps more massive names, remixed Peking Duk’s first EP, and played shows all across Australia, Europe and Central America.

Be on the lookout for more top-quality music from Nadisko via Brook Gee Records in 2020 and beyond. ‘On It’ arrives this month and comes packaged with an awesome official video to complete this cosmic package.





Don’t You Dare (Feat. Subkultural) (Video)

Lyrically the song explores the limits and boundaries that are present in emotional encounters and relationships. In this case the line is set pretty far and most is permitted, but there is a point of no return and that is the crux of the song. Simply put, this is a masochist’s love song.

Musically, it combines elements of electronic music with a rock attitude and feel. An upbeat and energetic intensity is present from start to finish. Fans of electronic, rock, and industrial music in general will gravitate towards this new track from Darko Richards featuring Subkultural.

Earthphish – ‘Rite Of Life’ (Video)

Rite of Life from Earthphish is about the challenges in life and to embrace them as a learning experience.
A downtempo electronica, trip hop infused and with solid groove, certainly will move your body through its ritual vibes.

Few words about Earthphish:
Formed in Switzerland 2001 by Donovan John Szypura, Aleksandra Mirjana Crossan, and Andre Ledergerber. Earthphish later converted to a duo – Choreographer and Singer Aleksandra Mirjana Crossan and Composer and Producer Donovan John Szypura became a symbiosis of music and dance. They produced numerous award-winning contemporary dance pieces between 2001 and 2005. Their demo CD ‘Metropolis’ was produced in 2001, followed by their debut CD ‘Soft Green Exit’ in 2003. The last EP ‘Earthphish’ was released in 2006.

Earthphish fell into hibernation. They appeared in Australia in 2012 and are now based in Tasmania. Earthphish awakened in 2020 and released the single ‘Rite Of Life’. Earthphish announced to release a set of singles before releasing the album called ‘Turtles All The Way Down’ in November 2020.

Lee Scratch Perry, the grandmaster of Reggae and Dub will be featured on the song ‘Deadlock’.

RUNWAY FOR 2 – It’s a Runway for Two (Official Promo Video) (Video)

A bright guitar riff combined with powerful electronic sound that wins your interest from first second and keep your mood and groove on until end.
A solid mix nd production and with wonderful harmonic layering.

Few words about RUNWAY FOR 2:
Over the years Alexander has written and produced over 60 songs that were published in 16 countries. Since 2009 Alexander Maltsev worked on the creation and development of his own big IT project. After a 7-year break in his musical career he decided to return to producing and creating music. As a result, in April 2020 a new musical project RUNWAY FOR 2 (RF2) was created. In May 2020 the first single It’s a Runway For Two was recorded. July 24, 2020 single It’s a Runway For Two was released by German label KHB MUSIC.

Download or stream now at

The style of music of the RUNWAY FOR 2 is Electronic dance blues Music (EdbM), Indie Dance, with elements of Electronic Alternative Music and Electronic Indie Pop-Rock.

Pulsar R82 – Keepers of the Earth Peace Music Revolution (Video)

Pulsar R82 is a pulsating synth beat intertwined with piano, part of the “Mystic Dreams” album from “Keepers of the Earth Peace Music Revolution”,
a track that express the glory of ambient synth electronica through harmonics that offering a space travel through sounds.

Keepers of the Earth Peace Music Revolution is an art rock collective. The music explores the conditions of humanity and encourages perceptive emotions/thoughts on world issues. At the same time, KEPMR explores the imaginative and emotionally powerful aspect of music.

Sierra Bohnet – Machine (Video)

This single has a big industrial beat with a droning bass throughout. There are layers spun layers of harmonies and backing vocals, as well as a catchy melody. This song is about someone who is coming out of a dark time of their life. The metaphor is a “machine coming back to life”, like the gears start spinning again.

Few words about Sierra Bohnet:
American singer/songwriter/producer Sierra Bohnet performs progressive pop music, emphasizing lush, layered vocal harmonies, heavy synth melodies, and a wide mix of percussions/world beats. In many of her songs, she strives for an epic feel; where her high vocals carry an emotional, electronic symphony. Her inspirations include Aurora, Grimes, Banks, Scott, Allie X, Two Feet, and Cautious Clay.

Sierra Bohnet started writing music as the age of 9, in Truckee California, and has been developing original music ever since. She was fortunate to train for years with a vocal coach who fed her passion for writing and recording music. She launched her first single “Reflection” at the age of 16 and followed that up with new singles each year. She continued to develop her sound, and found a passion for producing her own music while studying at Berklee College of music. In May 2020, Sierra launched her debut EP, Eradøn, with six songs, each of which she wrote, performed, and produced. Ëradøn is the combination of two words – “era” and “done” to signify the end of an era in her life; a sort of rebirth.

While she considers voice to be her primary instrument, Sierra is also a classically trained flautist and a jazz saxophonist. She is self-taught on the piano and ukulele, which she often uses when writing music.

When not making music, Sierra loves goofing off, not taking the world too seriously, and being just crazy enough to help make this world more sane.

The Angel – Words Like Daggers feat Jhelisa (Video)

“Words Like Daggers” by The Angel featuring Jhelisa

Video directed by Mark Pellington, Sergio Pinheiro and Sweeten

“Words Like Daggers” is the first new artist recording from downtempo iconoclast, The Angel, in nearly a decade. The acclaimed record producer and film/TV composer has been known for pioneering a progressive dubtronic fusion of sounds on her records and in her film and TV score throughout her career.

Recently, The Angel was requested by her cousin, Rain Phoenix, to contribute a song to the LaunchLeft “Launched Artists Digital Singles Series” honoring her brother, River, for what would have been his 50th birthday. The contemplative lush electronic “Words Like Daggers,” written and produced by The Angel is the submission, and features longtime collaborator, vocalist, songwriter and producer Jhelisa (“Friendly Pressure”).

Of this inspired collaboration, Angel reveals,”Jhelisa and I have become close friends over the years.” Explaining how the seeds of collaboration grew holistically, “There’s a lot of sisterly love and mutual respect between us, so Jhelisa already understood the mournful weight of the track
before I asked to feature her. I’m always grateful that she’s willing to experiment with me because it’s not something she does lightly. Jhelisa beautifully channels the essence of whatever emotion needs to come through in the most evocative and visceral way.”

Jhelisa offers this insight about the song, “You wave goodbye from the edge of the shore, wish them the best, and love them forever. The word ‘Goodbye’ is a dagger wound you can eventually heal from through love and compassion.” The Angel continues, “I wanted the song to sound like a memory, like you’ve entered someone else’s dream space…The emotion is contained, very internal, so I juxtaposed a vocal vulnerability against a driving, incessant rhythm, where you can feel the underlying tension at the same time as experiencing the gentle plea, ‘Where’s my shelter…?’”

Rain’s LaunchLeft podcast and label are an alliance and space for eclectic artists and famed creatives. She especially curated a selection of music premieres including this anticipated release from The Angel. All artists selected have a special connection to River. The “Launched Artists Digital Singles Series” conclude on River’s birthday, August 23, with two previously unreleased songs from his band, Aleka’s Attic.

“I’m incredibly proud of my cousin as an activist and artist,” exclaims The Angel on contributing to the LaunchLeft Singles Series and Rain’s vision. She continues, “Rain’s solo album, ‘River’ is a brave and beautiful tribute to her brother and I wanted to be by her side as she took this next step to celebrate River’s 50th via this special singles series. The spirit of LaunchLeft, as an alliance of left-of-center artists who support and uplift each other, is something that River not only lived by, but is exactly the kind of alliance he would have championed. This is something we need more of in our industry and in the world.”

The Angel wrapped a video for “Words Like Daggers” with award-winning director and friend, Mark Pellington (Prolific Film Content), premiering via LaunchLeft’s partnership with Flood Magazine. Directed by Mark Pellington, Sergio Pinheiro and Sweeten, the video is a collaboration between Pellington, his editor and FX artist/director Pinheiro and film collage artist Sweeten. The three joined forces with The Angel, Jhelisa and cinematographers Alfeo

Dixon in Atlanta and Eve M Cohen in L.A. to create this emotional nocturnal collage. Mark acknowledges, “The Angel is a great artist. I loved the track and brought in some colleagues to make it happen. I understood her personal expressionism and intention and felt I could help the creative effort.”

The Angel adds, “Mark and I go way back to his MTV ‘Buzz’ days. He, Jhelisa and I all lived in ’90’s London, forging our individual artistic paths. Bringing us together for this video added some historic synergy to the mix. I’ve always loved Mark’s visual aesthetic. I’m grateful for his
emotional creativity, his artist-to-artist and human-to human approach. He challenged and encouraged me to write an internal dialogue that was separate from the lyrics, to use as the framework for my voiceover. I added newly created music beds, that now make up the intro and outro. After many years of working to picture, it was inspiring to reverse engineer the bookends of the video, and treat them like film in this way.”

The Angel and Pellington pulled the vision and team together fast, with Pellington overseeing the live action shooting, then Pinheiro and Sweeten adding their layers of image and visual FX. Angel adds, “Mark has an innate ability to tap into the underlying meaning of a song, then translate that into a poignant visual feast.”

Describing the feeling, Angel says, “The ‘Words Like Daggers’ video is centered on Jhelisa, the evocative messenger who draws us into self reflection, unleashing demons, showing us what it feels like to maintain both power and empathy in the face of adversity.”

Being able to celebrate River in 2020 with a new song and production makes this release even more meaningful to The Angel. “’Words Like Daggers’ is an exploration of loss… the agonizing breakdown of a deep connection, merged with other poignant losses, like the loss of my bass player and spiritual brother, Robert Russell, who plays on the record… all life experiences I would have shared with River.” The Angel adds, “Thanks to Rain, celebrating River in 2020 has become an unexpected and important part of my healing process…a touching reminder that the process is ongoing. I Ioved River dearly.”

The Angel hails from Brooklyn and is based in Los Angeles via an extended, inspired stay in the U.K. She has produced and released many acclaimed
works since the 90s under additional monikers, 60 Channels and Jaz Klash. She is also one of a handful of women film/TV composers, having scored
features including, Boiler Room, Gridlock’d and KiDULTHOOD as well as Ava DuVernay’s pilot “For Justice” for CBS among others. The Angel has
produced, remixed, and collaborated with Monday Michiru, The Brand New Heavies, Bay Area rapper/singer, Mystic, The Pharcyde’s Tre “SLIMKID3”
Hardson, Delicious Vinyl Records, Spearhead, Ninja Tune, London jungle o.g., MC Navigator, and Bristol’s More Rockers/Smith & Mighty.

Jhelisa launched her career out of the UK Acid Jazz music revolution of the 90s. She has produced numerous solo albums including the revered classic,Galactica Rush. Jhelisa is a musical maverick whose many collaborations have included work with Bjork, Massive Attack, Soul Family Sensation, Bryan Ferry and Chaka Khan.

Ian Abel – Mirror Mirror (Video)

Queer alt-pop artist Ian Abel sings about getting over his ex in a tender, uplifting, and powerfully driving ballad “Mirror Mirror,” released Aug 11. The confessional, pining track came from an experience Abel had years after his first big breakup while sifting through old emails.

“I was honestly still totally hung up on it,” says Ian. “I thought my ex and I were meant for each other. But reading old emails it suddenly dawned on me that we weren’t perfect after all… I realized that the version of us I had in my head wasn’t really how it was, and it was like a huge weight was lifted.”

“Mirror Mirror” is Abel’s second single of 2020. His first single “Taste” was released in May and received praise from numerous blogs and playlisters, including a glowing review from American Pancake’s Rob Donker Curtius, who called it a “deeply engaging blend of genres and art pop tones.”

Streaming & Purchase:
Socials: @ianabelmusic

Lucy Burke – Nighttime (Video)

Nighttime from Lucy Burke is an ambient electronic pop song to laid back and engage good thoughts during night.
A wonderful chill atmosphere under etheral warm vocals.

Few words about Lucy Burke:
Lucy Burke has been recognised as a leading singer-songwriter in the contemporary Australia music scene. She was awarded third place in the Open category of the 2019 Australian Songwriters Awards for her single “Calm Before the Storm,” and was featured in 2017 when she performed her single “Leaving on a Lie.”

Lucy and her band are a mainstay at many iconic Sydney venues, including LazyBones, Venue 505, The Basement, Foundry 616, and The Vanguard. Merging acoustic instrumentation with ambient electronic pop, Lucy offers a modern take on the timeless tradition of song.

SOLON – Ready For The Night (Video)

The mysterious phenomenon SOLON is back with a solid melancholic piece in the form of ‘Ready For The Night’. Following up his latest release ‘Together All’, he showcases once again how he masters the progressive sound impeccably.

Inspired by the future of humanity regarding cosmos and cloning technologies, the compelling track takes you on a journey around SOLON’s vision. The release is accompanied by a stellar video, bringing tribute to space exploration after the launch of NASA’s Mars 2020 rover to the Red Planet

MONOTRONIC | Kids of Summer (Video)

A bright, full of positive vibes and wonderful mix is “Kids of Summer” by Monotronic.

Monotronic share few words about this song with us
“The music and beat of Kids of Summer was inspired by some of the electronic music I have been listening to these days. It’s got an upbeat vibe that feels right for summer, but also speaks to the times, in terms of all the youth energy we are seeing out in the streets, which I think is leading to real change”

Monotronic is a collection of musicians based in New York City that blend a wide array of genres and styles to produce a unique sound of their own. The band was founded in 2016 by guitarist/producer Ramsey Elkholy, who is also the band’s leader and primary song writer. The band’s sound can best be described as a mix of indie and electronic music with strong world music influences. Monotronic has been featured in several music publications, and has performed at many prestigious venues and festivals.

Peter Zirbs – Wasted (ft. Loretta Who) * Official Video * (Video)

Multi-instrumentalist Peter Zirbs with his new single ‘Wasted’. Taken from the On A Beautiful Day EP, released August 28, ‘Wasted’ features outstanding singer and songwriter Loretta Who.

Providing one of the two big emotional highlights on the On A Beautiful Day EP ‘Wasted’ sees bombastic, electronic arrangements meet with the fragile, soft voice of Loretta Who – rarely has human alienation been more charmingly packed into a song.

On A Beautiful Day seems to almost prophesise current events – what seemed unthinkable a year ago has become everyday life. With the charismatic former Archive frontman Craig Walker, Zirbs has invited an international guest to the studio for the single ‘Locked In’. Inspired by an old interview with the legendary singer Nico, Zirbs wrote the lyrics to the song last autumn. Today these lyrics read frighteningly up-to-date.

With the hypnotic track ‘The Grand Blackout’ and the energetic track ‘Intensive Care Unit’, Zirbs again proves his class and ability to playfully switch between minimal music and his early musical roots.

As part of the Viennese techno scene of the 1990s, multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer Peter Zirbs released music under several pseudonyms and on various labels. He has broken down genre boundaries over the years, experimenting with analog synthesizers in the scene’s infancy, and finding success with his energetic and raw productions. His electronic music collective konsorten™ earned considerable airplay across the German-speaking world, he also produced for other artists and was responsible for the score of three highly praised art films.

In 2018, Peter Zirbs stepped into the spotlight as a solo artist, with his internationally-acclaimed album debut What If We Don’t Exist?. This debut release found Zirbs’ mixture of futuristic synth-pop, graceful ambient and minimal music being compared to Bowie.

“The closest and most apt sonic comparison for “What If We Don’t Exist?” would be David Bowie’s Low, with its mixture of futurist Synth-Pop and graceful ambient music” (Forestpunk / USA)

NKOS – Lonely Ghost-Self (Video)

After their debut ‘Little Miss Numb’ last year and follow up ‘BOW (Brave Old World)’ only a month ago, NKOS are now back with synth/electro gem Lonely Ghost-self, their electronic take on break up, grief, solitude and pain. Building a path that will lead to the release of their debut album in October.

Single number three is now edging towards the digital launchpad, once again co-produced by Jagz Kooner, producer and remixer, doyen of ‘electronic rock & roll’ (it’s his own genre dammit). Co-producer of debut single Little Miss Numb’, Jagz lays a trail of aural breadcrumbs as to what you can expect from ‘Lonely Ghost-Self’, a track titled as if to be a winsome Belle and Sebastian B-Side but revealing a darker, heavier, jagged and harder hitting side to NKOS that was concealed by the dreamier, albeit bruising electronica of previous numbers ‘Little Miss Numb’ and ‘BOW (Brave Old World)’.

Initially a pan-national studio-based project, NKOS has evolved into a full band, one set to thrill on stages around the world. Brought together by friendship, the internet and sometimes sheer luck, NKOS comprise four artists from very different backgrounds – and locations – who share a love of deep, edgy electronica.

NKOS are releasing their debut album ‘From Dust To Life’ on Beatbuzz Records in October. The album will be available digitally via AWAL and OML Sync and physically in a limited edition metal box cassette with the option of cassette + walkman/cassette player also available.

Social media


I cut myself but I’m not bleeding
Rip my chest, my heart’s still beating
I’m alone what a crazy feeling
And I know I’m not forgiven

I’m chained to the love that I’m losing
Can’t face myself can’t stand my feelings
That’s my sin, the hell that I’m living
Maybe tomorrow I’ll give myself a new meaning

In this moment I need you most
But if you come to me will I face my ghost
I’m chained to the love that I’m losing Can’t face
myself can’t stand my feelings That’s my sin, that’s the

hell I’m living Maybe tomorrow I’ll give myself a new meaning

Meanwhile today doesn’t come to an end

And I’m waiting here with my lonely ghost-self

GIUDI – Flower&Snakes (Video)

Ground breaking Czech-Italian Alt Pop artist Giudi has released her 80s inspired future retro synthwave single ‘Flower & Snakes’

Giudi uses the symbolism of flowers and snakes as a depiction of femininity and purity vs sexuality and predation in celebration of femininity in all its wide and diverse forms in the 21st century.

Red Bull premiere of the Flower & Snakes music video on 8th August.
Music video directed by Martin Smekel for No Wave Back/ Choose your Wave
Art Direction by Jakub RA

GIUDI is one of the most creative artists currently in music, award winning Alt Pop star Giudi combines music with fashion and visual arts, featuring issues such as sustainable Fashion and diversity in society.

Her music is playlisted on radio stations on 5 continents from USA to New Zealand from Guadeloupe to Kyrgyzstan

bloody white – funeral (VHS HOME VIDEO) (Video)

funeral’ is the second single from bloody white’s forthcoming debut ep “you’d walk right over me’ on September 9.

The video was just released on July 30th.

bloody white has a way of transforming his most pensive teenage experiences, romanticizing them, and presenting them in their most rare form. The EPs material is an accumulation from his informative years to his struggles that he faced leading up to being a teenager, coming to terms with addiction and as he says “the self inflicted b.s” that he put onto himself.

bloody white has created a series of home made video on a vintage vhs he’s had since childhood. The video for the crescendoing angst ridden single “funeral” is really a culmination of the last year and a half. It’s little moments from that time since I finished the EP. The way it looks and flows is true to the vibe of the song. The video for “funeral” is similarly about how that song feels to me. The location we chose to shoot it at is eerie and has a cemetery. I just wanted to be surrounded by heavy shit like death and religion,” he said.

FUCK IT – Ayumi Anime (Video)

‘FUCK IT’ is the 8th single of Ayumi Anime, a song with a cool vibe and a motivational and supportive message.
A more uptempo pop track from Ayumi Anime.

Ayumi Anime shared with us: “Although I’m far from the United States right now, I know how hard it can be for people staying there and I’d like to support every soul and heart born and living there.. so ‘F**k it! Just be happy, f**k it and choose to live high… no matter what you go through”

Yuanfen – L1 (Video)

L1 from Yuanfen, coming from the same title EP, is a dream pop, chillwave with nice and soft groove, nostalgic guitars and beautiful vocals that give you a retro feeling, while partly includes nostalgia here – mostly you get a positive outlook from the harmonies.

Yuanfen, Currently based in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and London (UK), Yuanfen is a project of two friends, collaborating across borders. They officially formed in 2019, following a couple of collaborative projects and a shared mutual interest in creating something unique.

Expect to hear dance-infused downtempo indie that draws from a broad spectrum of influences—from UK underground music to dream pop. Think washed out guitars; crisp, swung percussion; hard-hitting in the low end; airy synths, pads, and textures to tie everything together.

BabyJake – Bread & Butter (Official Visualizer) (Video)

Today, singer, songwriter BabyJake drops his highly-anticipated debut EP, Don’t give me problems, give me wine—listen HERE!
The seven-song genre-blurring EP includes his latest single, “Head In The Clouds,” out now.

Don’t give me problems, give me wine jumps from exuberant pop to moody sunset-slicked folk. The EP features BabyJake’s breakout songs, “Confidant,” “Blue Cellophane” and “MadHappySad,” alongside four new tracks, “Head In The Clouds,” “(Consumption)(Addiction),” “Bread & Butter” and “Anywhere,” which are each accompanied by unique and compelling visuals shot by Alex Hall.

Of the EP, BabyJake says, “‘Don’t give me problems, give me wine’ is a special project for me. It’s the first time in my life I’ve really felt like the songs all make sense and have a genuine feeling. It took me awhile to figure out who I was as an artist, and this project fully embodies that,”

This past spring, BabyJake teamed up with Dillon Francis on his tracks, “You Do You” and “Touch,” which Billboard Dance praised, saying, “Florida vocalist BabyJake delivers the track’s smooth-as-silk vocals over Francis’ slinky production.” The singer, songwriter capped off 2019 with over 25 million streams across his first three singles and live performances of “Blue Cellophane” and “239” for Vevo DSCVR’s ‘Artist to Watch’ 2020 campaign, which he was 1 of 20 emerging artists selected.

Stay tuned for more from BabyJake this year! Follow him on Instagram!

More about BabyJake:
Jake Herring, the artist who records as BabyJake, has a complicated relationship with music. Growing up in Fort Meyers, Florida, Herring first picked up the guitar when he was eight years old. “My dad actually played guitar,” Herring says. “He used to sing in the Navy band and taught me ‘Smoke on the Water’ on guitar, and from there I just picked it up on YouTube and started playing.” Like a lot of other kids his age, Herring’s interest in music happened to coincide with the release and subsequent ubiquitous popularity of the Guitar Hero video game, which emphasized guitar theatrics over quieter playing. “I was listening to AC/DC…you know, all the classic records that you would hear on rock radio. I didn’t even want to be a singer. I just wanted to play guitar.”

Herring, it should be noted, is 6’ 6” and very athletic. By the time he was in high school, he was juggling a deep, somewhat private love of music with genuine enthusiasm for sports and partying with his friends. He didn’t feel like he fit in in any specific social group, and soon felt alienated. “I was just kind of sad,” he says. “I remember always feeling like I wasn’t in the right place.” For solace, Herring turned to his dad’s folk records, favoring the low-key contemplative sounds that resonated with the sense of alienation that he was feeling. “When I was in a mood, when I would feel anger or sadness, I’d go to the guitar,” he says. Though he maybe wasn’t conscious of it at the time, Herring was priming himself to be a sort of musical chameleon. Well versed in the building blocks of rock music, the intimacy of folk, and with an innate understanding of the rap and pop music he grew up around, he was constructing a well of disparate influences to draw from when he eventually made a serious go at a music career, it just took him a second to get there.

First, Herring gave college a try, thinking he’d maybe get a marketing degree while also living it up and partying. About a year in, he realized he didn’t want to be at school, and he was maybe interested in partying a little less, too. “I got depressed again, and I started playing the guitar and writing heavily, and I just fell in love with it again,” he says. He and his friends made “Bright Blue Eyes,” a song he says, “sounded really bad but got a little bit of notoriety on Soundcloud.” That song, along with one other key moment, was enough to convince him that maybe he could try to leave college and make a go at this music thing. “One of my best friends is named Aaron,” he says. “The turning point actually came from him. I was drunk one night and went to his apartment and I was playing guitar and I remember closing my eyes and jamming and then probably 30 minutes later [he was like], ‘You’re pretty good at this. You should try to do something with it.’” Herring brushed him off, but Aaron grabbed the neck of his guitar and said “No seriously. Do something, because you don’t want to be here.”

Herring dropped out of college and started writing songs as often as he could, and after narrowing down his six favorites, he convinced his dad to give him a loan so he could record them in a local Florida studio that gave him a Valentine’s Day discount. Before too long, he had his first official body of work: The Little Mess, which evolved into a multifaceted career that currently involves his own music as “BabyJake,” a record label called daycare with an added merch/streetwear line, and a budding career penning and producing songs with artists like Dillon Francis. Herring and Francis’ collaborations, the club-ready “Touch” and poolside dance gem “You Do You” both have more than five million streams combined to date.

Herring debuted as BabyJake in 2019 with his viral single “Cigarettes on Patios,” which has accumulated over 35 million streams to date. The piano-led anthem is accented by subtle snaps and booming drums that follows a night of party-hopping, but with a slightly dark edge. This theme of partying and coming down, of love and regret, of anger and frustration, is a crucial part of his music. Herring’s perceptiveness is what makes him a good songwriter and is a common theme throughout his music.

Toward the end of 2019, BabyJake was named one of VEVO DSCVR’s Artists To Watch 2020, and now he is preparing to release his debut EP, Don’t give me problems, give me wine, a seven song collection that jumps from exuberant pop to moody sunset-slicked folk, and even includes a psychedelic digression on substance abuse. The EP opens with “Blue Cellophane,” as Herring meditates on loneliness, addiction, and the pitfalls of giving yourself over to another human over a warm guitar stomp that evokes dimly lit blues halls, and a country swing that is present in so much of the music of the ’70s that he loves. Elsewhere, on “MadHappySad,” Herring combines disparate influences—think Kanye circa 808s and Heartbreaks by way of vintage Police—to create a modern, tense reggae inflected breakup jam. While on the bouncy, jangly “Head in the Clouds,” he explores the hidden weight of emotional escape, juxtaposing bright guitarwork against moody lyrics about self-defeat and the pitfalls of depression and avoidance. “Confidant,” (over 3.5 million Spotify streams to date), on the other hand, is about navigating the knotty feeling of bitterness that comes from being jerked around in a relationship. But on the last two songs—the one-two punch of “Bread and Butter” and the choir assisted “Anywhere”—Herring steps away from the party, slows down, draws on the warmth of lush ’70s southern rock, and the moody crawl of the folk music he grew to love to create a mature, horn-drenched suite that feels like the result of an artist older than his years, someone who has lived recklessly and loved hard and is ready to put it all on record.

bloody white – tongue tied (VHS HOME VIDEO) (Video)

VIDEO RELEASED for bloody white’s undeniably catchy, lo-fi pop/electronic single “tongue tied.”

In the lead up to his September 9 debut EP release “you’d walk right over me,” bloody white has self directed and edited a series of VHS home videos for each single, with the catchy lo-fi pop electronic song “tongue tied” being the first. Everything about bloody white is DIY, including his entire EP which was self-written, produced, performed, mixed, mastered all on his own.

bloody white is part of the new wave of fearless artists emerging with refreshing and exciting sounds. The 20 year old, self-taught singer/songwriter/producer has been crafting electronic beats since he was 11, from his bedroom.

“With a layered production of frenzied electro-tinged chords and sharp basslines, “Tongue Tied,” centers around the relatable burden of counterproductive decisions. While the chorus – “hey! hi! how’s it go? send a text and let me know,” – is wonderfully catchy and simple, a closer look at the transparent lyricism reveals the loneliness, desperation and self-destructive instincts of humanity in vivid clarity.” -Earmilk

“It was really important to me that my first videos feel real and represent the small town I’m from near Santa Barbara. They had to be true to what I grew up around and look nostalgic, too, and the most honest way I could do that was by recording with my old VHS camera I got when I was 7. My friends and I shot a lot of footage together for more than a year. Small town California is the backdrop for all the videos. I’m calling them VHS home videos because that’s what they are,” says bloody.

“tongue tied” is the first for opportunity for his early and new fans to get an inside look into his world. Since, unlike most 19-year-old’s, he has remained pretty enigmatic on social media – but this is no coincidence, as that’s his thing. bloody white’s mystique is just part of what makes him so fascinating.

TOSZ – Coração (feat. Salacia) (Video)

Creative head Tosz presents his new track „Coração“. The moody music video is produced in the favelas of South America. The chilling vocals are coming from Tosz himself and the angelic female voice of Salacia. A wonderful chill house, lush in harmonies, with warm atmosphere and beautiful groove.

You can check TOSZ personal Thoughts on „Coração“ here :

Few words about TOSZ:
Polish Born and Frankfurt based TOSZ, the name is derived from his original Name “Tomasz”, describes his style as „Deep, Progressive, Melodic-House” and every now and then he also explores the world of Downtempo and Electronica, influenced by the likes of Moby, Elderbrook, Christian Löffler, Crooked Colours and Monolink. Besides the danceable tempo and a moving groove it is mainly the spacy and atmospheric pads and his crucial vocals that carry TOSZ`s tracks and add this certain Soul to it.

José María – BODY – Track #5 from LQQK – A Visual EP in Six Parts (Video)

Picked from The New Masculinity: José Maria Debuts Provocative Visual ‘LQQK’ EP.

After a wildly successful Kickstarter residence and campaign in Fall 2019, recording and performing artist José María is ready to share their LQQK visual EP with the world. The project features six tracks that explore the concept of gender, toxic masculinity, and transformation.

José María: “Each track has its own music video where I progress from James Dean into a non-binary Mondrian,” says José. The LQQK EP takes a deep dive into society’s ideas about masculinity, turning the concept on its head.

José María : “I’ve always loved pop music. For a long time, I was scared to admit what I liked about female-driven pop and why. And then I finally asked myself: why can’t I be a pop princess? Who made the rules for how someone has to write? Think? Act? Why can’t I wear heels with my f***ing Carhart jacket while I lay a pipe? If Joan Jett could subvert and thus empower femmes and feminity, then I sure as hell can claim my sexuality and power by embracing the fullness of my non-binary identity.”

Indeed, the opening track, “EDEN,” opens with the artist sporting a rockabilly pompadour, white T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves, and black jeans – all accentuated with killer stiletto-heeled Pleaser boots. The song opens with a haunting six-part harmony before exploding into an alt rock groove set over a pounding beat.

Later tracks such as “BODY” find José in a colorful bodysuit and makeup, joined by Mãr Galeano and Ashton Muñiz. The catchy R&B-infused pop track muses on life, the future, and the inevitability of change. All of the music for the album was written by José, along with Cesar Gonzalez, Alexander Ronneburg, and Karl Ronneburg. The six part music video series was filmed by the queer femme savants at Proteo Media + Performance.

José María : “The music is earnest and sexy – stuff you shout-sing along to in your mom’s car,” José continues. “Our sound is inspired by the intersection of noise and new music with pop vocals, with SOPHIE, Tristan Perich, Meredith Monk, and Queen as references – I sing from my gut.”

It’s not José’s first foray into the intersection of music and visual art. Born in the Bronx to a working-class, Puerto Rican/Italian American family, José started singing and writing as a small child. They had entered the world of contemporary and postmodern dance at 18 when they were accepted into the NYU Tisch School of the Arts on a full ride MLK Jr. Merit Scholarship. At 21, José created their first “musical painting” that incorporated camera, dance, fashion, music, and performance to tell a universal story – and they’ve never looked back since.

José has showcased their work via YouTube, Radio City Music Hall, La MaMa ETC., NYU Tisch, and The Flea Theater. They have been featured in The Advocate , on Logo NewNowNext, and WNYC/NPR. Recent projects with artists Sam Pinkleton, Ani Taj/Dance Cartel, Meredith Monk, The B52s, YouTube’s Queer Kid Stuff, and some fabulous early covers are available online.

Stream or buy the LQQK visual EP here

Find José María at and @joseishere on Instagram.

Palindroma – Haze (Video)

Haze is about the claustrophobic feeling of being trapped and lonely. Its told as a story of a lost astronaut who has wandered off in space and is on the verge of losing all hope. But, anyone swimming in this state of emptiness can relate to the track. Palindroma’s fascination for space led to the production of this dark electronic track with sci-fi inspired vocoders, sound design elements and cinematic strings.

Palindroma is a musical project by Nitin Muralikrishna.

Palindroma’s music is a combination of acoustic, electronic and cinematic sound with Indian influences. The sound of Palindroma was nurtured over a 15-year musical journey and finally took shape as musical productions in 2016 at Berklee College of Music. The fine blend of acoustic and electronic elements is the crux of Palindroma’s sound. The importance is given to every small sonic element that then forms a part of a multi-layered arrangement. Nitin is also an Audio/Music production educator and an Audio engineer.

Muidas – Aria (Video)

Aria (Italian for Air) is Muìdas’ first single. The song is characterized by a melancholic yet soothing mood, evoking the sensation of taking off and being up in the air, among gray and menacing clouds. A well performed cinenamtic theme which goes bit further the usualy solo piano design of neoclassical and explores deeper the harmonic boundaries, spiced with tickling sound layers.

For more info visit:

Riotron – I’m Sorry [ feat. Tom Green ] (Video)

The brilliantly bizarre new video from Canadian retrowave popstar Riotron

Support on all platforms here

The brainchild of singer/songwriter Jeff Fettes, Riotron is an electro-pop project from Winnipeg, Canada that combines elements of new wave, EDM and even some jazz into a unique sound. The name is derived from the hit song ‘Rio’ by Duran Duran and the 1982 fantasy sci-fi film Tron.

In the delightfully bizarre new video for “I’m Sorry,” Riotron goes to couples therapy…with America! Featuring comedian Tom Green as Riotron’s therapist, this unforgettable short film stars a singing Martin Luther King Jr. Monument, a line-up of drag king Presidents, and the fiercest Statue of Liberty you’ve ever seen.

Says Fettes, “I originally wrote the song because of the division in my family over American politics. I wanted the video to reflect that division, but also how fierce and enduring the USA is.”

The video was directed by Tony Corella and Executive Produced by Jennifer Goodridge who previously partnered to help create the edgy “Mad Hatter” video with Melanie Martinez. Goodridge has previously worked with a number of prominent artists, including George Ezra, Poppy, X Ambassadors and Beck to name a few.

According to director Tony Corella “The deceptively simple concept that ‘I’m Sorry’ puts forward feels like a great canvas to play against the current political landscape— without having to draw any party lines. In a time of global suffering, I’m not sure if there’s a better message.

Lumiere – Doppler (Video)

Wonderful track Doppler which combines a rhythmic drumming and patterned pianom a Hauschka-esque is part of his forthcoming album “Phases” on 18 Sep. Sound design with clarity and beautiful emotional concept to daydream.

Phases is the second solo album of Lumiere, aka Greek musician Thanos Christodoulou. It is an invitation to an atmospheric trip of the heart and the mind towards dream-made images and memories of the future. Using the piano as the core instrument and combining post-classical elements with electronic structures, minimalism, and modern jazz, Lumiere’s aim was to create moving cinematic music that grips the listener and becomes the exciting soundtrack of modern daydreamers.

It’s fitting then that the name “Lumiere” is a reference to the french city of Lyon, the hometown of the Louis Lumiere and his brother, who are widely credited with inventing the art of cinematography and the first motion picture camera. Thanos spent a couple of years studying Physics in Lyon, where he also began composing his first solo pieces.

Phases is set for a September 18th release, with the propulsive, Hauschka-esque first single “Doppler” leading thew way with a video directed by Theo Tagholm, a London-based artist who created the video “playing” with real images of the world and “breaking” the observer’s experience into slices of space and time, redefining every moment (and the sense of time) as a repetitive wave.

Bjorn Rydhog – Give Me Sunshine (Video)

The song ‘Give Me Sunshine’ is the first single from the recently released EP of Bjorn Rydhog. It’s a hopeful summer tune as Bjorn Rydhog shared with us: “summer has spiritual undertones and it also figures as a central theme in some of the most beautiful pop songs I know.” The music video was shot in the city park of Malmö, Slottsparken. It’s the first music video he’ve ever made and I opted for a lo-fi production created with a beginner’s mind. It’s also a tribute to his beautiful hometown and was filmed by Emil Ask. A beatiful well produced indie pop to capture your summer moments.