Wonderful music videos (and not only), that Nagamag have discovered for you across youtube, as sometimes motion engages louder the music feelings.

Edvard Borneo – So Lonesome I Could Drive

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“Song that feels so positive, but at the same time it is much more deeper and melancholic. Song and instrument like a metaphor of life and all that it brings, good and bad moments, but you keep going, because, you can choose the soundtrack of life as well the life itself. ”

Nicky Romero x W&W – Hot Summer Nights

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“Modern edm sound from guys that have a very solid place in that scene. Vocals and synth themes are stuck in your head from the first notes, love the bass line in this, even it is more in a background that the rest. ”


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“This one is great presentation how house music sounded in the mid 90’s. Bass line that hooked you instantly, chopped vocals that are perfectly edited to fits the rhythm and the mood of the track. Just amazing to hear something new that sound like this. ”

Wickerbird – “a crossing song”

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“Guitar sets the mood from the starts, slowly building up the vocals/choir that comes to fulfill the song. Love this kind of melancholic themed songs, they are always perfect for some move scene or life experience we all had at some point. ”

Noraa – Sweet Summer Dreams

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“How I love to hear this band/pass filter on vocals on the beginning of this song, always, sets the mood just right for me. Perfect intro to a full spectrum of frequencies that awaits you after. Vocals, chords, rhythm part, so deep and emotional, playing with delay on vocals are just as amazing as everything else, this one goes on repeat. ”

JW Francis x Margaux – I Wanna Be Your Basketball

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“Love the old school vibe on this one, from style, productions, sounds, vocals, arrangement, like an homage to the seventies. Born in a different century, but loving that hipi movement, this is a perfect song for you to sent you back in time. ”

D Fine Us – A Little Bit Of Rain

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“This song is a beautiful cross between genres, jazz, blues, soul funk, rock, all with a modern touch of production. Vocals are amazing, followed with a beautiful piano themes, organs, guitars, all balanced in perfection. Some amazing skills are put into this song. ”

D Fine Us’ sound is very much a balanced combination of lush instrumental soundscapes and immediate melodies that won’t get out of your head so easily.

On the song “A Little Bit Of Rain”, Tomer did a great job at taking this concept to the next level. The song has a very immersive tone, while also incorporating familiar styles and influences in a very innovative way. This track serves as an amazing introduction to what this project is all about.

Stefano May – Crazy

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“Love the reverse sound from the beginning that serve as an intro to that lush piano themes a his beautiful vocal. Not sure what I like the most, piano themes or his voice, just a perfect blend. Drum parts are perfect, adding more layers towards the end, perfectly produced. ”

Acclaimed singer-songwriter and piano virtuoso Stefano May channels intimate experiences of pain, plunging into life’s hardest moments with his upcoming single and video for “Crazy”.

Working alongside producer Chico Bennett (Madonna, Lady Gaga, The Killers), a hauntingly beautiful ballad called “Crazy” was born – a deeply reflective, desolate take on the dark corners of enduring devotion. Stefano’s achingly raw demonstration of stirring vulnerability reaches deep into our psyche for a lingering expression of cathartic lament.

Stefano uses his rich background as a classically trained pianist to pair this vocally driven piece with a dim and distorted piano hook. We watch Stefano grapple with isolationism and the ghosts of his past as he journeys across abandoned beaches, lonely rooftops, and the solitude of his bedroom in this contemplative music video. Upon writing this track, May notes: “In everyone’s life, there is a moment when words cannot convey the gravity of a troubling situation to another. The power and beauty of music builds connection and closes this gap.” May has received acclaim from the likes of CNN, Ladygunn, Earmilk, GLAAD, Celebmix and Great Day Live to name a few.

Starr Parodi – I Sama Bili

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“The rising artist “Starr Parodi” continues her journey in the world of Neoclassical with a truly influensive piano masterpiece. Elusive notes, echoes from hidden chords and fading tones are ready to fill the air around us with a memorable mystic taste. Simply amazing result!”

Emma Mae Stone – Porch Song

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“Just a warm melody of acoustic guitar and an etherial vocal performance are fairly enough to attract your interest and improve every mood. The recent single from Emma Mae Stone will bring in mind your sweetest memories and keep the best company during lonely moments.”