“Immortal classics -frank sinatra- in modern arrangement from -Vincent Ding-. Nothing is forever except music. Decades have been taking place and diamond compositions have been finding a new breath, we can say they reborn into a new appearance, but still remain as they are. As we fell in love with them. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Бессмертная классика -Frank Sinatra- в современной аранжировке от -Vincent Ding-. Ничто не вечно, кроме музыки. Проходят года и десятилетия и бриллиантовые композиции находят новое дыхание, можно сказать перерождаются в новом обличие, но по-прежнему остаются такими, какие они есть. Такими, какими мы их полюбили.”

The thematic turning point of the album occurs with Ding’s rendition of the standard deeply associated with Frank Sinatra: “My Way”. “My Way describes my love-hate relationship with music growing up,” Dings says. “Knowing at an early age that my parents would've never agreed to me pursuing music in college, I took music for granted after middle school but always had in the back of my mind the thought of releasing my own music one day, just to prove them wrong.” The timeless lyrics of the song echo many of the themes Ding had experienced in his own life, particularly as he turned from the familiar and jumped headfirst into the world of creative music. Reflecting ideas of turning regret into positivity and the rewarding end result of individualism, “My Way” provides an almost biographical anecdote for Ding as he champions the joy of finding fulfillment in creativity. The themes present in “My Way” are further explored in the corresponding narrative music video. Where many in the jazz world fall back on studio videos, Ding, as a part of his goal to inspire listeners from a broad genre background, put together a music video featuring a storyline. Utilizing two versions of the concept of self connected through time via a dancer, the video extrapolates on the themes present in both the song and the album, creating a unified call for the audience to pursue that which will give their life meaning.

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June 19, 2022

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