“The branded expression and dynamics of -Sorta Kinda Really Into You- make it a composite hit. Pronounced piano and sensual vocals make a common mix juicy and conceptual, which offers its insane atmosphere and instantly raise our mood.”

“Фирменная экспрессия и динамика -Sorta Kinda Really Into You- делают композицию явным хитом. Ярко выраженное пиано и чувственный вокал делают общий микс сочным и концептуальным, что придаёт свою безумную атмосферу и мгновенно поднимет настроение”


«It’s not like we need to talk about our future, but I’m sorta kinda really into you.»

After WE ARE AVA gave a sweet taste of their upcoming debut album Inner Gardening (autumn 2021) with the energetic, catchy track Conquer Me and the gloomy party anthem More Than You Like Me, the trio’s third single release follows now: Sorta Kinda Really Into You.

In the latest song, the Eastern Swiss electro-pop band strikes softer and warmer notes than before. The focus lies on a fresh relationship with all its beauties and pitfalls, reflected in the tightrope act of moving from trivial feelings to real ones. The fear of giving too much of yourself too quickly or getting too involved and consequently breaking something, coupled with the wonderful feeling of something new and exciting: «Really don’t wanna put a label on it and I don’twanna scare you off. But don’t you agree that this is going somewhere with us.»

The band wraps up the all-too-familiar ambivalence of butterflies in the belly in a feel-good ballad with a clear bottom line: «I’m really, really, really into you.»