Raquel Kurpershoek – Me Embala

“Melodic vocals -raquel kurpershoek is that powerful energy that can control your emotions, eroding all the boundaries. There is an atmosphere of romance in this song, which excites imagination and causes a feeling of good nostalgia. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодичный вокал -Raquel Kurpershoek- это та мощная энергия, которая способна управлять вашими эмоциями, размывая все границы. Есть в этой песне атмосфера романтики, которая будоражит фантазию и вызывает чувство доброй ностальгии.”


Me Embala is the first composition of Raquels upcoming album. In this album, colors represent a state of love. This song makes an association with the color yellow and is about the trust, joy and loyalty in beginner's love. Metaphors are used such as; the sun, the beach, sunflowers but also scents of saffron (all yellow elements) to reinforce this message. Melody lines and summer grooves coming from Spain and Brazil let you float on a sea full of love.

Fuensanta – Cuándo Te Voy a Decir

“The composition sends you at the very beginning of the time where the rhythm was and remains the most important engine uniting the hearts of people. Live performance, instrumental music and state of unity yin and yang. Feel the rhythm and taste of life. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Композиция отправляет вас в самое начало времён, где ритм был и остаётся самых главным двигателем, объединяющий сердца людей. Живое исполнение, инструментальная музыка и состояние единения инь и ян. Почувствуйте ритм и вкус жизни.”


A homage to Fuensanta’s upbringing in the water forest of Mexico: colorful, beautiful, brutal, and raw.

La Paula Herrera – Ser

“A very pleasant ballad, with the melodious sound of living tools and fabulous vocals of the charming performer -La Paula Herrera-. It is perfect for the sessions of yoga, meditation and as a soothing background for mind after a difficult day. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Очень приятная баллада, с мелодичным звучанием живых инструментов и сказочным вокалом очаровательной исполнительницы -La Paula Herrera-. Отлично подойдёт для сеансов занятий йогой, медитацией и как успокаивающий фон для разума после тяжелого рабочего дня.”


"Ser" (To be) talks about living without fears, being oneself with courage, joy, trusting that everything is for a reason and how the changes in this world are only a reflection of the changes that occur within us.

Afro-Latin percussion intermingled with piano, guitar, double bass, accordion and theremin makes of "Ser" a joyfull song who invites to live life with happiness and dedication.


Ramiro Pinheiro – Outra Era

“Smooth guitar notes and artistic vocals are tied in absolute balance here. “Outra Era” is simple and pure, with a strong taste of Latin and Bossa Nova style that will earn the appreciation of every listener.”


Ramiro Pinheiro and Ana Rossi presents “Outra Era” (Fagner & Zeca Baleiro), the first single of their next album “Vivo” (2022).


Born in Argentina, Ana Rossi began her musical training there, playing the piano in municipal and provincial schools. In the study of singing as an instrument, she has been especially interested in the Voice Craft technique, in which she has embedded her own trajectory combined with other visions. She is currently a member of Coetus, UNA, Marcelo Mercadante and his Quinteto Porteño, BREU and Gafieira Miúda, among others.

Ramiro Pinheiro is a subtle and creative acoustic guitarist from Brazil who is also a talented songwriter. He was mostly self-taught at the beginning, learning the guitar by ear before attending the Conservatório Souza Lima in São Paulo. Pinheiro moved to Barcelona (Spain) years ago and he has been an important part of the local music scene ever since, working with a wide variety of jazz and Brazilian musicians.

Pedro Bergamo – Imigrante (Video)

“An impressive Bossa Nova single, carefully composed for listeners with specific preferences in music. Friendly sound, based on special acoustic instrumentation and of course the warm vocals of “Pedro Bergamo”. Song with own attitude, clearly not for everyone!”


Artist said about this song:

“Imigrante is about my personal experience moving out of Brazil to Finland, a country with a culture very different than mine. It is a register of someone trying to hold on to what is important and letting go what does not define you as a person.”


TRACKDILLA, Ir Sais, KDDO – Bad & Wicked (feat. Ir Sais & KDDO) – song by TRACKDILLA, Ir Sais, KDDO | Spotify (Spotify)

“This track can principally cause your interest, since it easily enters into rhythm, calling you to relax and leisurely absorb all its content. Easy to remember, causes many positive emotions and never lets you get bored!”

“Этот трек не способен надоесть в принципе, так как очень легко вводит в ритм, призывая расслабиться и неторопливо впитать всё содержание трека. Легко запоминается, дарит множество положительных эмоций и не даёт заскучать!”


Global Viral Artist Ir Sais ( Dream Girl) teams up with African Super Stars Track Dilla & Kiddo


Dayron Ortega Guzmán, Maykel Elizarde Ruano, Eduardo Silveir – Guajirando – song by Dayron Ortega Guzmán, Maykel Elizarde Ruano, Eduardo Silveira | Spotify (Spotify)

“Strong performance with a small, but explicit Latin character. The combination of acoustic instruments is so spiritual that can immediately teleport us to another world. One may feel endless admiration and pierces of goosebumps, from that -so efficiently transmitted- atmosphere.”

“Сильное исполнение, с небольшой, но явной Латинской составляющей. Игра на акустических инструментах настолько душевная, что сразу телепортирует в другой мир. Слух просто тает от бесконечного восхищения и пробирает до мурашек, настолько качественно передана атмосфера.”


In Havana, recording sessions are done a little differently. Musicians and producers gather at recording studios, where a well-stocked bar and ample Wi-Fi are available in the lobby. A sense of ease and relaxation permeates the air – people gather not just to produce recordings, but to create art with each other in a communal music experience.

In the case of ESPONTÁNEO, or “spontaneous,” this quasi-live album was sparked while PARMA team members were in Havana for a recording session trip. Dayron Ortega, an accomplished guitarist and PARMA’s Lead Producer for Cuba sessions, invited his friends Maykel Elizarde and Eduardo Silveira to the studio during the session week. Elizarde lives in a remote village in Cuba and his guitar prowess had been virtually unknown until the release of his first album, SOUTH COUNTY, with Ansonica Records. Elizarde and Silveira, a renowned Cuban percussionist, entered the recording room from the lobby, and the three began to play what become a fusion of a recording and a jam session. Dayron began calling out tunes, which his counterparts would listen along to and then respond and embellish. If Elizarde and Silveira didn’t know the tune by name, they would quickly pick up the melody as Ortega started playing, and then would take it in a whole new, energized direction.

ESPONTÁNEO demonstrates a different side of the music production world – one where the craft of performance itself and the shared musical moment is not lost in the effort for a perfect take. The groove, spice, and free-flowing energy of this album offers a view into the everyday life of the Cuban music-lover.

Olivero – Souvenir De Viena (Video)

“As soon as you include -souvenir de vien, then you immediately feel the taste of an amazing musical pattern, whose virtuoso game captures and does not let go to the very end! Stunning energy that does not allow to make another breath, so you will not have a chance to translate your breath to the last second!”

“Как только вы включаете -Souvenir De Vien-, то сразу ощущаете вкус удивительного музыкального рисунка, виртуозная игра которой захватывает и не отпускает до самого конца! Потрясающая энергетика, которая не даёт сделать очередной вдох, так что у вас не будет шанса перевести дыхание до последней секунды!”


A very exciting Latin/Flamenco Song , included Drums, Bass and saxophone. original melodies, changing of speed/intensity/emotional moods

Follow Olivero:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/olivero__flamenco/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OliveroFlamenco
Official Site: oliveromusic.com/

Olivero (Feat. Duquende) – Bendito El Amor (Video)

“-Bendito El Amor-; a real therapeutic work for the exhausted souls. Positive, cheerful synthesis, insanely beautiful dancer and producer, which are raging passion. The fire burns and nobody can resist.”

“-Bendito El Amor- это настоящая терапевтическая работа для изнурившихся душ. Весёлое и жизнерадостное произведение, безумно красивый танец автора и слушателя, в котором бушуют страсти, пылает огонь и разбиваются звонко хрустальные бакалы. ”


About Olivero

His first guitar lessons began at the age of 5, and from the age of 7 he also took cello lessons with Professor Pözlberger/A. Bruckner Privatuniversität , where he studied music by Bach, Mozart and other classical and baroque masters.

When he was only 10 years old, he repeatedly performed excerpts from Bach’s Cello Suites and other works as a guest at the A. Bruckner Privatuniversität with astonishing precision and maturity. Further appearances in smaller orchestras and various string ensembles followed. His partners on piano, violin and viola were mostly adults.


LEO PIZARRO – Bella Luna (Video)

“Hot like any other Latin American music, the song -Bella Luna- combines elements of various genres such as salsa, samba, flamenco and also a taste of tango. Too Hot? Definitely!”

“Жаркая, как и любая другая латиноамериканская музыка, песня -Bella Luna сочетает в себе элементы таких жанров, как сальса, самба, фламенко и частичка танго. Горячо? Однозначно!”


De la unión del Caribe y el Mediterráneo nace “Bella Luna”( Afuerenyo Music 2020 ) el nuevo single de Leo Pizarro, una mezcla maravillosa del folclore de su país natal Colombia, y sus vivencias en España el cual nos invita a disfrutar de un ritmo muy pegadizo que se nos meterá en la cabeza y nos pondrá a bailar.

Residente en Barcelona, España donde nace su nueva propuesta musical, Leo es un músico, compositor e intérprete. Sus letras tienen ese toque especial de los artistas que transmiten y vibran con fuerza como las olas del mar de su ciudad natal, Cartagena de Indias, donde estudió música eligiendo la guitarra como su instrumento preferido para acompañar su voz. Impregnado de sensibilidad este artista le compone a la vida y a la realidad social latinoamericana.

En definitiva Leo Pizarro es un artista completo que cuenta historias a través de sus temas y que vale la pena escuchar.

Acerca del single debut producido por Orbe Ortiz (Toto La Momposina, Playing for Change, Dusminguet, Radio Malanga) en sus propias palabras Leo Pizarro nos dice:

“Bella luna refleja la nostalgia que llevamos dentro cuando estamos lejos de algún lugar o de alguien.

Si hay un retrato que nos pueda llenar de calma y acompañarnos en una noche solitaria , es alzar la mirada al cielo y ver la luna allí, nunca falla.

La luna ha sido inspiración para la humanidad desde nuestros inicios…

La luna es nuestro anhelo , nuestra paz, nuestra esperanza, nuestra casa, nuestro lugar , la persona que amamos, la que convierte la nostalgia en un canto que cura, la que nos motiva a seguir en el camino, la que aunque no tengamos equipaje nos monta en el viaje”.


From the union of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean is born “Bella Luna” (Afuerenyo Music 2020) the new single by Leo Pizarro, a wonderful mix of folklore from his native country Colombia, and his experiences in Spain which invites us to enjoy a rhythm very catchy that will get into our heads and make us dance.

Resident in Barcelona, ​​Spain where his new musical proposal is born, Leo is a musician, composer and performer. His lyrics have that special touch of the artists who transmit and vibrate with force like the waves of the sea in his hometown, Cartagena de Indias, where he studied music, choosing the guitar as his favorite instrument to accompany his voice. Steeped in sensitivity, this artist composes life and Latin American social reality.

In short, Leo Pizarro is a complete artist who tells stories through his themes that are worth listening to.

About the debut single produced by Orbe Ortiz (Toto La Momposina, Playing for Change, Dusminguet, Radio Malanga) in his own words Leo Pizarro tells us:

“Bella Luna reflects the nostalgia that we carry inside when we are far from somewhere or someone.

If there is a portrait that can fill us with calm and accompany us on a lonely night, it is to look up at the sky and see the moon there, it never fails.

The moon has been an inspiration to humanity since our inception …

The moon is our longing, our peace, our hope, our home, our place, the person we love, the one who turns nostalgia into a song that heals, the one that motivates us to continue on the road, the one that even though we don’t have luggage rides us on the journey. “

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