“There are legends that music has a mind and soul. If so, we can surely believe that the new track -Souls Of Music- is one of those, which can be called spiritual.”

“Ходят легенды, что музыка обладает разумом и душой. Если это и так, во что мы искренне веруем, то новый трек -Souls Of Music- один из тех, который смело можно назвать душевным.”

Driving with impeccable delicacy and soul, Copenhagen’s April And The Drift is a singer and songwriter with a life-long dedication to the art-form.

Guiding listeners through ambient soundscapes, April’s voice offers expressive and breathy qualities that unite with deeply thoughtful, emotive lyrics. Her catalogue touches on indie pop as well as jazzy blues and reggae. The songwriter lays out her truth and vulnerabilities in profoundly poetic and boldly observational ways, with soundscapes that follow primarily organic routes, utilizing natural instruments and the sound of her voice as much so as possible.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 29, 2021

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