“Heim by Bartosz Szpak opens like the soundtrack of a great mystery movie, beautiful sound crafted to tell the story through a good flow and while the keys deliver a melancholic tone the strings develop a tension for what it comes. A fine piece of neoclassical cinematic music. ”

Bartosz Szpak shared with us few works about his new music: The third in a series of singles teasing my new solo album. This time, the search for new sounds led me through felt-muted piano, dissonance strings and vibrating, modulated synthesizers. Brilliant multi-instrumentalist Marta Zalewska participated in the recording sessions on violin and viola da gamba parts. I try to look for interesting style combinations, juxtapose distant moods and create a narrative vibe by moving between electronics, film music and the raw tones of classical instruments.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
November 2, 2020

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