Hugh Klein – Quand C’est Mou (Spotify)

Melbourne artist Hugh Klein eases into the world on a cloud of delicate piano chords with debut single "Quand C’est Mou" (out via Lekker Collective). Directly translated to "When It's Soft", the track is a delicate, piano-led offering on the borderline of jazz and classical - offering a wonderful simplicity of melody and mood.

"Rebirth & intimacy: the "Quand C’est Mou" theme intends to shine light and sink into the moments of awakening, rebirth and the ignition of genuine intimacy.

Rebuilding, redefining and coming alive into one’s self with ease & delicacy.

Almost certainly all of us will encounter points during our lifetime where we must take steps away or outward, and redesign how we place ourselves in this world. Whilst living in Paris, France, this movement was drenched in passion, excitement and what felt like eyes seeing the world and the souls in it as if they were meeting for the first time. Finding intimacy in more than surface encounters... desire, words, conversation, romance, sounds, environment, expression.. - Hugh Klein

Who Is Hugh Klein?Raised in Melbourne Australia, following his ongoing career in film composition, Klein found himself living in the city of Paris, and soon giving birth to his loveliest and most realised project yet…

Sourcing inspiration from romance, warm evenings, chilled red wine, floral scents, clothes waving and wrapping the curves of your body, gold and tobacco, "You go your way, I go your way too", low light amongst white flowers, fingertips and of course... the look of love. Hugh directs his musical exploration to his deliberate fascination with intimacy and romance.

With wide-spanning influence from pockets of Blue Note jazz & neo-soul to feature film scores, Hugh Klein is much more than his recorded ideas - rather, an ongoing story to be swept into and carried along.

Upcoming record ‘No Plans, No Rules’ moves through themes of intimacy, adoration, the rebirth of desire and genuine romance, engaging each mood with floating vocals and guitar, brushed percussion, lush string arrangements and rich Rhodes & Wurlitzer’s.


Reviewed by Nagamag on August 13, 2020