“To fully understand and comprehend this Dream POP melody, you need to understand why it is created and intended. And she has one goal - this is the achievement of calm and space inside you. A pleasant immersion in the world of fairy -tale illusions.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Чтобы полностью понять и осмыслить эту Dream Pop мелодию, нужно понимать для чего она создана и предназначена. А цель у неё одна — это достижение спокойствия и пространства внутри вас. Приятного погружения в мир сказочных иллюзий.”


The lines "You're playing with the fabric of time," the opening lyrics of his single "Emotional," illustrate Lasse's elegant dexterity, using poetic and simple words to create sophisticated, mature lyrics. The song thrives on a modern, sensuous-driven electronic production that beats with an 80's heart: as if there's a hint of a "Stranger Things" reference hanging over the composition and a constant gloom seeping into the track - contrasted by Lasse’s intimate baritone voice.

Lasse says of the track: “I wrote 'Emotional' in Hamburg after a concert. It was created by the neon lights of the night, the noise, the sweat, the beat and the pumping pulse in the Reeperbahn neighborhood. It came from everything that you can't control in your life... and then comes the chorus where I shut out all noise and sing while sitting next to the listener's ear: 'I get so emotional and I can't seem to control myself.”

Lasse Matthiessen is Danish, lives in Berlin and has toured almost everywhere in Europe. He has performed at various festivals and played as support for Clueso, Anna Calvi, Glen Hansard and Suzanne Vega.