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Neoclassical Music

The lastest Neoclassical music posts on Nagamag

Fransoafran – A Wish (Spotify)

“What you want, when night falls over the horizon? Composer and talented violinist -Fransoafran- answers this question in his new work -A Wish-. Bright, distinctive sound, gentle melody, which connect the soul desires.”

“Чего желаете вы, когда вечер опускается за горизонт? Композитор и талантливый скрипач -Fransoafran- отвечает на этот вопрос в своём новом произведение -A Wish-. Яркий, выразительный звук, нежная мелодия, в котором происходите соединение желаний с душой.”

A contemporary classical composition for piano, violin and cello, with a musical motif developing to tell the story of someone barely daring to express a wish, then overcoming their inner fears to transform this secret dream into a firm resolve.

Roman Wróblewski – Big Hug (Video)

“The pronounced expression and collection of the artist’s intention and classical performance -Roman Wróblewski-. Emotions that can not be hidden. -Big Hug- is the expressive power of feelings and thoughts.”

“Ярко выраженная экспрессия и совокупность авторского замысла и классического исполнения -Roman Wróblewski-. Эмоции, которые невозможно скрыть. -Big Hug- это сила проявления чувств и переживаний.”

Longing for closeness intimacy during the pandemic – a new music video by Roman

The video was produced in the post-industrial setting of the Companhia União
Fabril (CUF) industrial park in Barreiro, Portugal. The preparation process, including shooting, took
more than a year and was interrupted twice by restrictions caused by the prevailing Covid_19

Lucília Raimundo, a Mozambican-born dancer and choreographer who has worked with many
theatres in Portugal and Europe for over 15 years, is responsible for the choreography. The second
dancer in the video is Carolina Carloto, a talented Portuguese artist of the young generation.
Initially, the movements and gestures were meant to tell a story about love and the fear of losing
someone close. However, with the proliferation of Covid_19, and the resulting increasing
restrictions on social distance and uncertainty, the idea for the choreography naturally evolved into
a story about the uniqueness of the times in which we live.

The video was directed and shot by Andre Abrantini, a Portuguese director who is also the author
of the second video clip to Roman Wróblewski’s music, “Jump”. While working on “Big Hug”, Andre
decided to use black and white imagery, emphasising the opposition of the main characters. This
apt artistic move also highlighted the contrasts and shapes of the unique post-industrial setting and
works wonderfully with the poignant melody played in the low register of the piano.

The location of the video also plays an extremely important role in the image. With the help of the
Pada Studios residency centre and courtesy of Baia do Tejo company, the artists had the unique
grounds of an industrial park in Barreiro at their disposal. This park, closed after the 1974
revolution, was one of the largest complexes of its kind in early 20th century Europe, employing
nearly 10,000 people in its heyday. The dilapidated buildings and vast areas of factory waste,
together with Lucília Raimundo’s emotive choreography, complement Roman Wróblewski’s music
to create a moving work that tells a story, full of longing for a simple hug.

Steven Vrancken – Existence – Solo Piano (Spotify)

“Lonely solo piano in -Existence- reveals something airy and vulnerable. Lively, intimate and noble nature. Ambient tone and soundscape intoxicated by the beauty that barely touches the strings. Sense of silence and appeasement.”

“Одинокое соло пиано в -Existence- нечто воздушное и такое ранимое. Живое, интимное и благородное естество. Опьянённая своей красотой едва касается струн. Эмбиентные тона и звуковой ландшафт. Идиллия. Тишина. Умиротворение.”

Artist shared few words with us behind his inspiration:

"Yup, all the craziness out there did also affect me in several ways. That's why I was a bit out of the loop with my regular music releases. But hey, I'm back :-) Here's a slower, solo piano version with a subtle ambient touch, similar to my editorial 'The Snails Teachings II'. I love to experiment with various melody versions - exploring moods. Peaceful, uplifting nothingness are the words that pop up in my mind for this one." Steven Vrancken

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Pop Music

The lastest Pop music posts on Nagamag

Fitz Brothers – 7 Years (Video)

“Brand new “Fitz Brothers” release directly heading to the top with high speed. Your favourite Electro and EDM atmosphere. Crystal clear production combined with artistic audio and visual effects. Worth to listen in high volume and watch the clip too.”

Artist shared few words behind this inspiration about this song”

“Seven weeks after a heartbreaking breakup, this song came out basically in one pour. Although at first there wasn‘t more than a bassline and a voice, the essence and honesty of the song was already there and never changed throughout the process of the following production.

‘7 Years’ is a song I just needed to write and it helped me get through a rough couple of months. It’s very dear to me. I think most people can relate in one way or another. Things fall apart from time to time and we need to find a way to deal with it. This was my way and I’m glad to share it with you today.” – Fitz Brothers

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Jazz Music

The lastest Jazz music posts on Nagamag

Jop, Ben Thomas – Overload – Instrumental (Spotify)

“-Overload- can be likened to an early morning flower. As soon as the time passes, it opens the petals and stretches to the Sun. Amazing magic of improvisation, connecting jazz elements with electronic music.”

“-Mood Genesis- можно сравнить с цветком рано по утру. Как только восходит солнце, он раскрывает свои лепестки и тянется к солнцу. Удивительная магия импровизации соединяющая джазовые элементы с электронной музыкой.”

Written with live instruments (trumpet, piano, drums & percussion) and multiple synths including mellotron, prophet, farfissa swell as Rhodes and other plug ins. influenced by Jazz, Groove, Electronics, Soundscape and Pop music, with muted trumpet playing the lead melody, and a trumpet choir added at the peak.

Paul Jordanous on trumpet, piano and synths
Ben Thomas (drums & percussion)

Joseph Shabason – So Long (Spotify)

“Wind instruments, saxophone magic and some light percussion. From its first seconds -So Long- opens the door to a parallel world where everything is possible and a little bit more.”

“Деревянные духовые инструменты, магия саксофона и лёгкой перкуссии. -So Long- завораживает с первых секунд, параллельный мир, в котором возможно всё и немного больше.”

Today Joseph Shabason shares "So Long", the exhaling album closer that showcases his deft touch in creating a mood of memories, while pulling in subtle electronics in the second half of the song to anchor the soothing instrumentation. Using mournful brass and glassy keys, the aptly titled track represents the slow walking away that Shabason had to do mentally and emotionally, even long after the illusion had been cracked open.

“It took me at least another twelve to fifteen years to fully deprogram myself from all the guilt and shame that was bred into me by religion, but I think that I’m finally free from it,” says Shabason of his present-day outlook. “This song is a final goodbye to that life… an exhale and deep inhale before I start a new chapter.”

The Toronto-based Destroyer-collaborator’s empathetic style manifests itself in a unique stylistic blend of ambient electronics and new-age driven jazz. His new album The Fellowship out April 30th on Western Vinyl/Telephone Explosion Records meshes mesh spacious, jazz-laced composition with fourth-world and adult-contemporary tonality. As a listening experience, it's an autobiography about his dual-fait upbringing and in the form of instrumental music.

Jazzy Chill – Come To Me (Spotify)

“The charming performer of -Come To Me- has no limits. Jazz in its full splendor, vocal expression, improvisation and blues mood.”

“Очарованию исполнительницы обворожительной песни -Come To Me- нет предела. Jazz во всём его великолепие, вокальная экспрессия, импровизация и блюзовое настроение.”

Jazzy Chill is a progressive jazz global music collective, led by American based singer Sofeeya. Their style fuses chill hop, funk, lounge, and modern jazz idioms to primarily explore lush soundscapes of love songs, breakup songs, sad songs, and songs about self-empowerment. Additionally, the quasi-band creates laid-back instrumental grooves, perfect for study or relaxation.

New singles "Come To Me" and "Never Break Your Heart" are out now on select digital platforms.

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World Music

The lastest World Music posts on Nagamag

Kasbah Rockers – Jablia (Spotify)

“An interesting blend of middle-eastern & western music styles that incorporates a Moroccan, Turkish & also a modern EDM feel. At first sounding like a Classic Bollywood film score the fabulous, infectious rhythms, progressively take you on a whirlwind musical journey of the middle-east, throwing in a few up to date twists along the way. ”

Moroccan artist collective, melting since the 90's Algerian, Middle Eastern, Turkish and Somali tribal roots with diverse styles of Electronica, as influences of Dub, Trip Hop, Psy Trance and Dance sounds.

Kobi Jonz – DADA (Video)

“Rhythmic work, whose musical structure is immediately captivating and does not let you go until the last second. -DADA-; brilliant and expressive song, like a bright star in your collection.”

“Ритмичное произведение, чья музыкальная структура мгновенно заводит и не отпускает до последних секунд. -DADA- блестящая и выразительная песня, как яркая звезда в вашей коллекции.”

DADA meaning ‘good’ envelopes the idea of “manifesting into reality” characterized by the poetic image of a woman. A metaphorical representation of actions and reactions solidifies the ethic of doing good and receiving good.

Kobi Jonz, best describes himself as making “conscious dance music”, feel-good music that reinforces a positive message. Moving to the United States from Lagos, Nigeria, Kobi did not so much discover music, he says, as music discovered him. His passion ignited by his force to bring his dreams to life fueled his music career.

His sound is full of life, spirit, and an energy that keeps you coming back for more. With influences like Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Sade Adu, Damian Marley, and Burna Boy, Kobi’s music brings out in his listeners a vigor that can only be described as lust for life, hope, love, and self-motivation, wrapped in a zesty hip vibe that is fresh and genre-defying.

His lens into music is one energized by influence, as he sees music as a way to better people. This fresh perspective is Kobi’s way to spread the word that self-sufficiency in pursuit of one’s dreams is possible.

Samu music – La Jugada (Spotify)

“The single -La Jugada- has a main feature; performs the leading role of rhythmic elements, a characteristic of reggae that distinguishes it from others. A melodic and very nice journey with -Samu music-.”

“В сингле -La Jugada- главной особенностью выступает ведущая роль ритмических элементов, которая свойственна жанру reggae и выделяет его из прочих. Мелодичное и очень красиво путешествие вместе с -Samu music-.”

This theme represents what many people suffer in life, When they do not know how to appreciate what they have and when they realize it is too late

Este tema representa lo que en vida sufren muchas personas, Cuando no saben apreciar lo que tiene y cuando se dan cuenta ya es muy tarde

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House Music

The lastest House music posts on Nagamag

Michal Martyniuk, Vanessa Freema – How Do We Make It? (Spotify)

“Collaboration single that blends classical with electronic ideas. Starting with piano melodies you cannot imagine that the following part switches into House! Yes, it's possible to have both in one and the outcome sounds very artistic too.”

One of New Zealand’s most talented contemporary Jazz artists, Michal Martyniuk, brings his magic to the soulful dance music arena by way of a stunning collaboration with one of the UK’s best loved vocalists, Vanessa Freeman (4Hero, Nathan Haines and Bugz In The Attic). Taken from Michal’s forthcoming 'Reconciliation EP’, 'How Do We Make It?’ sees Vanessa deliver a warm, compassionate vocal that sets a tone for kindness and self-empowerment - a message especially poignant amidst the current challenges in the world. Add to that a dynamite Neo-Soul groove that's ripe with classy keys, a bubbling bassline and infectious beats, courtesy of Michal and UK producer Mike Patto, altogether bringing a fresh, optimistic vibe for 2021.

Michał Martyniuk, (born in Poland – now living in New Zealand) is a pianist, composer and music producer, who is widely lauded as a new rising star in the Jazz scene. In 2016 Michal released his debut album, ‘Odyssey' under the After ‘Ours moniker with Nick Williams), featuring contributions from Sharlene Hector and Nathan Haines, amongst others. Then In 2018 Michal released his second album ‘Nothing To Prove’ (highlighting his mastery at the piano), followed by ‘Resonate’ in 2019, cementing his reputation as one of the most exciting up and coming artists in contemporary jazz. Furthermore, Michal achieved 2nd place at the prestigious 'Made In New York' Jazz Competition, was nominated for the prestigious ‘Fryderyk 2019 - Jazz Discovery Of The Year’ award, and in 2020 was a finalist at the ‘New Zealand Music Awards - NZ Best Jazz Artist Of The Year’ for his album ‘Resonate’. Michal is at the vanguard of the next wave of music makers venturing to build on the traditions of the past, yet evolving an exciting new future for Jazz and Neo Soul.

Butch – Testarossa (Spotify)

“The fresh Tech House arrival from a real expert is called "Testarossa". Endless variety of electronic goodies, perfectly organized and mixed up. Enjoy the variety of rhythmic patterns, which carry some kind of mystery and keep you stimulated until the last second!”

Germany-based Turkish producer Butch becomes the next artist to join the fledgling MDLBEAST Records with his new track "Testarossa," bringing underground vibes to the Saudi label. Opening with tech-house-inspired minimal percussion, Butch artistically ups the ante by weaving in moody synths and increasingly progressive basslines. The result is a dark but euphonious and dance-worthy tune that also represents a cultural connection between Butch's own heritage and MDLBEAST's mission to expose the talent of the Middle East region, burgeoning a new era of discovery for that part of the world. The label's first release was R3HAB, Fafaq & DNF's "Ringtone," and Butch's "Testarossa" continues the strong start for Saudi Arabia's most exciting brand in music.

"It's been a full year without clubs, locked in a studio for introspection, and I'm happy to present 'Testarossa' as a result of that time. I think that as artists and fans, all we want is to drop some sonic bombs, future club classics, and make things better so we can all dance together again soon." - Butch

Butch has one aim with his music - to take listeners on a sonic journey. Whether he's dropping eastern-inspired psychedelia or pounding prime-time techno, fans can only be sure that they are at the mercy of one of the industry's most creative selectors. If he's not honing his sounds in the studio, he's channeling his wit into the Butch TV series (always with a healthy dose of sarcasm). Butch's exploration into the trippier side of house and techno led him to collaborate with a fellow master of the psyche, Riccardo Villalobos. The duo has produced deep, experimental EPs under the combined alias ButRic. Now, officially as a part of MDLBEAST Records, Butch adds to his discography "Testarossa," in addition to earlier releases on such labels as Watergate, Cocoon, Crosstown Rebels, Drumcode, Desolat, Hot Creations, Rekids, Saved, Rebirth, to name a few.

More info on Butch / MDLBEAST:



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Electronica Music

The lastest Electronica music posts on Nagamag

Christoph Sebastian Pabst – Nautilus (Spotify)

“Regardless your mood, there's always some suitable music outhere to offer the best gift for your ears. This time we have found "Christoph Sebastian Pabst" and his track "Nautilus"; a special diamond of soothing Downtempo soundscapes. Full of peace and harmony. A short trip to the heavens.”

Nautilus is a beautiful spherical chillout track with felt piano, guitar and unconventional beat.

Corti Organ, Sarah de Warren – Ace – Radio Mix (Spotify)

“The Trance hit of your day is only a click away. Hit the play button and enjoy the "Ace" of "Corti Organ". Fast energy flow, poping kick, arpeggios and leading melodies hold you like magnet. Also enriched by the cute voice of Sarah de Warren.”

Corti Organ and Sarah de Warren team up for the second time on vocal banger 'Ace'.

One of inHarmony Music's most exciting acts deliver an exhilarating release with energetic vibe making this a highlight production from the pair.

Ben Walter – Blossom (Spotify)

“After a three year break Ben Walter is back with his new single ‘Blossom’ and what a powerful re-entry into the pop/dubstep world it is. The track begins as a tradition mainstream pop charter with a melodic cinematic riser & outstanding vocal, before launching into a full-on gated dubsteb theme. Heartfelt & meaningful lyrics throughout. This one could make you shed a tear or just bop or both?”

After a three year hiatus from his eponymous music project, Ben Walter returns with a remarkable new cinematic melodic dubstep single, "Blossom". The track encapsulates tender motherly feelings blossoming in a beloved child; a melancholic journey with a triumphant ending.

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Psychill Music

The lastest Psytrance music posts on Nagamag

Misaïdu – Full Scale Sf Action (Spotify)

“Misaidu offer a generous mix of exclusively electronic sounds. Experimenting with Psydub ideas and some Chill out elements, "Full Scale SF Action" has come to feed our imagination. The variety of wave vibrations is remarkable and every second seems unpredictable too!”

Full Scale SF Action is a breakbeat single that leads the listener into a futuristic atmosphere. It combines synthesizer, rhodes and zither samples, kicked by an heavy rhythmic section ! The track is built as a journey that ends with an overing last part.


A fraternal duo created by Thomas and Nicolas Beau, Misaidu stands out with its hybrid music. Through "Tiger Lily" and "How To Change", featured on U.BABA Vol.1, and a single titled "Half Light", we discover a generous and powerful sound, with multiple influences, sonorities and textures. This is no accident.

On the influences side of things, both brothers have bathed into the CDs, cassettes or vinyls of their parents. Quickly, they became independent music lovers and soaked up many genres ranging from hip hop to metal, from house to jazz and IDM.

The variety of processes sculpts the landscape of Misaidu’s music. The duo mixes sampling, analog and digital synthesis, drum machines and acoustic instruments such as bass or piano. The result is a colorful and bewitching electronic music and the duo wishes first and foremost to share their emotions and love for electronic music.

Hypnotic Peafowl – The Mind Box (Spotify)

“One more special track from Hypnotic Peafowl & Bendja in slow bpm and Psydub style. Clear synthesis and prototype sounds, which prove the great experience of these artists.”

Hypnotic Peafowl breathes new life into his experiments and explores different soundscapes with a quality sound design. Always in a work of advanced hybridization, he brilliantly mixes his multiple influences: orchestral music, jazz, funk, bass music. In this opus, some sweet piano bar melodies and retro inserts with stoner rock influences, dominated by hypnotic, repetitive rhythms, accompanied by a very heavy bass with a warm envelope.

This album is part of a long narrative, all my releases are built around a central character : the peacock and his spirit. The metaphor for imaging his spirit is the Pandora's box.

Quickly it is the story of a colorful peacock who is schizophrenic with all the other worries that arise from such a pathology.

Beautiful to look at, full of life and energy. A funk/Jazz fan, he exudes the joy of life. But not that, the black sides are there.

All of my past and future releases are in the form of chapters that tell a passage of the Peacock's life. Here: Pandora's box or Logorrhia tells the impression of feeling better after a first meeting before the awareness and the psychic fall.

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Psytrance Music

The lastest Psychill music posts on Nagamag

Deftick – Defchord (Original Mix) (Video)

“Deftick Psydub new delivery. Balanced pattern progression, which guarantee the satisfaction even of the most demanding listener. Characteristic leads, strong pads and airy effects can justify the success of “Defchord”. So raise the volume level and forget everything else for the following seven minutes.”

DEFTICK is a Techno/Electro/Experimental project by Rafael Wiederkehr (Suncollector) and André Huwiler (DJ Dex) from Switzerland. With their combined skills, they drive us through a world of powerful-groovy soundscapes – always very well balanced to activate our mind and feet.

After playing at psytrance parties for more than 20 years and creating more and more songs in the studio that didn’t fit into the concept, they decided to start the side project DEFTICK.

This is where all the songs that have been created over the years find their place.

The result is a sound that doesn’t like to fit into concepts. From Techno over Electro up to Downtempo everything is represented.

LESTESIE – Dark Matter from Shimani (Spotify)

“Lestesie is here to shake your brain with one more ultrasonic track. Keeping the pure Psytrance style it starts with a meditating intro and goes on building up with acidic elements at the full speed of 142 Bpm. Fasten your seatbelts and navigate!”

Lestesie is an acoustic and electronic music composer and producer based in Geneva in Switzerland.

After a lot of releases, tracks, remixes, ghost stuffs, Lestesie is actually working on new tracks with the goal to always produced some kind of Hybrid dance Music.

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Techno Music

The lastest Techno music posts on Nagamag

Pretty Pink – Awake (Spotify)

“"Pretty Pink" unfolds her artistry for one more time, in this excellent track. The German producer and dj captivates your attention and keeps you awake and mentally active with the secret power of Melodic Techno.”

“Awake” might be the most surprising release of Pretty Pink since her debute on Found Frequencies. Introducing darker sounds, the record starts off with an obscure synth that keeps on evolving until the last seconds of the track. Definitely a highlight of Lost Frequencies’ set for the Tomorrowland New Year’s Eve Livestream, “Awake” is one not to miss!

Risen from the deep & dark woods of the Harz in Germany, Pretty Pink made her way through the steaming and raging international club zone to manifest her belief into the most intimate basement raves and the biggest festival stages – ultimately settling into an exclusive group of DJs that have the skill to work both levels of the scene. Her unique performances cultivated a great following across Europe and continue to broaden the horizons of dance music. Pretty Pink never shies away from a challenge as she continues to grow and evolve in her career and in her sound.

Through a regular stream of high quality mixes in her radio show ‘DEEP WOODS’ she has begun to turn heads in underground circles. Within the span of two years, it landed on 30 leading radio slots worldwide and reached 1 million streams via her socials. ‘DEEP WOODS’ consists of DEEP SENSATION and KLING KLANG, Pretty Pink’s self-branded residency and well known event series that have attracted over 8,000 festival guests. After playing alongside respectable tastemakers at a myriad of revered venues in her homeland – Nature One, Sonne Mond Sterne, Airbeat One, New Horizon, World Club Dome and more – her loyal fanbase and bookings began to skyrocket. Pretty Pink has garnered a devoted fan base across the globe through her diverse productions, radioshow and stirring live shows, which launch listeners on an unforgettable musical journey. On stage she is known for her galvanizing stage performances as she continues to impress crowds with her dynamic natural ease, serenity and expertise.

Shifting her focus toward production, Pretty Pink has amply proved her serious talent in the studio as well as behind the decks. Whilst Pretty Pinks DJ sets are very energetic, she also manifests her wandering soul on the producer side. Pretty’s own music has provided her with the chance to reveal a kinetic combination of dark, pulsating house and tech-house, driven beats, and natural energetic melodic compositions paired often with her own vocals. Pretty Pink had her recording debut in 2013 with an unforgettable edit of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’, which demanded the attention of the scene with massive national and international support. With her clearly uncanny ability to create instantly astounding records she extended with ‘GUNFIRE’ her follow-up EP on Suara, which climbed to #2 on Beatport Deep House Chart of 2016. Pretty Pink possess a long list of high conceptual tracks like RUN, MY KICK, FLURAMA, TRICK, CHANGE on captivating sounding labels like Suara, Armada Deep, Sony, Warner, and Universal. Forming tracks to uncommercial club anthems was her mission, which allowed her unique signature sound to make remixes for Armin van Buuren, Lost Frequencies and also for 90’s tastemakers. Gracing the pages of notable electronic publications such as DJ Mag Mexico, EARMILK, Magnetic Magazine and more, Pretty Pink is quickly becoming one to watch on the fronts of the electronic scene.

Things aren’t slowing down anytime soon as Pretty Pink’s most recent single ‘PURE’ topped the Beatport charts for over six weeks at #3 on Progressive House. The single has even caught the ear of uber tastemakers such as CamelPhat, Lane 8, Josh Butler, Monkey Safari and more who have all featured the single in their sets. On a hunt to envelop and solidify her sound, she jump-started her own record label, Wanderlust Music.

For now, with her upcoming releases, studio sessions, ongoing radio show to residencial performances, record label and a packed tour diary, Pretty’s showing signs of becoming a unique individual artist. Pretty Pink blends a tasteful sound with a twist of madness that elevates the crowd to new heights. With years of experience under her belt, the multi-talented workaholic has created a brand built to last. She will stop at nothing to continue cultivating and developing her sound. Time may pass and trends will fade, but the Pretty Pink’s sound will never cease to impress. Her massive accomplishments only mark the beginning of her future conquests.

Jickow – Pendulum (Video)

“Are you tired of typical sound? Do you seek some energetic beat with melodic outbrakes too? The “Pendulum” can reach your expectations. Let yourself be guided through those tripping electronic Techno loops. The ultimate underground experience is waiting you.”

After making a name for himself in the south of France, Jickow has been developing his reputation over the past few years in the Nightclub scene, where he has developed an intimate relationship with music. Throughout the years, he has developed a knack for music production through the incorporation of his rich and authentic sound, overall improving his visibility in the world of electronic music. Since, he has blossomed in the industry and has taken international artists like Oxia, Lee Van Dowski and Pleasurekraft under his wing to help them flourish, which has earned him a title in Word magazine, where he is referred to as the ‘top 100 most influential people of the Belgian night’. With an unstoppable work rate and the backing of many well-established record labels, Jickow is definitely cementing his place within the industry.

His latest release ‘Pendulum’ is on the way after a stream of previous successful releases, and it is definitely not one to miss out on. His new tune is set to be released on the renowned label Freegrant Music, which has an impressive eminence in the industry and definitely proves that Jickow is a testament to his hard work, as the label only deals with quality and it is evident that he fits the criteria. ‘Pendulum’ is chopped full of inimitable and atmospheric groove built upon otherworldly Arp synths that pair together with the rich bass kicks and intoxicating pad work to make up this undeniable dancefloor filler. This seamless blend of rich, psychedelic ambience is bound to go down a treat in any set.

After a string of poignant and inspirational releases thus far, it is evident that Jickow takes the time to produce music that he believes in, whilst remaining authentic through all of his performances. As the summer season draws near and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic, Jickow is ensuring he is there to be involved in the rejoice of club culture, and his inimitable flow and meticulous production quality will be there to make an imprint on the new wave.

Freegrant Music – move into the future with us!​

Sam Junk – Toxa (Spotify)

“Original Techno release for advanced listeners. High power of electronic synthesizers directly from "Sam Junk"; an old master in sound production. The best choice to keep you active and strong during a busy day.”

With an esteemed reputation in the art of music production since 1988, Tech and House addicted Sam Junk returns to the scene with his new release ‘Toxa’. Following an impressive past in the industry with massive club hits being played globally and previous chart hits reaching a whopping 25,000 records being sold, he is a living testament to his hard work and devotion. Sam is making a return to the Tech – Trance – House highway, where he originally began his career from humble beginnings, learning to make sounds using old-school C64 and AMIGA computers. With sounds coming straight from Slovenia, we’re all strapped in tight anticipating the ride.

Sam Junk has delved deeper into the Techno scene, where he is adamant to display his infectious, genre-bending capabilities with the world. He does justice to this through his new tune Toxa, which features a thumping bassline and heavy, acidic synth-leads that tie in to make this melodic-Techno slammer with a huge dancefloor potential. With an overall high-energy groove that is just too good to miss, Sam Junk has done an excellent job in crafting this Techno hybrid and is sure to bring more gas to the fire he has already built. On the other hand, the Archeee remix flips the tune on its head to deliver a seriously powerful and intricate flavour, which provides us with the industrialised flair we didn’t know it needed. Paired with its swift, bombastic percussion that delivers a punch and its added layer of delicious, dark leads, this remix delivers an undeniable mixture of massive groove and power.

Having previously worked alongside Lakota Music to showcase his inimitable knack for music production, he is now in the position to bring us more music and fun than he’s ever brought before – he is definitely not one to be slept on. If you’re into punchy tech beats, filthy underground sounds and old-school, acid-esque homages, definitely give him a listen!

Download Stream and Buy Here:

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Lakota Music:

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Blogwave Music

The lastest Blogwave music posts on Nagamag

Kowloon – Hollywood is Under Water (Spotify)

“Do you feel lazy today? Not willing to do much? Explore this new chilling work from "Kowloon"; a Californian musician and filmmaker. Dive into the cool seawater coming out from the electronic loops that lead you through a world of fantasy.”

Hollywood is Underwater is a funky, feel-good indie rock transmission from the Post-Apocalypse. Part "Sledgehammer"-era Peter Gabriel and Part "Once In a- Lifetime" Talking Heads, this track slots nicely between Wild Nothing and Mac Demarco. The song is told by a lovelorn survivor on the sunken west coast of America. The bass line bounces, the synths bubble, and the relaxed vocal makes the End of The World sound like an ok place to be.

Kowloon is a musician and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California. His debut album, ‘Come Over’, was written, performed, recorded and mixed in his home-studio in the industrial outskirts of the city. Blending vintage synths, drum machines, and bubbling bass lines with vocals inspired equally by The Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, and Sly Stone, ‘Come Over’ is 35 minutes of danceable love songs - albeit love songs set in a time of digital malaise and looming ecological catastrophe, with anxious, dread-filled lyrics that are as timely as they are post-apocalyptic.

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Rock Music

The lastest Rock music posts on Nagamag

Filiah – Goodbye (Spotify)

“Against the backdrop of gentle orchestration & a repeating guitar note Filiah’s sweet & pure vocal harmonies reach out to tug at your heart. Goodbye is a song that describes the deep sense of abandonment, loss & heartache one feels when someone you love ends the relationship.”

Goodbye is an unfiltered insight into Filiah's mind.

The song deals with the feeling of abandonment after the sudden ending of a deep love. It's about how the process of choosing to love yourself and saying goodbye can feel like both the best and most painful choice at the same time.

"This song is about me realizing that sometimes it doesn’t matter how great and infatuating a love is, if the people involved just end up in these toxic patterns again and again. I found myself getting caught up in nostalgia and memories on purpose just to still feel close to this person after they left. It felt as though I was literally carrying that ghost with me everywhere. And it was crushing. That was not how I wanted to remember it. So I wrote this song as a reminder for myself that saying goodbye sometimes is the only right choice."

It is the first single of an upcoming concept album- a raw and honest exploration of love, grief, nostalgia and all feelings in between.

Goodbye, as well as the album was recorded and produced by Filiah in her living room.

James TW – Butterflies (Acoustic) (Video)

“Smooth acoustic guitar chords with a rangy direction. James TW plays and sings with very artful touch. “Butterflies” is the most representative title for this light, colourful creation that comes with some Spring fresh air.”

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Music video by James TW performing Butterflies (Acoustic). © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Paul Cafcae – Downtown (Spotify)

“-Downtown- is a competent combination of elements of Native American genres. Traditional country music, a bit of folk and rock, a definite hit from -Paul Cafcae-, which brought together the best creative and musical quality.”

“-Downtown- грамотное сочетание элементов исконно американских жанров. Традиционная country музыка, немного folk и rock и перед нами однозначный хит от -Paul Cafcae-, который собрал воедино лучшие творческие и музыкальные качества.”

Sometimes you just need a jam song — a song that gets the feet moving and gets you lost in the groove. That's "Downtown," by Paul Cafcae. It's got a country two-step feel but quickly whisks you away in blues appreciation with its many licks, head-bopping lyrics, and a harmonica solo by Venezuelan, Hector Alexander, that can cut glass.

It's the kind of track that makes you miss live music and would fit nicely in a dimly-lit, underground blues bar that you happen to stumble upon in the middle of the night. And that's kind of the point of the song; making light of the cultural differences of the big city big wig people—the yuppies—and the rest of the world who grooves in the fringer parts of society. The hole in the wall establishments full of energy, art, and a DIY attitude.

This thought is sealed with Cafcae's lyric "do this dirty, dirty, thing playing blues all the night." Immediately after comes a sensational 12 bar blues solo and then Hector's brief moment in the spotlight. Cafcae will probably get back to playing blues all night once the pandemic lifts.

"It's a slightly satirical song," says Paul Cafcae.

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Hip-Hop Music

The lastest Hip-Hop music posts on Nagamag

HarveyDent, Ev Thompson, Kurlz – Feel It (Spotify)

“‘Feel It’ is the first track on the debut EP by Canadian rap duo HarveyDent. Namely, EV Thompson, & Kurlz. Grimy, hard hitting with high energy, ‘Feel It’ is a bold & unashamed shout-out to the golden era of rap. An underground vibe that cuts across & balances the divide between old school & currently relevant.”

This is the first song from the first ep released by HarveyDent. We formed the group throughout the pandemic and since we couldn't attend our usual studio we recorded the entire project DIY. It's a grimy, lyrically brazen collection of songs. Lots of mic passing, and draws comparisons to golden era rap groups with a flavour that works in 2021.

HarveyDent is a Canadian rap duo with a lyrical style reminiscent of underground rap from both coasts, and transcends eras with an old school vibe in a relevant style.

The group is comprised of internationally touring artist Ev Thompson, and his crew mate Kurlz who has played shows across 4 Canadian provinces. Together they bring a high energy style that's refreshing to hip-hop purists.

C.Norris, Jonetta – Count Your Chips (Spotify)

“Count Your Chips is a Hip-Hop melodic trip back to the rhythmic, chilled & soulful R&B vibes of the late 90’s. This collaboration between C.Norris & Jonetta Grant, tells a story of fame, fortune & photography. The overall feel is both thought provoking & mellow, yet with just enough edge to keep it real.”

Count Your Chips is nostalgic single that brings us back to an era where hip-hop was soulful, thoughtful, and groovy. The mesmerizing production complements the eccentric voice and flow of C.Norris & Jonetta Grant. The detailed verses touch on rapper C.Norris' adventures of fame and fortune while highlighting his quirky obsession with photography equipment. Guest collaborator Jonetta Grant does an excellent job of capturing the R&B flavor that was present in 90s and early 2000s hip-hop. The pairing of these two powerful black voices show a chemistry to rival the great hip-hop duets of years past. This is the opening track of C.Norris April 2021 project "Uncut Gems".

Born Christopher Norris Chavannes in Long Island, New York. Rapper C.Norris fell in love with creating music in the early 2000s. He relocated to Port-au-Prince, Haiti as a youth, where he became familiar with the gritty surroundings that were then a part of his daily life. The toughness of his experiences abroad have left a lasting impact on who he is today.

Hip-Hop & Rap have always been a medium of expression for C.Norris. He finds inspiration from various influential East Coast artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., Nas & Mobb Deep. This collection of artists and the soundscapes of his travels set up the emerging rapper to further express himself during his time at Florida A&M University, where he studied Graphic Design while refining his creative abilities.

In 2021 he is preparing for his upcoming March release of "Uncut Gems", a 10 track full-length project. This upcoming release is a culmination of his ongoing love for music, film, and clever storytelling.

Rokko Cash – Selfish (Spotify)

“Rough hip-hop and R & B samples with virtuous scratches ideally lying down in a rhythmic vocal single. This is -Selfish- by -Rokko Ca$h-. A sharp, unexpected rhyme perfectly demonstrates the author's skill. Very nice and warm work.”

“Шероховатые hip-hop и R&B сэмплы, виртуозные скретчи и идеально ложащийся в ритмику сингла -Selfish- вокал -Rokko Ca$h-. Резкий, с неожиданными рифмовками, идеально демонстрирует мастерство автора и исполнителя. Очень приятная и тёплая работа.”

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