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Neoclassical Music

The lastest Neoclassical music posts on Nagamag

Joshua Moshier, United States Army Field Band, Jim Keen – A Portrait of Honor – song by Joshua Moshier, United States Army Field Band, Jim Keene | Spotify (Spotify)

“This soundtrack is for everyone who loves to meet the evening at the TV screen, enjoying their favourite movie. It also creates a special aftertaste. Just listen and it may become an excellent part of your music collection for a long time!”

“Этот саундтрек понравится всем, кто любит встречать вечера у экрана телевизора, наслаждаясь любимым фильмом. Бывает, что хочется насладиться послевкусием, послушать понравившийся саундтрек и эта композиция станет отличным подарком и частью вашей коллекции на долгие времена!”

Navona Records presents SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER, an album of contemporary works for wind band performed by The United States Army Field Band. Led by Colonel Jim R Keene, the Army Field Band is the U.S. Army’s premier touring musical organization. In SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER, the Army Field Band presents music of classic American films and video games, and in doing so celebrates the stories they portray and the men and women who inspired them. Monitored and mixed in IMMERSIVE DOLBY ATMOS® (5.1.4), SURROUND (5.1), and STEREO, the album immerses the listener in a multi-dimensional soundscape that creates a deeply meaningful connection to the music and the stories it portrays.

Teaming up with some of the most-heralded composers in Hollywood—including Laura Karpman, Joshua Moshier, and Jeff Beal—the Army Field Band performs fresh arrangements of music from the 1941 Gary Cooper classic Sergeant York, the legendary Electronic Arts video game Medal of Honor, and everything in between. SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER begins with Brass Ceiling: The Journey of General Ann Dunwoody, honoring the life and work of Four Star General Ann Dunwoody who was the first woman to achieve the rank of four star general. The music is meticulously crafted with latent symbolism, such as a fanfare that portrays the movement of “supply lines” like those Dunwoody oversaw when she was in charge of the Army’s logistics.

Later we hear an arrangement of the 1917 classic, “Over There,” which became a hugely-popular anthem during both world wars; this time, it is reimagined by the Army Field Band as only they can. March from 1941,written by film-scoring legend John Williams, captures this Spielberg film’s lighthearted humor and underlying emotional gravitas. The album concludes with an unexpected treat and homage to the Skywalker Ranch, home of Skywalker Sound where the album was recorded: “The Jedi Steps and Finale” From Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER is both a moving tribute to military heroes and a fresh look at stories and sounds of struggle and ultimate triumph. SOUNDTRACK OF THE AMERICAN SOLDIER is a unique and deeply memorable recording that is not to be missed.

Hideyuki Hashimoto – Shin (Spotify)

“Charged with a certain mood, we hurry to close the curtains, turn on the player and plunge into the world of neoclassical music. We hear how the piano mallet gently taps on the copper strings, drops of autumn rain flow down the window one after the other, and the world seems to freeze for a moment ...”

“Зарядившись определённым настроением, торопимся задёрнуть шторы, включаем проигрыватель и погружаемся в мир неоклассической музыки. Слышим, как фортепианный молоточек нежно постукивает по медным струнам, по окну стекают одна за другой капли осеннего дождя и мир, кажется, замирает на мгновение...”

"Shin" means something like core in Japanese. This is the fourth entry from the new solo piano series by Hideyuki Hashimoto, very warm tone melodies float freely around the core.

George David Kieffer x City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra x Vincent Gillioz – The Wonder of All Things (Arr. G. Kieffer & V. Gillioz) (Spotify)

“Lively and realistic sound picture, where the music plot is accurately understood. Minimalistic neoclassic, with pronounced details and juicy samples! Beautiful execution that adds some mystery to this piece.”

“Реалистичная, почти что живая звуковая картина, в которой точно и понятно отображён музыкальный сюжет. Минималистичная неоклассика, с ярко выраженными деталями и сочной подачей материала! Красивое исполнение, которое добавляет этому произведению таинственности.”

Composer George Kieffer and Navona Records are proud to present THE AMBASSADOR’S WIFE, a collection of stories and dialectical thought conveyed through the sounds of the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Featured on this album is Kieffer’s Fanfare for the Olympics, a piece dedicated to the sacrifices made and triumph achieved by athletes, which premiered at the 2015 Special Olympics. Additionally, this album features tunes inspired by various timestamps in Kieffer’s life, from vivid dreams to exposure to great literature, and encounters with distinctive individuals and their powerful stories. Explore themes of aspiration, duality, survival, forgiveness, love, and many more in this multifaceted work.

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Pop Music

The lastest Pop music posts on Nagamag

Julie Elody – Pedestal (Spotify)

“Very dynamic and detailed work, also preserving melodiousness and harmony. Music that is firmly entrusted to your brain and does not fade away. Its waves run through the body one after another. Big and enchanting Dream Pop rhythms.”

“Детально продуманная работа, очень динамичная, но при этом сохранившая в себе мелодичность и гармонию. Музыка, которая прочно въедается в ваш мозг и не даёт передохнуть. Одна за другой волны пробегают по телу, всё большое и больше очаровывая ритмами Dream Pop.”

New Orleans singer/songwriter, Julie Elody has had quite an impressive run this summer with releasing a single every month and her new song "Pedestal" is the cherry on top. "Pedestal" tells the story of her craving admiration, and doing just about anything to get it (i.e. the lyrics, "sneaking out the door, I should have stayed home").

Julie has released over 20 singles and has hopped on features like "Down" with Mark Mendy, "Pennies" with Just Chillax, and even a feature with Pitbull called "Your Love".

Fresh off the success her latest single "Love A Good Release" (which is currently sitting at just over 30,000 streams on Spotify). Julie returns with her infectious style to start the autumn season off right.

RUNAE – You’re My Wild Storm (Spotify)

“Juicy modern mix, angelic voice and pleasant warm atmosphere. Sound elements equally occupy a music space and seems to whisper on the ear, I'm with you, I'm near. Casting melodic work!”

“Сочная, современная аранжировка, ангельский голос вокалистки и приятная, ламповая атмосфера. Музыка обволакивает, равноправно занимают музыкальное пространство и словно шепчет на ухо, - я с тобой, я рядом. Цепляющее мелодичное произведение!”

Runae shared few words behind this song inspiration with Nagamag:

"I wrote this song myself this summer in my bedroom and home studio in Hundested in Denmark where I live. The song is about feeling attracted to the wild and tells the story about being in love with this wild person who is unpredictable but at the same time has a power over you. I am inspired by nature and like to use elements from nature in both my lyrics and visuals.

The song has a romantic soft pop mood."

Mokita – colorblind (Spotify)

“Light and full of emotion Electro pop creation by "Mokita". The song starts smoothly and goes on with etherial lyrics followed by background soft melodies. A real pleasure to listen and spend your lonely moments.”

Raw and emotional new single from Mokita going through the struggles of depression. Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Following up recent singles More Than Friends, Love Alone as well as collaborations with Lost Frequencies and R3HAB.

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Jazz Music

The lastest Jazz music posts on Nagamag

Natalie Nicole Gilbert – Say Anything (Spotify)

“A pleasant rustling of percussion, enveloping vocals, saturated atmosphere in retro soul style and smooth ring of an acoustic guitar. While listening, you feel some special nostalgia of that time. The song is made in such a way that will stay in the soul and memory of listeners for a long time.”

“Приятное шуршание перкуссии, обволакивающий вокал, насыщенная атмосфера Retro Soul и плавная мелодия акустической гитары. Во время прослушивания ощущаешь какую-то особую ностальгию того времени. Песня сделана таким образом, что она надолго останется в душе и памяти своих слушателей.”

Taken from the Recovery album, which is now live on all digital music outlets

LA-based Natalie Nicole Gilbert's career has included collaborations with film composers and musicians of a wide array of genres ranging from EDM to classic jazz to alt pop rock.

Today, Gilbert is a voting member of the Recording Academy with 14 solo albums and an additional 17 singles to her credit. In addition to her music, she has more than 10 years in broadcast radio as a radio host and voiceover talent, and has done national commercials for McDonalds, Cadillac, Quiznos, and other well-known brands. She built her home recording studio in 2005 when it was still a relatively new practice, and continues to produce and co-produce her own music. Gilbert is also a session vocalist for the Dublin Studio Hub, and film and TV composer with Music + Pictures, whose credits include Law and Order, The Office, and many others worldwide. During the pandemic she has created a series of cover albums with her signature soulful sound, alongside new originals and remastered fan favorites.

A-Mar – Colors (Spotify)

“Restrained, but very saturated expression, a very diverse rhythm section and a wonderful sound, from which the body itself is simply soaked in euphoria. Very high quality LO-FI POP! Value for any music collection!”

“Сдержанная, но очень насыщенная экспрессия, весьма разнообразная ритм-секция и прекрасный звук, от которого просто само тело и душа парят в эйфории. Очень качественный Lo-fi Pop! В коллекцию? Несомненно!”

Jazz pop vibe, ruminating about the missing colors in one's life due to not paying attention because of typical life distractions... Jazzy chords, poppy chorus, bright harmonies and trumpet lines

FREEDOM TREE – Cold Shower (ft. Steinar Aadnekvam, Rubem Farias, Deodato Siquir) (Video)

“Live musical performance always causes a special storm of emotions and this work is not an exception. As a result, you can only enjoy musical accompaniment. Excellent symbiosis of jazz and alternative rock, which will delight his sound even the most sophisticated listeners!”

“Живое музыкальное исполнение всегда вызывает особую бурю эмоций и данная работа тому не исключение. В итоге музыкальным сопровождением можно только наслаждаться. Прекрасный симбиоз джаза и альтернативного рока, который порадует своим звучанием даже самых искушённых слушателей!”

LEAD SINGLE FROM THE UPCOMING ALBUM (Sept 24) “Modern Acoustic World Jazz Rock”

This multicultural group has achieved international popularity among music fans for their eclectic performances, drawing from 3 continents. Together, guitarist Steinar Aadnekvam (Norway), bassist Rubem Farias (Brazil) and drummer/singer Deodato Siquir (Mozambique) have performed hundreds of concerts in some 17 countries across Europe, Eurasia, Africa and the USA before making this album.

Performed in studio in one take, originally intended as an online stream during the 2020 pandemic. However, when we heard the result we realized that the recorded music needed to be treated properly and presented as an album. After all this is a band that has played several hundreds of concerts all around the world over the past 5 years and we feel you can hear that in the maturity of these performances, the tightness of the interplay, the effortless manner with which the songs unfold. Just as they were always intended.

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World Music

The lastest World Music posts on Nagamag

Trudii Harrison – Getting Better (Spotify)

“Sweet Island Vibes will take you there. Quality clean reggae with an upbeat message. Produced well with a deep natural bass structure, as it should be. ”

Hailing from the rural Jamaican parish of St Ann, Trudii Harrison began singing in competitions as a child and later pursued her love of music working in Jamaica’s hotel and tourism sector as a band singer since 2012 and cabaret performer since 2013. "Getting Better", with it's message of hope and resilience and of never giving up, is from her recent (Aug 13) release True Story on CKM Infinity Studio

BuVu – Hijaz (Spotify)

“The music that instantly raises the mood and follows the relative and memorable motives of the beloved Organic House. -BuVu- gave to his track a unique note of charm at the expense of ethnic motifs, vocals and a memorable rhythm section.”

“Музыка, которая мгновенно поднимает настроение и радует слух родными и запоминающимися мотивами любимого Organic House. -BuVu- придал своему треку уникальную нотку шарма за счёт этнических мотивов, вокала и приятной, запоминающейся ритм-секцией.”

Hijaz: The wail from a foreign land

This song is the wail of the helpless feeling of "homesickness" of people who are in search, especially those who are in search of themselves.

The story was formed by the encounter of a person, on a musical journey who had lived abroad for a long time and finally returned to his homeland, with other souls that are constantly in search like him. First, the wailing sound of ney was heardand then the words of Mevlana Celalettin Rumi…The melodies and rhythms that were revealed always reminded the same endless longing, which is the longing for the "essence" where one cannot stay distant from "oneself".

Undoubtedly, it is Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi’s words that best describe this longing.

The first 18 couplets of the Masnavi are about the "ney", which is pulled off from the reed bed and cauterized inside with fire, narrating its cries in the hands of a master and trying to return to its homeland. Nevertheless, this search, this cry never ceases. As the poet Ahmet Cemil Cankat from Urfa said, being on a foreign land is always hard...

Jah Cure – You Cant See My Soul (Spotify)

“-You Can't See My Soul- came out very easy, soft and meditative, if you can express this as part of the Reggae scene. Awesome work, with unique pace and it seems that the composer has collected a thousand of sound elements into a special mix.”

“-You Cant See My Soul- вышел очень легким, мягким и медитативным, если можно так выразиться в рамках жанра Reggae. Потрясающая работа, которая выдерживает свойственный ей темп и словно конструктор собирается из тысячи звуковых элементов в уникальный механизм.”

Jah Cure is an International Reggae recording artist who has been Grammy nominated.

ah Cure is a Jamaican reggae singer who rose to fame in the late '90s only to have his meteoric climb to the top halted by a jail sentence in early 1999. During his eight years of incarceration, he maintained his innocence, claiming that he was wrongly accused; his position was largely supported by the Rasta and reggae communities, which held him up as a sort of folk hero. A number of compilations were released during his sentence and Cure even managed to record several popular albums in a prison recording studio which helped advance his career. Coinciding with his release from prison in 2007, he issued the album True Reflections...A New Beginning and began performing live to widespread acclaim. Cure continued to enjoy success over the next decade, reaching a new career peak with 2017's Grammy-nominated The Cure, marking the first two consecutive albums by the same artist that topped the Billboard Reggae charts...

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House Music

The lastest House music posts on Nagamag

Dan Heale – TLC (Spotify)

“Sunlit emotions with upbeat house riffs. The piano highlights the classic sounds of the genre. Her voice is engaging and draws one into the story told. ”

Newcastle-based DJ and Producer Dan Heale shares his uplifting new track, ‘TLC’ featuring Evalina, out now on all streaming platforms.

Delivering a fresh take on dance music, Dan’s music combines catchy pop vocal hooks with energetic sounds and summer energy. Speaking of the track, Dan says, “TLC is an uplifting and empowering summer anthem about having the confidence to make the first move and tell somebody how you really feel about them.”

I created this track with the talented Evalina. She wrote the song and recorded the vocals together with David Kisch. When they sent it to me, I couldn’t wait to work on the production side, and I finished the track straight away and sent it back to them the same day! TLC was a product of lockdown. We created a happy, euphoric and uplifting beat during a time of stress. It serves the purpose of turning negativity into positivity.”

Citing Avicii and Skrillex as his biggest influences, Dan has always had a deep-rooted love for music from a very early age. He took guitar lessons when he was a child, and also learned to play piano by ear. He first got into production when he was 18 when he discovered electronic dance music. He says, “I used to attempt to recreate sounds and music that I really liked, I remember going on YouTube and typing in, “How to make Avicii Music” and “What instrument makes Dubstep.” That was when I discovered I could produce my own music from my bedroom.”

Dan is also one half of the duo ‘Keepin It Heale’, his tracks and remixes have accumulated over 20 million streams across all platforms and have received support from the likes of Martin Garrix, Sam Feldt, Tiësto, BBC Radio 1, Capital FM, Kiss FM and many more.

MARO MUSIC & SKYTECH – Lazy (Official Video Lyrics) (Video)

“From the intro we can expect atmospheric Deep House filled with popping bass and rich vocals. The melodic and intoxicating track -Lazy- makes its job and takes thoughts somewhere in the distance, in the unknown and beautiful.”

“С самого интро становится понятно, что слушателей ждёт атмосферный Deep House, наполненный рваным басом и насыщенными вокальными семплами. Мелодичный и опьяняющий трек -Lazy- делает своё дело и уносит мысли куда-то вдаль, в неизвестное и прекрасное.”

After the great success of Sanah’s “Invisible Dress” (Maro Music & Skytech Remix), Ego Music Italy releases a new collaborative single from Maro Music & Skytech, titled, “Lazy” (Ego Music). The song is out now.

The Maro Music & Skytech Remix of Sanah’s “Invisible Dress” topped 15 million digital streams, and the song went on to be certified Platinum in Poland. The release was also a “#1” in 2020, and a “Top 100” song for the continent of Europe.

Following the natural progression of music-making and natural chemistry, Maro Music and Skytech teamed-up once again on an original, collaborative effort. The result is the summer gem, “Lazy” (Ego Music).

About Maro Music

Maro Music (also, “MARO”) is a DJ/producer, composer, Polish sound engineer and subject of important international music publications. He hosts a weekly radio show, “Addiced To Music,” named after his professional recording studio, on Dash Radio (U.S.) and other radio stations. Maro Music has produced multiple original music recordings for the worldwide smash interactive video game, “Cyberpunk 2077” from Projekt Red. Maro Music often collaborates with the most respected legends in rap and hip-hop, including members of the Wu Tang Clan and many others.

About Skytech

Skytech is widely recognized as being one of the most important DJs and producers in the Polish electronic dance music scene. He has collaborated with top artists including R3HAB, Headhunterz, Bassjackers and Yves V., among many others. As a live DJ, Skytech has performed onstage in many prestigious festivals, including Tomorrowland and the Sunrise Festival. In 2018, Skytech was the second most-listened-to Polish artist on Spotify. In 2019, Skytech earned “1st place” on the Polish DJ charts.

George Mensah – The Truth (Spotify)

“Trust George Mensah for a new dancefloor dynamite. This time the sound is vibrating in Tech House frequencies and that beat is just unstoppable. Are you ready to blow up your speakers with some powerful loops? We've already done it!”

"The Truth" is the new record from George Mensah. A track that possesses warmth, groove, impact, and addiction.

George has a distinctive London sound, which has seen him work with Joel Corey, MNEK, Secondcity, Max Chapman, Eden Prince, Sammy Porter, and Joshwa.

"The Truth" is released on LoveJuice Records.

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Electronica Music

The lastest Electronica music posts on Nagamag

Wigzen – Dancing Karas (Spotify)

“Colorful minimal beauty with sharp corners and swift patterns. A bit of that fade out vibe that cleans up with the breakdowns full of funk presented in interesting soundforms. ”

Wigzen unravels a sporadic melodic dance of ingredients that weave together like multicolored amazonian birds in the breeding season.

From extended DJ sets to special live sets with Alina.Vio and guests, being a chameleon in the party scene is nothing new to Wigzen. After taking up the roll of Music Production Instructor at Boston's Mmmmaven and graduating Berklee College of Music in Electronic Music Production, his appreciation for all genres became apparent on his first performances. Some of them include Boston’s infamous parties Make It New, Together Festival, and ReSet. He’s a man of many aliases making techno as Omdose, live house with Agents of Vibe, progressive bass with Tahabdra, and anything under Moduloktopus.

To create focus, Wigzen became the alias for all music that infused his soul to house and techno. Creating shows with all original productions and performing special live sets with violinist Alina Psaros, he continues to make shows a special experience while always adding his musical skills to the stage. His collaboration with Alina has even received honorable mention in Resident Advisor's top performances in Together Festival 2016.

Mookee, Skysia, Equanimous – Ensō (Spotify)

“Brilliant minimal approach but at the same time absorbed all the best of the Trip-Hop and UK Garage style. The listen becomes quickly interesting and gives rich pleasure. Sounds are shimmer from one to another, floating and competently replacing each other. Indescribable beauty!”

“Трек звучит в минималистичном жанре, но при этом вобрал в себя всё лучшее из Trip-Hop и UK Garage. Слушается очень интересно и максимально насыщенно. Звуки переливаются из одного в другой, плавно и грамотно сменяя друг друга. Красота неописуемая!”

Equanimous and Skysia team up with Mookee for a full on melodic vibe

4am Kru, Layla Sibelle – Keep 4 Eva (Spotify)

“The energy and bright melodies inherent in this light Drum & Bass are fully reflected in the track, spreading all visible and invisible boundaries! Feel the student pulse and the effect of adrenaline in the blood, a genuine source of real fun!”

“Свойственные жанру Light Drum & Bass энергия и яркие мелодии всецело отразились в треке -Keep 4 Eva-, раздвигая все видимые и невидимые границы! Почувствуй учащающийся пульс и действие адреналина в крови, неподдельный источник настоящего кайфа!”

"6 o'clock in the morning & we're still jumping!" North London songstress Layla Sibelle makes her vocal debut on Keep 4 Eva, a laid back slice of summery r&b jungle / drum & bass with London jungle collective 4am Kru at the production helm. Having met on a dancefloor in Camden Town and bonding over shared love of nostalgic rave, it was just a matter of weeks before Layla & 4am Kru had finished up their first offering. Keep 4 Eva is one for the romantic junglists, smooth r&b heads AND the bass & beats crew. Out Sept 9th on new independent London label Embrace The Real Records.

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Psychill Music

The lastest Psytrance music posts on Nagamag

Kick Bong – Zelitude (Spotify)

“Kick Bong new album Zelitude delivers a fresh electronic downtempo spring of sounds. Rich in arps and cinematic atmospheres, soft selection of drums, infused with drops of mystery, nostalgia and psychedelia, delivering a fine layered craft of quality sound.”

Banco De Gaia, Ian Urbina – My Little Country (Spotify)

“A classic buildup of arpeggiators opens the vibe. The mid-tempo techno vibe takes over and grabs you along for the journey. Strings appear and you want more. ”

Artist shared few words behind his song inspiration with Nagamag:

"I often work with field recordings but generally in abstract ways where the shape and texture of the sound is more important than its general context or meaning. For this project in particular, it is the meaning of what you are hearing that matters — the mood created by the sonic environment and the message of the words being spoken. One person stating a fact is less convincing than witnessing the reality, even if it’s indirectly.

I’ve always loved the sea, both being in it and on it. I’ve spent many happy days diving, snorkeling and being among sea creatures in their environment, and I value aquatic life as highly as I do life on land. Thus it saddens me to learn of the extent to which marine life is treated as nothing more than a resource to exploit, with no concern for what is impacted in the process. This project spurred me to not be complicit in this exploitation, and to instead call it out when I see it." - Banco de Gaia

Banco De Gaia has been performing and releasing for over 25 years now, along the way becoming one of the music industry’s most maverick innovators. His legacy is as glittering as it is diverse, ranging from Hollywood film sound credits to the critically acclaimed ‘Last Train to Lhasa’, first released in 1995 to a rapturous reception. His live act still packs out venues and festivals all over the world, with audio-visual performances renowned for their explosive, cutting edge quality: from sampling wizardry fused with haunting vocals and poignant acoustics to genre-hopping musical instrumentals, all accompanied by socially engaged visuals.

Marc-E – Brahman (Spotify)

“ At times it is not easy to interpret the enigmatic internal journey. Brehman by Marc-e opens us up musically into spiritual worlds that engage with rhythm. Whale language and sacred geometry flow through this track like a comet visiting a new Galaxy. Soothing and organic drum overtones that climax with smooth guitar riffs, welcoming to the sacred space of sound design. ”

Produced in Vancouver BC
Samples from Orca Whales in salish sea

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Psytrance Music

The lastest Psychill music posts on Nagamag

Vorpal Blade – POC19TIVE (Spotify)

“What do you expect from PSYTRANCE? Pronounced and rectifying bassline, beautiful and melodic rhythmic pattern, diverse and harmonic synthesis, and crazy pits! -Poc19TIVE- is a clear and expression representative on a psychedelic scene, ready to blow up any dance floor!”

“Чего вы ожидаете от Psytrance? Выраженная и отчётливая бас линия, красивый и мелодичный ритмический рисунок, разнообразный и гармонический синтез и сумасшедшие ямы! -POC19TIVE- явный и экспрессивный представитель на психоделической сцене, готовый взорвать любой танцпол!”

Progressive-Fullon Psytrance track. Very melodic and uplifting.

Vorpal Blade a.k.a Alon Ashkenazi is a talented Psytrance producer with roots in classical music, deep understanding in sound design and a passion for almost every electronic genre.

Every track aims to tell a different story that could be seen in various ways, all somewhat dark.

A-Dyad – Brainquake (Spotify)

“Only furious loops of pure Psytrance and synth madness can cause a "Brainquake". Prepare yourself for a different sound, full of dynamic changes and energetic shifts. This is the world of "A-Dyad".”

Brainquake is a song designed to make the listener travel between electronic and fairy-tale sounds, robotic voices, aticles between atmospheric and heavenly moments of calm and aggressive moments full of energy.

A-Dyad is a producer duo specialized in psytrance, a genre full of energy that finds the maximum expression for the two artists.

They have released a tracks in Waveskin Records and Artrance Records , supported by DJMag Italy

The Duo is certified from 2 music accademies : MAT Academy & MUSIC ALLIANCE By Luca Pretolesi.

7 Mountains – Brake (Spotify)

“Break the chains of sound stagnation and trust Psytrance for your total mood change. An ultra strong kick, ritual-like vocal samples and some surprising violin chords form the recipe of "7 Mountains" brand new success.”

7 Mountains is an independent artist from Bergen / Norway

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Techno Music

The lastest Techno music posts on Nagamag

Super Flu – Go (Spotify)

“Real connoisseurs of Melodic Techno & House , will appreciate the so clear high quality work here. Who can save this world, if not music? Right! And such work focus your attention on yourself. In a moment you forget every worries and strains.”

“Настоящим ценителям Melodic Techno & House и так ясно, что пред ними работа высочайшего качества. Кто может спасти этот мир, если не музыка? Правильно! И подобные работы фокусируют своё внимание на себе. В мгновение забываешь всё, что тревожит и напрягает.”

Super Flu are former gunslingers who are addicted to music. Randomly they get the chance to challenge Johannes Albert to a duel. But Johannes has his unerring 303 with him. The mysterious dealer Monaberry sells them all an elixir, which guarantees them accuracy and top 10 chart positions. During the duel, all 3 quickly realize that everyone has taken the same elixir. They agree on a common EP and are happy about this fact, because a won duel leads to the fact that one can never go the wrong way with this EP.

Third Person, Malika Yamila – Shoot Me To The Sky (Spotify)

“The duo's love for the music of the Melodic Techno & House genres is heard in every note and it immediately captivates. The sound is filled with magic and the more you feel it, the stronger you will intercept your breath. If it turns out, then try to take a break, surviving the heard and trying to hurt the wrecking storm of emotions!”

“Любовь дуэта к музыке жанров Melodic Techno & House слышна в каждой ноте и это сразу же подкупает. Звучание наполнено магией и чем сильнее вы это почувствуете, тем сильнее у вас перехватит дыхание. Если получится, то попробуйте сделать перерыв, переживая услышанное и пытаясь угомонить разыгравшуюся бурю эмоций!”

Bensus7, Gregor Klamra – Darkhain (Spotify)

“A well layered Techno track with a progressive nature. It builds life as colors explode. A beautiful start that paves a way into that classic breakdown. ”

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Blogwave Music

The lastest Blogwave music posts on Nagamag

Bjorn Rydhog – Let’s Not Get Old (Spotify)

“Very fresh release from Bjorn Rydhog with positive mood. The sweedish artist has a pleasant Indie sound with some retro taste, which bring nostalgic memories in our minds. Also clear and well-built "Let's Not Get Old" can surely attract our attention.”

Bjorn Rydhog (swe) releases the single “Let’s Not Get Old”, from his upcoming third EP. Together with the producer Johan Sigerud (JRSS), Bjorn Rydhog continues to take his melodic indie pop further into an electronic and beat-based realm. Melancholic progressions are blended with a modern retro sound inspired by Dua Lipa and The Radio Dept. A logical continuation of their previous collaboration, the singles ‘Just to Be with You’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Alone’ which were picked up by the Swedish radio.

"The single ‘Let’s Not Get Old’, has a celebratory and hopeful feel. This time the music goes even deeper, trying to express the beauty and love that’s all around. Music that’s perfect for listening alone under the starlit sky, as well as accompanying the warm and sweaty post-pandemic party nights. A musical companion guiding us over troubled water.

Lenken – Rendezvous (Spotify)

“A rendezvous compilation of classic sounds of retro with a modern twist. It has that feel good throw back R&B feel to it. Smooth and delightful. ”

“Rendevous” is powered by both feel-good and dance vibes. The song features an effervescent/uptempo instrumental that prompts Lenken to gift us with an enthusiastic vocal performance, infectious melodies, and lyrics that will make you want to go on an adventure with someone that is capable of having you on cloud nine. More than anything, “Rendevous” is one of those tracks that is impossible to hate and easily consumable.

Tiborg – Victory Time (Spotify)

“The power of a properly composed Synth track can take one into the express lane of a retro future. Strong start ensures there is not time to waste, enjoy the ride, we definitely did. ”

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Rock Music

The lastest Rock music posts on Nagamag

Scott Fisher – The Right Way (Spotify)

“In a world of much electronic noise its refreshing to hear the natural sounds of instruments powered by creative humans. Lyrics are very poetic and stitched by the beat of the drum to perfection. ”

Los Angeles-based producer and singer-songwriter Scott Fisher has shared “The Right Way,” the first single to be released from his forthcoming album 93 Million Miles, out October 26th via 1 A.M. Music. The groove-filled, slow burning jam features Enrique Gonzalez (Los Lobos) on the drums, and marks the first music Fisher has released since his 2019 album Songs of Jerry Garcia and Others. Speaking on the origins of the song, Fisher writes “...[“The Right Way”] was born out of the isolation of the pandemic and a little too much wine. Ultimately, it has a hopeful message of self-confidence and staying true to one’s first principles.”

Tom Mackell – Missing Out On You (Spotify)

“Love the lingering sound of the guitar here. Almost has a hint of country to it. Song is dynamic and flows gracefully like a river that spills into a bay that meets the ocean. ”

Clifford – Love is Real (Spotify)

“This song is very emotional due to its sensual vocals, beautiful instrumental touch and Indie Folk atmosphere. All these sound soft, fragile and well smoothing. Is there love? Definitely yes! Listen and enjoy!”

“Песня очень эмоциональная благодаря чувственному вокалу, красивой инструментальной составляющей и атмосфере Indie Folk. Всё это звучит мягко и красиво, хорошо сглаживая и дополняя друг друга. Существует ли любовь? Да. Однозначно! Слушайте и наслаждайтесь!”

What motivated you to write this song?

I wanted to write an acoustic song. One that would be intimate and personal. Which of course brought me to the topic of love.

How is this song personal?

The lyrics describe my biggest hopes in a relationship.

Why did you write this song?

I wanted to express my frustrations about the difficulties of dating during a pandemic. But I also wanted to write a song that was a bit ambiguous so that anyone in a relationship would relate to the song as well.

How is it ambiguous?

The line “I need to help myself to find you”…which could be taken literally or metaphorically.

Favorite lines in the song:

“I just want to grow old with you

and tell you every day,

I love you…”

Any particular anecdotes while making this song?

I unexpectedly found myself tearing up during my favorite lines, which are the actual takes I used for the song.

What did you learn from making this song?

It’s really tough to sing softly, on key and with emotion.

What instruments did you use in this song?

Acoustic guitar, Dunun, a Bell, String Orchestra, and Vocals.

With all the love songs out there, what do you think makes “Love is Real” stand out?

Reality vs Dreaming: There are double meanings throughout the song about someone’s want for love vs the truth about love. The want for love is about the self while the truth for love is about reality.

A loving relationship is a two way street in that you can’t have a strong relationship with someone without having a strong relationship with yourself.

In a love relationship both play an important part because reality is now and dreaming is the future.

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Hip-Hop Music

The lastest Hip-Hop music posts on Nagamag

Kid Travis – 7teen (Spotify)

“Musicians with such an inner world are not afraid to experiment and go beyond normal borders. They are always in the search, in a kind of journey in the dark-minded world of music. Impressive vocals and rhythms in LO-FI HIP-HOP genre,great music that gives value in your playlist.”

“Музыканты с таким внутренним миром не боятся экспериментировать и выходить за рамки чего-либо. Они находятся всегда в поиске, в своеобразном путешествии по бескрайнему миру музыки. Впечатляющий вокал и ритмы Lo-fi Hip-Hop - это отличная музыка, которая должна прописаться в вашем плейлисте.”

Young love....Revisited.

KB Mike – Used To (Video)

“You can hear how a vocalist imposes every moment that seemed suitable for imparting an atmosphere. Magnificent Hip-hop rhythms instantly attract attention on -used to- with a need to repeat again and again.”

“Слышно, как вокалист улучает каждый момент, который показался подходящим для придания атмосферы. Великолепная подача материала, насыщенные ритмы Hip-Hop мгновенно притягивают к себе внимание и заставляют включать -Used To- снова и снова.”

In the visual directed by AJ Spitz [G Herbo, Lil Eazzyy], KB Mike sits at an old school typewriter where he punches out one letter after another to his ex. Those letters pile up on her bed only to be discarded in a flurry of tears. Despite looking for love elsewhere, they both magnetically find one another again in a romantic reunion. The breakup-to-makeup story serves as the perfect complement to the track.

“Used To” continues to gain traction, racking up over 11 million streams to date. At the same time, he’s already received looks from HotNewHipHop, REVOLT and more.

About KB Mike:

From the Marquette Park and Gage Park sections of Chicago’s historic Southside, 20-year-old KB Mike dodged the pitfalls of violence and poverty through art. “Music is what keeps me focused and out of harm’s way. That’s really how I navigated through all of Chicago’s stuff,” the fresh-faced artist with the confident flow and melodic voice admits. After a breakthrough 2020 that included high-six-figure engagements on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Facebook, Mike is already revved up for 2021, when he will release his anticipated full-length debut.

From a young age, KB Mike endured losing loved ones to the streets and drugs. Having found popularity in high school and the community, KB Mike tried his hand at rapping in 2018. What began as acapella freestyles to others’ songs during house arrest evolved into something far greater two years later. “Deep In Love” blends soft strings and accents with an authentically contemporary understanding of young romance. That knack for relationship rap also shines on “Drunk Texting,” a song where listeners can hear Mike’s emerging singing alongside his in-the-pocket flow. With over 2 million streams combined, these songs are two of the dozen or so that introduced a talented artist in 2020. On the heels of late January’s successful video single “Revenge,” Mike vows to step forth with his debut mixtape. In the meantime, a standout versatile voice from the Windy City is taking flight.

Cian Jay, joshua epithet – Dust (Spotify)

“Real life events of a young man layered on dreamy chillhop beat. The story continuers with an echoed chorus. Well produced and full of inner journeys. ”

Cian Jay releases his incredibly thoughtful indie rap EP 'Granite', produced by Zack Teale who also worked with Cian on his debut single 'Summer is Dead', his biggest track to date. The album is a concept piece that takes you through the full process of loss in its complete truth, it is out 27th August on all streaming platforms.

‘Dust’ is from a poem that Cian wrote when he originally came up with the concept of this album, it feels like a track where he completely bares his soul he touches on subjects of toxic masculinity that overshadows the underlying subject of male mental health. This track is a beautiful ode to the lessons that his grandfather taught him, where he subtly encourages men to be vulnerable as emotions are for humans they are not for a specific gender.

Granite in Cian's own words - "It’s about loss. The loss of a loved one, or a loss of self. The deterotiation of ‘Granite’ (new life) to ‘Dust’ (no life). It goes through the stages of grief. A lot of heartache went into this. Losing my grandfather and the big reality of ‘death’ setting in - This album was made to ruminate on all this, trying to come to terms with some kind of peace on the way. To work through these emotions and come out with some kind of clarity at the end. I find talking very helpful; I’m a big oversharer. But this was different. It was very therapeutic. All was recorded within Zack Teale's shed. It was a gentle, yet a kind of ‘powerhouse’ for creativity - A safe haven even."

Cian Jay is an independent singer, songwriter and producer from the UK. Debuting in 2019, Cian has gained a small but dedicated following through social media and his real life advertising of his music.

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