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Neoclassical Music

The lastest Neoclassical music posts on Nagamag

Manuela Verbeek – Spring

“Plunge headlong during the year in modern classical processing from unsurpassed -manela verbeek-. Feel how the singing of the cello passes through your body and, together with you, rises to the very heaven. There, high under the clouds, music begins. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Окунитесь с головой во Времена Года в современной классической обработке от непревзойдённой -Manuela Verbeek-. Почувствуйте, как пение виолончели проходит сквозь ваше тело и вместе с вами возвышается до самых небес. Там, высоко под облаками, начинается музыка.”

Spring is one of the tracks of Manuela’s new album “Season”! There are 4 tracks on it, one for every season, and 6 solo cello pieces. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to watch the beautiful music video linked here as well!

Manuela Verbeek is a classically trained Dutch cellist and has performed and recorded with artists from various genres such as Blaudzun, Flor d’Luna and Paceshifters, and currently focusses on creating original neoclassical solo work.

George Ko – Thinking of Bach

“A very short but truly tasteful nod to Bach’s legacy that will probably have any mélomane with a soft spot for late Baroque period and a perfected counterpoint yearning for more.”

Known for his alluring sound, expressivity, and eloquence at the keyboard, pianist/composer George Ko has appeared on stages around the world, from 2000 seat auditoriums to Carnegie Hall. His music has been heard at film festivals, television broadcasts of ABC and CBC, and at music festivals in Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, and China. His recordings have appeared on films at the Tribeca Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, and on Netflix. His current discography encapsulates his musical style inspired by classical, jazz, R&B, and pop genres. It is in the pursuit of this style, George has created his very own improvisational technique, blending the virtuosity of classical and flexibility of jazz.

As a composer, George developed his artistry at Harvard University, where he received his bachelor's and honors in music. There, George debuted his first composition, which was premiered by the Grammy award-winning Parker Quartet. Recently, George is an active film composer and will have his piano compositions debuted in the upcoming Salt-N-Pepa Biopic to premiere on Lifetime in 2020. He was also the keynote artist performer for TEDx’s 2020 global sustainability conference, “COUNTDOWN”, co-hosted by Happily.

George is also a successful entrepreneur, having founded several companies and non-profits, in which he received the CES Innovation Award in Robotics in 2019, the Harvard Gov 2.0 Award for innovation in politics, and a patent in data management. George is also the co-founder of Giant Robot Media, an Asian-American digital magazine that discovers groundbreaking creatives throughout the world.

George has given inaugural concerts for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Bowers Museum, and the Fogg Museum. He was invited to play at the request of President-Elect Joe Biden, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Senator Barbara Boxer. In recognition of his artistic talent, George was awarded the David McCord Prize from Harvard University. He is also a 5-time laureate of the Bradshaw and Buono International Piano Competition. George currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He is a Young Steinway Artist. You can find his music on all streaming platforms. George is on the Sonder House label.

Laura Chartier – Thermal Drift

“Immerse in the gentle piano melodies of Laura Chartier for a precious moment of inner balance. We felt an elusive touch of hope, peace and supportive spirit hidden through those vibrating strings. Selected sound for selective listeners!”

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Pop Music

The lastest Pop music posts on Nagamag


“Based on a main guitar pattern, oldschool kick and distorted vocals, this single from "KARDO" can stick out in its category. The lyrics reveal a rebelious mood with a taste of lurking madness among the most raw emotions. An undoubtedly straight and sencere production.”

Artist said about this song:

"My debut single “GROOVE” takes you through my mind during a psychedelic trip, where I realize I have been held back by society’s lack of acceptance. My eagerness to break through society’s “chains” causes my reality to become skewed and in turn, makes me paranoid.

“GROOVE” has elements of indie as well as pop and hip hop music. The eerie acoustic guitar consistently played throughout, paired with infectious hard hitting 808s & low-cut distorted vocals makes for a combination that generates feelings of nostalgia but also makes you want to run into a wall. "

Courtney Cotter King – Conversation

A well fitting title as even the instrumentation feels like a playful dialogue between strings and piano with discrete guitars widening the ambiance. Within this mood that borders between a love confession and sweet melancholy, Courtney’s sings with candor about the passing of time in the absence of the other and how her “heart's evolving quickly.”

Courtney Cotter King was born with a piano as an appendage and is inevitably attached to the keys. A raw talent, with smooth vocals and lyrics beyond her years, Courtney commands a room with merit for listening. Courtney’s artistry at the piano drives her blue-eyed soul, singer-songwriter genre. Of her unique sound, Marmoset Music Publishing said, “Piano-driven arrangements informed by classical and jazz come off effortlessly, evoking both early 70s Stevie Wonder and 90s Tori Amos. Smart, soulful, and surprising, Courtney's tunes easily marry sound with story.” She has performed with a long list of artists including, Meghan Trainor, Melanie Safka, and Courtney Marie Andrews.

soran – What If

“A soulful reflection of what is wasted when lovers are trying to hide and forget to trust each other that gradually shifts into a hopeful confession of love. What makes this song stick with you is Soran’s intimate, deeply felt vocals, brilliantly mixed and contrasted alternatively in a close and further away space.”


Singer-songwriter Soran returns, with brand new 5 track EP Space Boy. Following on from his recent offering, the honest and confessional ‘Way Up’, the cosmic ‘Space Boy’ and the electronic alt- pop, sad bop ‘Tired’, later 2021 into 2022 has seen Soran truly come into his own. Showcasing incredibly sophisticated songwriting, Soran radiates honesty throughout his lyricism and delivers this via an authentic confessional style narrative.

Beautifully using his music as a method of helping uncover and discover who he is as a person and as an artist, piece by piece, layer by layer, Soran’s unique puzzle is slowly slotting into place, revealing a coming of age story like no other.

With his ever evolving style Soran has truly landed with his explorative concoction of alternative RnB, Lo-fi, spacey electronics and buttery soft vocals all of which are perfectly displayed in this turn of the tide project ‘Space Boy’ via Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.

A beautiful balance resides in the EP itself, with half containing elements of Soran's past and the other representing his interpretation of his future. Referencing specifically that previous single ‘Tired’ and ‘What if’ are from before, ‘Don’t’ as a transitional piece and ‘Way Up’ and ‘Space Boy’ are defined as his newest offerings, providing insight into the direction he’s heading artistically and sonically.

‘Space Boy’ was a particularly poignant release for the young artist as it not only marked his return but was also a direct ode to his late mother who sadly passed last August. “

“That song means so much to me. My mom named me after the anime Space Boy Soran. In Japanese, there are three different alphabets. She decided to write my name as ‘Universe’ in Japan. Lyrically, it’s about a character who goes out to save the world.”

The tragic loss of Sorans mother continues to surface in his songwriting, but not always in the way you might expect. Each single is a true homage to their relationship and her memory. It’s almost as if Soran is sending a direct message to her through his music, which at times albeit heartbreaking it’s also such a beautiful means of communication and a highly intimate part of himself that he is openly sharing with his listeners.

“It’s ironic, because I’m doing all of the things that she wanted me to do now, but she’s gone. It sounds like me, yet so much of it is my mom. I find a way to celebrate her in every song.”

Soran invites you in, in a way unlike any other, showing and sharing pieces of his Mother within his songwriting and therefore also directly with his fans. With each release her memory continues to live on and although she may not physically be here to be able to share in Sorans successes, she is an integral part of him and is carefully and beautifully interwoven into the art he is creating.

“Space Boy tells my story in parallel with the Japanese anime "Space Boy Soran" from which my mother was inspired to choose my first name. Each song tells an experience that I lived the past 3-4 years and you can hear at the same time the evolution of my sounds shape. This EP is the introduction to a world where I, Space Boy, am about to dive to become the Soran invested with a mission: to reinvent the perspective of what is ‘Pop’.”

Entirely hands-on from conception all the way through to producing, Soran explores and absorbs it all, with genre being one of his favourite galaxies to traverse. Alongside writing for his own artistic project, Soran is also working with and writing songs for some other huge names in the industry such as Johnny Orlando, Alessia Cara, Zack Zoya and Anna Sofia.

Soran lives, eats and breathes music, from not being able to sleep without water sounds gently playing in the background to having his laptop set up on the tour bus in order to make tunes whilst he travels. Soran is following in the footsteps of the 1960s anime hero he was so aptly named after, with his super power and mission to explore and create music wherever it takes him, his dedication is clear and with this set in his sights, the universe is truly the limit.

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Jazz Music

The lastest Jazz music posts on Nagamag

Harriet Chung – A World Away (Remix)

“-Harriet Chung- managed to create the mood of a real fairy tale, the immersion in which will lead you to the gates of the surroundings. Yes, this is an amazing beauty of a musical work with amazing vocals and instrumental, symphonic arrangement. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Harriet Chung- удалось создать настроение настоящей сказки, погружение в которую приведёт вас к вратам зазеркалья. Да, это потрясающей красоты музыкальное произведение с изумительным вокалом и инструментальной, симфонической аранжировкой.”

A World Away (Remix), is a signature pop ballad from the award-winning musical, Golden Lotus, remastered and released on August 25, 2020.

Sung by award-nominated singer Harriet Chung and written by George Chiang, the song transcends time with a heart wrenching message about missing the person you love.

The refreshed track features a live orchestra with hints of pop and jazz; a modern fusion of genres to create a unique remix of a song whose origin began on stage.

Produced by:

Hayward Parrot

Music Arranger & Orchestra Conductor:

Warren Robert

Music Video Director:

Theresa Kowall-Shipp

Harriet Chung is an international singer, actress, and award-winning performer. She has appeared in The Phantom of the Opera (Toronto), Cats (Germany), The King and I, Iron Road, Fiddler on Fire, among others. Harriet played the title role in the award-winning musical Golden Lotus for which she received a Best Actress nomination in Hong Kong.

Her discography includes featured tracks in Golden Lotus: Sounds From the Musical. She will appear in more tracks in the Deluxe version of that album dropping later this year. A World Away (Remix) is her first single. She is currently recording her first solo album. Stay tuned…


berj – CRMBZ!

“Just a little over one minute in length, this track still manages somehow to set a nostalgic mood. A lo-fi beat with niftily employed romantic vocal samples over a longing guitar hook, that give a cinematic ambiance and feel.”

berj is an up-and-coming producer from Lebanon, Beirut, whose live drumming ability is complemented by a knack for selecting and manipulating soul-moving jazz samples. He also has a very eerie, unusual way of producing Lo-Fi songs which ironically attracts and interests listeners.

berj also comes from an artistic and musical family, with his father being the Artistic Director & Principal Conductor of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, and his grandfather being a renowned Lebanese actor and theatre director. berj started gaining interest in the drums at age 6 and started playing at age 12. My musical palette ranges from Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz-Hop all the way to Reggae and Ska.


“This melody is able to touch you to the core with its simplicity, jazz accompaniment and warmth of vocals -max retaino-. Each of you will be able to find something of its own, so close in spirit and, possibly, something native. Real music with genuine energy! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Эта мелодия способна тронуть вас до глубины души своей простотой, джазовым сопровождением и теплотой вокала -Max Restaino-. Каждый из вас сможет найти что-то своё, такое близкое по духу и, возможно, что-то родное. Настоящая музыка с неподдельной энергией!”

Released 11th Feb, Girl Of My Dreams is track #7 on the new Jazz/Pop Album, Another Rainy Night In Paris by Max Restaino . A fun, spritely, upbeat song, with a big band, swing vibe and great Jazz/Pop vocals. This is a toe tapper that leaves you singing the chorus out loud all day. If you need a song to lift your mood, sing along to in your car, or dance around your kitchen with your kids, your partner or even your granny, this is the one for you. It is great for any Jazz, pop, party or mood enhancing playlist - has a vintage vibe with an extra modern twist thrown in for good measure.

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World Music

The lastest World Music posts on Nagamag

Sons of Paradise x One Culture – Motions

“Mellow grooves, bouncy key riffs supported by catchy rhythmic guitars and inspirational lyrics flowing in dreamy-dubby orchestration. “Motions” turns out to be a great collaboration, passing on good vibes and a positive message. And, of course, the vocals are the cherry on top of this tasty reggae pie.”

Crucial Fiya – Far as the Eye Can See

“This is a wonderful, deep and spiritual work in the reggae genre. -Crucial fiya- makes it clear that one of the wonders of the world is music with which you can solve almost any issue. The author is able to create songs that you will listen to hundreds of times! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Это прекрасное, глубокое и духовное произведение в жанре Reggae. -Crucial Fiya- даёт понять, что одно из чудес света — это музыка, с помощью которой можно решить практически любой вопрос. Автор способен создавать песни, которые вы будете слушать сотни раз!”

Bjarte Aasmul – Fare Well Captain

“Lush, melancholic electric guitars supported by well-sprinkled acoustic guitar accents and accompanied by a steady, low toned piano create a soundtrack like mood. The sonic story told with classic orchestration reminds you of your favorite romantic movies. A farewell with the eagerness for a next chapter.”

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House Music

The lastest House music posts on Nagamag

Mood 5 – Lives In The Sun

“Deep rhythms of Deep House and the bright rays of the burning sun, which are reflected in the warm waters of the coastal ocean. The place where synthesized music and vocals met each other and created an amazingly harmonious sound. A warm, summer mood is provided to you throughout the entire track! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Глубокие ритмы Deep House и яркие лучи обжигающего солнца, которые отражаются в тёплых водах прибрежного океана. Место, где синтезированная музыка и вокал встретили друг друга и создали удивительно гармоничный саунд. Тёплое, летнее настроение вам обеспечено на протяжении всего трека!”

Summer vocal house anthem with the right amount of disco hedonism and a hint of pop.

Hemi – Excuse Me

“"Hemi" is here with a cheerful and groovy House track. Cool melodies that soothe the mind, vivid bassline and rich percussion are waiting you for a full seven-minute relaxation break. The ideal sound to keep you active after a busy day or just fill your lonely moments.”

Lugovskiy – The Lights

“With personal creativity and advanced production skills, "Lugovskiy" from Ukraine drops his fresh vibe in the House scene. Enjoy a variety of electronic FX, progressive elements and elusive vocal samples. A new dimension in sound reveals itself within a few minutes.”

The second single from upcoming album! EP is coming up on May 27th.

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Electronica Music

The lastest Electronica music posts on Nagamag

Menachem 26 – Dakn

“Get ready for a huge wave of energy, striking from "Menachem 26". Balancing between Melodic Techno and Organic House, this bomb can make you lift from your chair and move your feet. Its fat kick and uplifting melodies will also keep playing inside your head.”

Nathan Kawanishi x Fletcher Reed – Queued Up

“Though only 2:30 in length, this track has all the time to tell a complete story. Perfect for a rainy (and groovy) afternoon mood. Nathan reveals that it’s “based on some electric piano samples pitch-shifted over a bass riff and a beat (…) Fletcher Reed added a lot of nice sonic elements to this piece to bring it to a place that I’m really proud of.””

Double Single Release – Link to “Together”:

Today, lofi producers and multi-instrumentalists Fletcher Reed and Nathan Kawanishi release two singles – “Together” and “Queued Up” – from their forthcoming collaborative album, Recycled Tape (out June 17 via Nettwerk Records).

For the album, the two labelmates swapped unfinished material and added their signature stylings to complete the work into a cohesive blend of ten tracks. The end result is a dreamlike form of lofi instrumentals touched with notions of nostalgia at the forefront.

“This mixtape consists of a bunch of unreleased songs that Fletcher Reed and I had laying around,” reflects Nathan. “We sent them to each other to finish (or salvage), hence the name of the tape. There was really no formula, sometimes only minor tweaks were made and at other times the new track sounds entirely different from the old one.”

Fletcher Reed reflects, “the result is a project that hopefully feels very much like an organic mixtape instead of a linear album. Using our combined creative efforts, it became a fun way to re-invigorate some excitement in old songs and demos that were feeling incomplete. Both of us enjoyed the process so much that Vol. 2 is now nearing its completion.”

Dimi Darko – Closer

“An emotional blend of modern house and techno music driven by intimate vocals and a straightforward groove. The Melbourne based producer puts out a tasty balance of spacious atmospheres and minimal, melodic hooks with the track’s energy nicely progressing into a dancefloor satisfying vibe.”

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Psychill Music

The lastest Psytrance music posts on Nagamag

Mr. Starbeast – Aludra

“Fasten your seatbelts for an explorative transition into a different dimension. These unpredictable percussive breaks, sudden shifts and wide Psychill spirit are going to change the way you perceive sound reality.”

If you have a taste for the unusual and love music that takes you on a journey, then Aludra by Mr. Starbeast is the song for you.

Named after a star in the Canis Majoris constellation, Aludra is Mr. Starbeast's debut track, and kickstarts his musical project released and promoted through Strange House Records.

Aludra has a genre-bending sound that incorporates elements of electronica, psy-trance, and experimental beat-making.

Mysterious and pensive, this synth-layered, mood-driven musical composition will take you on a fantastical, atmospheric journey through time and space.

Settle in and enjoy the ride!

numeral – Marauder

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Rotary, slow rhythms Psychill, with a thick and saturated atmosphere of melodic layers, which delays as if the swords under their feet. You immerse yourself in a state of deep meditation and understand that there is no way back.”

“Тягучие, медленные ритмы Psychill, с густой и насыщенной атмосферой мелодических слоёв, которая затягивает в себя словно зыбучие пески под ногами. Ты погружаешься в состояние глубокой медитации и понимаешь, что пути назад нет.”

Following the release of debut EP "numeral" (2020, Irascible) and recent single and remix collaborations with Bristol-based producer Brecon, numeral has teamed up with Swiss electronic label "Blizzard Audio Club". "Marauder" is the first single from the upcoming "Primeval" EP, reflecting a journey back to the idea of a primordial Earth Age - a world steeped in beat-driven downtempo electronica and vibrant ambient.

Lunar Sequence – Ascension

“The vibrating waves of "Ascension" slowly enter your consciousness and guide you in a new dimension of sound. A smooth Ambient masterpiece, full of cosmic frequencies and great mystery. Music with attitude and exceptional character.”

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Psytrance Music

The lastest Psychill music posts on Nagamag

Forest Little – Zombie Apocalypse

“The theme of the zombie apocalypse is relevant at all times and understanding this -Forest Little-created a stressed, energetic and very bright track in the PsyTrance genre. Wake your imagination to feel all the fiery power of the new single! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Тема зомби-апокалипсиса актуальна во все времена и понимая это -Forest Little- создал напряжённый, энергичный и очень яркий трек в жанре Psytrance. Разбуди своё воображение, чтобы прочувствовать на себе всю огненную мощь нового сингла!”

Max Maxwell – Kevla Maha (Spotify)

“Characteristic example of Tech House sound, just out by "Max Maxwell". Immerse yourself into the deep electronic patterns of "Kevla Maha". Follow its powerful kick, rich pads and various delay effects for an out of this world experience.”

Beat Controllers – You and Me (Spotify)

“Prepare your ears for this strong Psytrance kick. After a smooth, vocal driven intro, "You and Me" reveals its strong character. Fast, fat and groovy electronic loops directly hit you in the brain and steal your attention. Interesting track with catchy progression and also a final melodic shift, which can make you hit "play" once more.”

Beat Controllers It is a Project of Electronic Music with 10 years of trajectory, with a style of experimental psytrance and live electric guitar, they have managed to cross borders in stages in Mexico, United States, Rumania and Israel.

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Techno Music

The lastest Techno music posts on Nagamag

Kennedy One – Voyager

“With brighter sound and distinct travelling air, "Kennedy One" strikes straight on the dancefloor. His deep bassline, sparkling melodic patterns and light percussion elements are ready to open a new door in your Techno music experience.”

Voyager is the exciting new progressive house release from electronic music producer and DarkCity Radio show host, Kennedy One.

Voyager symbolizes the wonderment and excitement of discovering new worlds. Dreamy, elevatedmoments paired with a powerful and propulsive rhythm, taking the dance floor on a captivating andpersonal journey.

"I travel a lot. And I wanted to capture the addictive and surrueal feeling that comes with experiencing newplaces - culture, food, people. The music is not as dark as some of my previous releases - there is a threadof hope. Although, I have kept the gritty and dirty underbelly."

Written and produced by Kennedy One. Co-produced and mixed by Hannes Bieger. Mastered byBrian Sanhaji at Calyx. Cover by Spanish artist, @spectacular.way. This is the first release onKennedy's new electronic music imprint, Dark City (distributed by Label Worx).

Dark City Radio airs weekly on 30 global dance radio stations to over 1M listeners.

Bratři – Blocks

“Laid back, well-paced, melodic techno track with large, evolving soundscapes. “Blocks” takes its time with its buildup and break to a most satisfying result where uplifting arpeggios carry you into deliverance. The track’s clean, minimal sound and approach is where it shines.”

Electronic duo Bratři release a new house and techno track called “Blocks”. Twin brothers Jirka and Ondřej Veselý will present it live at The Great Escape festival in Brighton, England, and then at concerts in Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania. "Our new single called “Blocks” is a step towards a more melodic and progressive, almost house style for us," Bratři confide. "Recently, we've been enjoying organic loops, which we cut into small pieces and then put together in a different order. We tune some of them and add various effects to them. But these tiny bits of sound then give the track a groove and a certain liveliness. And that's why the name Blocks came out :)“ Bratři are one of the most progressive projects on the Czech electronic scene and the mix of Berlin producer Hannes Bieger is adding a crown to the sound.

VEHA – Where We Belong [Edit]

“Deep into the night we follow our dreams. Somewhere in the distance a beat calls us, it wants us closer. We can feel its warmth wrap itself around our soul. The sound of the stacked synths really embraces their power during the breakdown. The stretched-out sounds glide us along to the delicate fast pace beat. ”

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Blogwave Music

The lastest Blogwave music posts on Nagamag

Psy’Aviah – Can We Make It Rhyme (feat. Mari Kattman)

“The masters of electronic music “Psy’Aviah” have released another gem, this time influenced from a retro synth taste. The hookiest rhythmic patterns are fused with passionate vocals performed from Mari Kattman, for an irresistible and addictive result.”

This song is heavily inspired by synthpop and atmospheric but minimalistic synth use, yet the drums are inspired by the “big beat” and “jungle” era – but we did try to keep it in line to not go full on Prodigy or Chemical Brothers on it of course… It had to be a blend between the genres synthpop, triphop and synthpop – and above all stay poppy/catchy. The chord scheme was built up to be dramatic, yet trying to be accessible enough as well to touch hearts and minds.

From a lyric standpoint this track can be read as a love song or a song about humanity trying to get a grip and make it rhyme, sing the song again, listen to each other again vs all the left/right and black/white thinking… We wrote it as a love song, we wrote it because our heart sinks when we see images or conversations online & offline… Let us hope we can make it rhyme.

Full EP:

Alta Falls – Trust Me

“Hope and dreams with a wide angled view of emotions. Broad harmonic landscape with modern twists that embrace a forward movement in music. Rich in tonal complexity with top notch production. The layering is very mature and well balanced. ”

‘Trust Me’ combines masterful lyricism packed with double entendres with a newfound sense of conviction, building on Alta Falls’ debut EP, ‘The Fire’. The track takes you through a narrative of its own, not just through the lyrics but with the instrumentals which rise and fall with the peaks of the story — eventually culminating to a frenetic yet flawless keyboard line.

The lyrics on ‘Trust Me’ were inspired after a bittersweet trip to the 2017 AFL Grand Final. “My team, the Adelaide Crows, were in their first grand final after almost 20 years, and my hopes were riding high to achieve a childhood dream of watching them win a flag,” explains lead singer, Nathanael. “Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. And although it was a heartbreaking result there are still plenty of fond memories, including taking in the post-match The Killers concert along with the other half of Alta Falls, Matt.”

The duo has continued working with producer Aidan Hogg (Jaguar Jonze, Holy Holy) for the new single, as well as Sebastian 'Baz' Jennings Hingston (Tia Gostelow) on drums.

Alta Falls may have released their debut EP only a matter of months ago, but they aren’t slowing down any time soon. Rumour has it a new EP is already in the works, and if ‘Trust Me’ is anything to go by, it’s bound to be an electro-pop delight, packed with that Alta Falls synthy charm.

AD Eternal x Yung Shannon – ’87 Vampires

“Sweeping us gently into its memories of simpler times. Soothing synth riffs that built themselves a tempo of slow pleasure. Steady and climbing in its own way to the sky. We really enjoyed the effects applied to the vocals, it really enriched the experience. ”

his is a 80s inspired track with a modernized spin to it. The lyrics and vibe of the track are stemming completely off “The Lost Boys” movie made in 1987. The main lyrical motivation for the song is pulled from a idea of living a life of a vampire in the 1980s searching and finding his true love.

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Rock Music

The lastest Rock music posts on Nagamag

Leif Shively Band – Pretend

“As its title reveals, this Acoustic song from "Leif Shively Band" states the presence of fake feelings between two people. when we're afraid to express our true emotions, choose to pretend. The singer reveals a bitter truth in a peaceful Acoustic background mix.”

This a song about living with someone that you know in you heart isn’t right for you but, you stay anyway because staying feels easier than leaving. So you go on living life playing pretend.

Suzanne’s Band – Night Blues

“With influences from country, blues and pop this is a soundtrack for a get together night with your friends where the mission is: “get away and shake those night blues”. And indeed Suzanne does some serious groove shaking on this new drop. A musical encouragement to set aside your worries for a while and just let a bit loose.”

Landsailors – Wishful Thinking

“The magnificent guitar intro instantly tunes in a lyrical way. Music -Landsailors is like lazily floating clouds that remind you of whipped cream for your favorite cake. So sweet and tasty sound diluted with a romantic duet. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Великолепное гитарное интро мгновенно настраивает на лирический лад. Музыка -Landsailors- словно лениво плывущие облака, которые напоминают вам взбитые сливки для вашего любимого торта. Настолько сладкое и вкусное звучание разбавленное романтическим дуэтом.”

This is an acoustic based song that has a haunting, edgy, warm sound. It is a vocal duo that carries power and warmth and a song that goes on a journey from zero to one hundred. It's about feeling like everyone else in the world is running your life for you and the desire to want to be free to be your own person.

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Hip-Hop Music

The lastest Hip-Hop music posts on Nagamag

Leisureville – Planet

“Living, like a sip of the holy source, music in the Neo-Soul genre and so sensual in the framework of the chosen style. There is no point in talking about the phenomena of vocals -leisureville- - this is a real diamond in your collection. All you need, you will hear in the lyrical lines. And nothing more. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Живая, как глоток святого источника музыка в жанре Neo-Soul и такая чувственная в рамках выбранного стиля. О феноменальности вокала -Leisureville- нет смысла говорить – это настоящий бриллиант в вашей коллекции. Всё, что вам нужно, вы услышите в лирических строках. И ничего лишнего.”

908ZAY – 908

“Kick it back with a track that employs contrast in a skillful and captivating manner. Mellow, lo-fi vibes and beats with repetitive waterdrop chords, old-school vocal chop hooks, trippy sound effects juxtaposing super dynamic rap flows that portray the streets and the ambition to raise above all in most convincing way.”

Artist said about this track:

"This track is about growing up in Jersey and the people who helped me get to where I am today. Everything in this world is about building connections and I've been blessed to come into contact and work with some amazing creatives across the world. This track alone has a featured artist who is based in Atlanta and a young producer out of Germany. In this era of time distance is no longer an issue in order to create something amazing. I strive to be the best person I can and use music as a way of expression and to speak my truth in this world."

jonnychang – You

“In -jonnychang is a very charismatic voice, its timbre and the specific manner of reading are recognized instantly. Add here the Old-School Hip-Hop rhythm, excellent work with seven-wrapps and in front of you will decorate any of your evening. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“У -jonnychang- очень харизматичный голос, его тембр и специфическая манера читки узнаются мгновенно. Прибавьте сюда ритм Old-school Hip-Hop, отличную работу с семплами и перед вами трек, который украсит любой из ваших вечером.”

YOU is about leaving home for the real world. It is the 2nd song from jonnychang’s latest EP “The Weather Inside.”

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